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<8:92>From GRM1001@phx.cam.ac.uk  Wed Apr 27 04:32:04 1994

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 94 10:31:26 BST
From: GRM1001@phx.cam.ac.uk
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Publishing quinarianism

Perhaps a few of our members who are interested in the history of taxonomy
would like to respond to the following request from Anne Larsen, a historian
of nineteenth-century natural history.

               Project to bring William Swainson's
             *Taxidermy and Bibliography of Zoology*
        *Preliminary Discourse in the Study of Natural History*
                        back into print.

  Princeton University Press has responded favourably to the suggestion that
they produce inexpensive facsimiles of William Swainson's useful and
fascinating books, *Taxidermy and Bibliography of Zoology* (1840) and
*Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural History* (1839).  In order to
prepare a formal proposal for the editorial board, the I need to
accumulate a substantial number of written letters from people who would be
willing to purchase these books if they were available.
  The remarks need only be a sentence or two expressing interest in and support
for the project together with your name, address, and signature.  A postcard
will do.  Please direct your letters to:

Anne Larsen
12907 Crookston Lane, #25
Rockville, MD  20851

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