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1727: MICHEL ADANSON is born at Aix-en-Provence, France.  Following study at
the Plessis Sorbon, the College Royal, and the Jardin du Roi, Adanson will
travel to Senegal where he will spend four years collecting natural history
specimens.  The report of this expedition will appear in 1757 as _Histoire
naturelle du Senegal_, and it will contain a novel systematic arrangement of
mollusks that will win Adanson some notoriety in zoological circles.  He will
be best remembered, however, for his comprehensive _Familles des plantes_
(Paris, 1763-64), in which he will reject systems (such as those of Linnaeus)
that are based on only a few selected characters, in favor of an arrangement
that takes all features of the plant into account.  As an associate of Buffon,
Adanson will be a significant contributor to the _Historie naturelle_, and his
own herbarium, numbering about 30,000 specimens, will come to rest in Paris at
the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle.

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