Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)
Seventh Generation
120. Joseph PARKHURST29, GGGG Grandfather. Born in Nov 1783 in Massachusetts. Died in Somerville, Massachusetts, on 30 Mar 1873.

Joseph Parkhurst was a carpenter of Wilton, New Hampshire, and of Lexington and Reading, Massachusetts. The Bedford record of his marriage to Rhoda Wyman describes him as “Joseph of Wilton.”

Abiel Abbot Livermore & Sewall Putnam’s History of the Town of Wilton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire (Lowell, Mass.: Marden & Rowell, 1888) includes several pages of Parkhurst genealogy (457-460), but no Joseph is mentioned.
He married Rhoda WYMAN29, GGGG Grandmother on 26 Nov 1807 Bedford, Massachusetts.97
They had the following children:
Joseph Addison, GGGG Uncle (1808->1860)
Sylvester P. W., GGG Grandfather (1810-1841)
121. Rhoda WYMAN29, GGGG Grandmother. Died in Bedford, Massachusetts, on 28 Sep 1815.98

Could this be the Rhoda Wyman born 18 Mar 1768 at Woburn, dau. of Paul Wyman and Lucy White? That would seem unlikely as it would make her 15 years older than her husband (if his date of birth is correct).

The Burlington VR also list a Rhoda Wyman baptised 1 Feb 1784 at Burlington, daughter of Nathan Wyman (perhaps the Nathan son of Samuel, bapt. there 5 July 1743).
122. Asa BURGESS99, GGGG Grandfather, son of 244. Marrett BURGESS & 245. Sarah SHED. Born on 4 Apr 1795 in Harvard, Massachusetts. Died in Ayer, Massachusetts, on 5 Jul 1888.

According to the Shed Genealogy100, “ASA BURGESS, b. in Harvard, 4 Apr. 1795, was a farmer there and in Ayer, Mass., where he d. 5 July 1888. He m. at Boxborough, 26 Nov. 1817, LYDIA WALKER STEARNS, b. there 6 Dec. 1791, d. in Harvard 9 June 1858, daughter of David and Miriam (Walker) Stearns.” Details about their third child, Asa Simeon Burgess and his descendants follows. The full set of birthdates of Asa and Lydia Walker (Stearns) Burgess’ children given here is from Skeate101, who shows daughter Miriam Walker being born six months before her parents’ marriage. Peter Parkhurst29 believes Asa Burgess lived in Brookline, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire.
He married Lydia Walker STEARNS99, GGGG Grandmother on 26 Nov 1817 Boxborough, Massachusetts.102,103
They had the following children:
Miriam Walker, GGGG Aunt (1817-)
Harriett Newel, GGG Grandmother (1820->1860)
Asa Simeon99, GGGG Uncle (1825-1911)
Jane Maria, GGGG Aunt (1828-)
123. Lydia Walker STEARNS99, GGGG Grandmother, daughter of 246. David STEARNS & 247. Miriam WALKER. Born on 6 Dec 1791 in Boxborough, Massachusetts.104 Died in Harvard, Massachusetts, on 9 Jun 1858.
124. Thomas CUMMINGS55, GGGG Grandfather, son of 248. Thomas CUMMINGS & 249. Lucy LAWRENCE. Born on 16 Jun 1757.

According to Mooar’s Descendants of Isaac Cummings105, “198. THOMAS CUMMINGS (Thomas6, Thomas5, John4, John3, John2, Isaac1), married (published Jan. 16, 1779), Elizabeth Hildreth. In the publication he was called Thomas third. He removed to Deerfield, N.Y.

“[Was it Mary Hildreth? A Mary Hildreth, daughter of Ephraim and Elizabeth (French) Hildreth, born 1765, had brothers Jeremiah and Hezekiah. A Mrs. Mary Cummings died in Westford May 9, 1843, aged 86.]”

Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 11:26:18 EST
To: rjohara

Would love to hear what you come up with on this Thomas Cummings (the third?)
and his wife Elizabeth. It seems Mooar or the American DAR has mixed two
Thomas' together, Thomas who married as his 2nd wife Lodema Blanchard and was
the probable son of Stephen Sr. >Abraham Jr.>Abraham Sr.>John>Isaac and Thomas
who married a Hildreth. Thomas prob. son of Stephen Sr. died in Troupsburg,
Steuben Co., NY. Thomas called the III may have also been in the area (a
monument erected to him as a Rev. Soldier) but by all indications he may not
have been there and Deerfield but PA not NY was where Thomas prob. son of
Stephen Sr. was residing for a while.

I think Am Rev. pension records may have been inadvertently combined and a
cause to this confusion.

Kind regards.

Barry C. K. Moravek, President
Isaac Cummings Family Association
He married Elizabeth (Mary?) HILDRETH55, GGGG Grandmother abt 1779.
They had the following children:
Jeremiah55, GGGG Uncle
Hezekiah55, GGGG Uncle
Thomas, GGG Grandfather (1782-1865)
125. Elizabeth (Mary?) HILDRETH55, GGGG Grandmother. Born ? 1765. Died ? 1843.

The identity of Thomas Cummings’ wife is uncertain. If Mary rather than Elizabeth is correct, then Mary’s parents are Ephraim Hildreth and Elizabeth (French) Hildreth.105 Birth and death dates given here are for Mary, not Elizabeth.
126. Reuben WRIGHT58,106, GGGG Grandfather, son of 252. Joseph WRIGHT & 253. Dorothy HEALD. Born on 30 Sep 1763 in Westford, Massachusetts. Died in Westford, Massachusetts, on 22 Oct 1835.
He married Sarah READ106, GGGG Grandmother on 19 Dec 1787 Westford, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Lucinda, GGG Grandmother (1797-1851)
127. Sarah READ106, GGGG Grandmother, daughter of 254. Lieut. Thomas READ & 255. Susanna DUTTON. Born on 27 Jun 1766 in Westford, Massachusetts. Died in Westford, Massachusetts, on 11 Sep 1839.58

Data from Westford VR via an email correspondent.
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