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<8:54>From RMBURIAN@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU  Sun Apr 17 06:19:42 1994

Date: Sun, 17 Apr 94 07:14:04 EDT
From: "Richard M. Burian" <RMBURIAN@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU>
Subject: HSS/PSA/4S meeting in October
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

     On Wednesday 13 April, Ken Jacobs asked for information on the
joint HSS-PSA-4S meeting.  Since the topic has come up again a couple
of times on the list, I shall send, below, a copy of the information
I sent him off list.  The invitation pertains, of course, to the sub-
scribers of this list as well as to the audience to whom this announce-
ment was originally directed.
Dick Burian

                Joint Meeting of 4S, HSS, and PSA

     Members of the ISHPSSB are invited to attend the joint
meetings of the History of Science Society, the Philosophy of
Science Association and the Society for Social Studies of
Science, to be held in New Orleans in October, 1994.  As of this
date, the program of the meetings is not available, but there
will be a number of sessions of direct interest to members of our
Society, including papers to be presented by ISHPSSB members.
The meetings will be held at the Clarion Hotel in New Orleans
from October 13-16.  Program chairs for the meeting are as
follows:  HSS _ Clark Elliott and Richard Kremer (their
respective addresses are University Archives, Harvard University
Library, Cambridge, MA 02138 and Department of History, Dartmouth
College, Hanover, NH 037550; PSA _ Richard Burian, Center for the
study of Science in Society, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0247; 4S _ Linda Layne,
STS Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180-
3590.  The program deadlines of all three societies have passed,
so program information should be available fairly soon.  Further
information should be available from the offices of each of the
societies.  For HSS, this is HSS Secretariat, c/o Keith Benson,
Department of Medical History and Ethics, University of
Washington, SB-20, Seattle, WA 98195.  For PSA, this is PSA
Secretariat, c/o Peter Asquith, Department of Philosophy,
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824; and 4S
Secretariat, c/o Wes Shrum, Department of Sociology, Louisiana
State University, Baton Rouge, LS 70803.  We hope to see many of
you there.
                                   Richard M. Burian

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