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<7:91>From mahaffy@dordt.edu  Wed Mar 30 21:28:46 1994

Subject: Summary of dolphin communication
To: Address Darwin list <Darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 21:31:11 -0600 (CST)
From: James Mahaffy <mahaffy@dordt.edu>

Back in Feb. there was some interest expressed in whale sounds.  In the
process of a project one of my students is doing in Zoology, I received
a number of sources (journals or books) that look like a good place to
start for anyone interested in the area. It is not my specialty so
address questions to the poster or marmam (which is the list that
responded to my question).

James Mahaffy

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Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 19:26:31 -1000 (HST)
From: Matthias Hoffmann-Kuhnt <hokuhnt@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu>
Subject: Re: Dolphin communication
To: James Mahaffy <mahaffy@dordt.edu>

Hi there,
as far as your questions are concerned:
1)cetacean behavior, mechanisms and functions. edited by Louis M Herman
2)dolphin societies, Ken Norris & Karen Pryor
3) Language and Communication, Comparetive perspectives, by Herb Roitblat,
Louis Herman & paul Nachtigall
4) Dolphin cognition and Behavor: a comparative Approach; by Schusterman
& Wood

if you have more questions, there is more...

Matthias Hoffmann-Kuhnt
Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Lab

Subject: Re: Dolphin communication

Dear James,
There are no decent books on dolphin communication.

Dawson, S.M. Clicks and Communication; The behavioural and social
contexts of Hector's dolphin vocalisations. Ethology 88:265-276 (1991).

There are refs therein that should be of interest.


Steve Dawson

From: Rachel.Smolker@um.cc.umich.edu
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 10:30:14 EST
Subject: dolphin communication

Hi - about dolphin communication literature.  Look in Behavioral Ecology and
Sociobiology over the past few years there have been papers by myself, Laela
Sayigh and P. Tyack on dolphin whistles.  Also in Canadian Journal of Zoology,
where Lindy Weilgart and other publish on sperm whales, pilot whales and John
Ford on Orca.

And so on.  Good luck...

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 07:32:07 PST
From: Christopher Prince <ud953@freenet.victoria.bc.ca>
Subject: Dolphin communication

If you do find a nice book on dolphin communication, let me know.  I'm
afraid I'll have to agree with a previous posting, that there are no
relevant books dedicated to the topic.  However, I think that references
in the following, and subsequent material by the relevant authors should help:

Roitblat, Herbert L., Herman, Louis M. & Nachtigall, Paul E. (1993).  Language
and Communication: Comparative Perspectives.  Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc.,
Hillsdale: NJ.

Herman, L. M. (Ed.) (1980). Cetacean behavior: Mechanisms and functions. New
York: Wiley Interscience.

Leatherwood, S. & Reeves, R. R. (1990). The Bottlenose Dolphin. San Diego, CA:
Academic Press, Inc.

Pryor, K. and Norris, K. S. (1991). Dolphin Societies: Discoveries and
Berkeley, CA:  University of California Press.

Ford, J. (1989).  Acoustic behavior of resident killer whales (Orcinus
orca) off
Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Canadian J. of Zoology, 67, 727-745.


Chris Prince

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 05:46:05 PST
From: Ted Miller <TMILLER@UVVM.UVic.CA>
Subject: Dolphin signals

May I suggest Kenneth Norris' book, "Dolphin Days"?  It is a thoughtful,
personal and remarkably insightful account, with a great deal on dolphin
communication.  Also much background to basic work on dolphin communication
is provided, plus "harder-core" references.

Ted Miller
Biology Department
Univ. Victoria
Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2

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