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<7:87>From THOMASS@mmf.ruc.dk  Mon Mar 28 02:27:44 1994

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Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 10:27:13 +0100
Subject: Re: inquiry: the history of botanical phylogenetics 1860-1890

To subscribers to Darwin-L:

I have a group of students who are writing about Eugenius Warming's
role in the history of botanical phylogenetics.  As you know Warming
is mainly known as the "father of ecology", but he was also among
the pioneers in fostering the use of descendence theory in botanical
systematics.  He constructed a phylogenetic classification of plants
rather similar to Eichler's system.

The history of the transition from natural classifications to
phylogenetic classifications in botany seems to be very badly covered
in the literature.  Is there anyone out there who is doing research
in this direction, and/or can recommend some secondary sources that
have escaped our notice so far.

Grateful for all help!

Thomas Soderqvist

Thomas Soderqvist
Unit of History of Science
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