Ancestor Report
Ancestor Report
Eleventh Generation
1536. Hugh FITCH376, 8G Grandfather, son of 3072. William FITCH & 3073. Margaret _____. was baptized on 14 Mar 1563 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Buried on 14 Apr 1620 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
He married Anne (Agnes) SMITH377, 8G Grandmother on 13 Sep 1585 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
They had the following children:
Marie255, 8G Aunt (bp. 1586-)
John255, 8G Uncle (bp. 1587-<1601)
Jeremie255, 8G Uncle (bp. 1590-)
Dea. Zachary, 7G Grandfather (bp. 1592-1662)
Agnes12, 8G Aunt
1537. Anne (Agnes) SMITH377, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3074. John SMITH & 3075. Joane ROISE. was baptized on 24 Sep 1567 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
1548. Francis WYMAN378, 8G Grandfather, son of 3096. Thomas WYMANT & 3097. Joan CHRISHALL. Born ca 1595 in Barkway?, Hertfordshire, England. Will dated on 15 Sep 1659 at Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. Buried on 19 Sep 1658 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England.

According to Threlfall’s GMC50379, Francis Wyman “was born about 1595, supposedly in Barkway, Hertfordshire, possible in a nearby parish. He was the son of Thomas and Joan (Chrishall) Wyman (or Wymant) of Barkway.

“On 2 May 1617, Francis Wyman married Elizabeth Richardson of West Mill, Hertfordshire. West Mill is about 5 miles south of Barkway. She was the daughter of Thomas and Katherine (Duxford) Richardson and was baptized at West Mill 13 June 1593 [Threlfall gives this date as 13 Jan. on p. 533]. She was buried 22 June 1630 at West Mill. Apparently, Francis Wyman remained a widower for the next eleven years, raising his three sons. Then, with his eldest son aged 23 and the two younger sons, Francis and John off to New England, he remarried on 29 June 1641 at Welwyn, which is 10 miles southwest of West Mill, Elizabeth Cable. Fifteen years later, on 12 July 1656, ‘the wife of Francis Wyman of West Mill Green was buried.’ Apparently he remarried shortly thereafter, for his will indicates that he left a widow named Jane. Francis Wyman was buried at West Mill on 19 September 1658. An abstract of his will follows.”
He married Elizabeth RICHARDSON268, 8G Grandmother on 2 May 1617 Westmill, Hertfordshire, England.
They had the following children:
Thomas268, 8G Uncle (bp. 1618-)
Francis378, 8G Uncle (bp. 1620-1699)
Lieut. John, 7G Grandfather (bp. 1622-1684)
Richard268, 8G Uncle (bp. 1624-)
Elizabeth268, 8G Aunt (bp. 1626-)
William268 (Died as Child), 8G Uncle (bp. 1628-)
George?268, 8G Uncle
1549. Elizabeth RICHARDSON268, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3098. Thomas RICHARDSON & 3099. Katherine DUXFORD. was baptized on 13 Jun 1593 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. Buried on 22 Jun 1630 in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England.
1550. Miles NUTT267, 8G Grandfather, son of 3100. Michael NUTT & 3101. Elizabeth JACKAMAN. was baptized on 7 May 1598 in Barking, Suffolk, England. on 17 May 1637. Will dated 1 Feb 1660/1. Died in Malden, Massachusetts, on 2 Jul 1671. Immigrated by 1636.

According to Threlfall’s GMC50380, Miles Nutt “was baptized 7 May 1598 at Barking, Suffolk, England. He married there 16 July 1623, Sarah Branson. They and their one daughter, Sarah, came to New England by 1636 in which year he was a proprietor of Watertown and received a grant in the first distribution and each successive one. He had a 51 acre farm and several other smaller parcels. On 17 May 1637 he was admitted freeman. He then moved to Woburn where he became a proprietor in 1645. He was a selectman in 1647 and during seven of the next nine years. He next moved to Charlestown where he was one of the petitioners in favor of the freedom of the church. His wife died and he married secondly, presumably at Malden about January 1658/9, Sybil, the widow of John Bible and the daughter of John and Margey (Rodford) Tincknell. She was born at Wedmore, Somerset, England, and baptized there on 2 August 1607. She had a daughter, Anne, wife of Robert Jones. At the time of their marriage, Miles Nutt and Sybil made a contract in which he agreed that she should have his house in Malden for the rest of her life and half his estate in the event he died first, or to her daughter Anne is she died first. [A transcript of that agreement appears here, with a facsimile of Miles Nutt’s mark.]

“[p. 248] Miles Nutt made his will 1 February 1660/61 and in it confirmed his marriage contract with his wife and then left the remainder of his estate to his daughter Sarah, wife of John Wyman, for life, then to her children. He signed by mark. He died at Malden on 2 July 1671, ‘aged about 73’. [A transcript of Miles Nutt’s will appears here.]

“She remained a widow for three years, then she married thirdly at Malden in 1674, John Doolittle, his second wife. She died 23 September 1690, ‘aged about 82 years’, at Malden.”
He married Sarah BRANSON267, 8G Grandmother on 16 Jul 1623 Barking, Suffolk, England.
They had the following children:
Sarah Ruth, 7G Grandmother (bp. 1624-1688)
_____268 (Stillborn), 8G Aunt/Uncle (1627-)
1551. Sarah BRANSON267, 8G Grandmother. Died bef 1659. Immigrated by 1636.
1556. Thomas BLANCHARD381,382, 8G Grandfather. Will dated on 16 Jun 1654 at Charlestown, Massachusetts.383 Died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on 21 May 1654.384 Will proved on 20 Jun 1654.383 in Jun 1654.384 Of Charlestown, Massachusetts. Of Braintree, Massachusetts, 1646-1650. Immigrated in 1639 “Jonathan” from London to Boston.

Rodgers385 transcribes the will and estate inventory (totalling £560) of Thomas Blanchard as well as a collection of court documents relating to the extended controversy over the estate’s settlement between Thomas’ widow Mary and his son George.

The early Blanchard generations are complex and merit further study; there may be errors in some of the major sources (such as Wyman and Savage).

See NEHGR 32: 407-411 (1878) for a transcript of legal documents pertaining to Agnes (Bent-Barnes) Blanchard, her death at sea, and her complex family relations.
He married Elizabeth _____382, 8G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
George, 7G Grandfather (~1618-1700)
Thomas382, 8G Uncle (~1623-<1651)
Mary382, 8G Aunt (~1626-)
Stephen382, 8G Uncle (~1628-)
Samuel382, 8G Uncle (1629-1707)
Nathaniel382, 8G Uncle (~1632-1676)
David382, 8G Uncle (~1633-)
1557. Elizabeth _____382, 8G Grandmother. Buried on 23 Jul 1636 in Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire, England.
1560. William SIMONDS, 8G Grandfather, son of 3120. William SYMONDS & 3121. Alice _____. Born abt 1571.

Data from This William is said to have attended Winchester College and matriculated at Magdalene Hall, Oxford, 4 Feb 1591/2 at age 20. In his father’s will he was given the equivalent of about $16,000. He is “Perhaps the William SYMONDS who married the widow Alice ROSEBLADE of Kingsworthy on Jan. 29, 1617.”
He married Alice (_____) ROSEBLADE?, 8G Grandmother.
They had one child:
William, 7G Grandfather (bp. 1612-1672)
1561. Alice (_____) ROSEBLADE?, 8G Grandmother.
1562. William PHIPPEN269, 8G Grandfather. Buried on 5 Oct 1647 in Wedmore, Somersetshire, England. Will proved on 9 Sep 1650 at London, England.

According to Threlfall’s GMC50,386 William Phippen “of Wedmore, Somersetshire, lived in that part of the parish known as Burrow. There are several Phippen families living in various parts of this rather extended parish during the early part of the 17th century. William was a favorite name among them and it is impossible to sort them out, so incomplete are the records. This particular William Phippen mentioned in his will a brother, Joseph, living in Ireland. This undoubtedly was the Joseph Phippen who married Elynor Marten on 2 August 1603 at Wedmore, and had baptized there four children: Christopher, baptized 17 August 1603[;] Isabella, baptized 5 December 1604[;] Joseph, baptized 12 October 1606[;] George, baptized 16 March, buried 24th, 1610/11[.]

“Joseph, of whom there is no further record in Wedmore, was probably several years older than William.

“John Phippen, who married Dorothy Thorne on 10 June 1616, may have been another brother.

“William’s wife, Judith, was buried 10 December 1637. William Phippen was buried 5 October 1647 at Wedmore, as was his wife.

“William Phippen was, according to his will, a baker. His only known children are those named in the will, an abstract of which follows.”
He married Judith _____269, 8G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Judith, 7G Grandmother (~1619-1690)
Elizabeth268, 8G Aunt (~1625-)
Frances268, 8G Aunt (bp. 1628-)
Joan268, 8G Aunt (bp. 1631-)
1563. Judith _____269, 8G Grandmother. Buried on 10 Dec 1637 in Wedmore, Somersetshire, England.
1564. John TIDD4, 8G Grandfather, son of 3128. William TODD & 3129. Isabel ROGERSON. Born on 18 Oct 1594 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England.4 Will dated on 9 Apr 1656 at Woburn, Massachusetts.387 Died in Woburn, Massachusetts, on 24 Apr 1656. Will proved on 10 Nov 1656.387 Immigrated ? . on 14 Jul 1656.388 Occupation: Taylor.387

Website identifies his wife as Margaret Greenleaf.

See Rodgers389 for a transcript of his will and an inventory of his estate which totalled £163.

Data to be entered from Torrey which clarifies his two wives. See under his son John for a confused entry from Savage.

(See Dawes-Gates for a comprehensive account of this John Tidd, which should replace the data here.)
He married Alice CLAYTON4, 8G Grandmother.
They had one child:
John, 7G Grandfather (1618-1689)
1565. Alice CLAYTON4, 8G Grandmother. Born abt 1594 in Bradford, York, England.
1568. Thomas LAKIN108, 8G Grandfather. Born say 1570 in England. Died in England aft 7 Feb 1632/3. Of Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, England, 1632/3.

The work of Douglas Richardson on the English origins of the Lakin family of Massachusetts108 supersedes all previous work on the subject and clears up a number of confusions, especially concerning the Lakins’ place of origin, which is now known to be Ruddington in Nottinghamshire. According to Richardson, “THOMASB LAKIN/LAKEN, the earliest known ancestor of this family, was born say 1570, in England. Little is known of this man as he left no will, nor is he mentioned in the scanty Bishops’ Transcripts which have survived for the parish of Ruddington, county Nottingham. He was living as late as 7 [[p. 144]] February 1632/3, when he was mentioned by name in the will of his son, William Lakin, of Ruddington. No further record of ThomasB Lakin has been found. No individual with the surname Lakin is recorded in the hearth tax for the years 1664 and 1674 anywhere in Nottinghamshire, including the parish of Ruddington. This suggests that Thomas Lakin likely died prior to 1664 or else left the area (W. F. Webster, ed., Nottingham Hearth Tax 1664: 1674, Thoroton Soc., Rec. Ser., 37 [Nottingham, 1988]).

“Earlier researchers erroneously believed that the father of William Lakin [No. 2 below] was the William Lakin who died at Groton, Massachusetts, on 10 December 1672, aged about 91 years (VR, 2: 238). Although it is not known who William Lakin of Groton was, he was probably related in some manner to the Lakin family of Ruddington, Nottinghamshire. Judging from William Lakin’s age at death, he might have been a brother of Thomas Lakin of Ruddington. Even assuming a clerical error, this death record could not have been that of Thomas Lakin himself, who would surely have reached the century mark by 1672.”390

An example of the earlier work referred to by Richardson is Shattuck’s Memorials110 which identifies William Lakin as “ancestor of the Lakin Families, d. in Groton, Dec. 10, 1672, ae. 91. He emigrated in his old age from Redington, England, with two of his grandsons -- Wm. and John, (whose father, Wm., Jr., had d. in England,) and their mother, his daughter-in-law, who had m. Wm. Martin for her second husband. They first settled in Reading, but removed to Groton and lived near Martin’s Pond.” Butler’s History of Groton180 gives the same account, noting that William’s two grandsons, William and John, were both original proprietors of Groton, each having a twenty acre right. According to Richardson’s interpretation, the two “grandsons” William and John, were more likely grandnephews of the William who died in Groton in 1672, although their exact relationship to this earlier William is not firmly established.
William, 7G Grandfather (~1595-)
_____?, 9G Grandmother
1572. Edmund BROWNE391, 8G Grandfather, son of 3144. William BROWNE & 3145. Joan _____. Born abt 1547. Buried 21 Jan 1638/9 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England.

Smith392 did much of the original research on this family and its connections. He reports (p. 173) that Edmund Browne’s wife “Mary Cramphorne was aunt to another Mary Cramphorne, who married William Heath of Ware, Hertfordshire, and later of Roxbury, MA, making a cluster of Browne and Heath first cousins among the early immigrants to Massachusetts Bay.

“The identification of this family as that of the New England immigrants is also based upon the children’s associations in Watertown and Boston and their connection to William Colbron. Of this couple’s four known immigrant children, son Edmund Browne and daughter Anne Browne’s husband Matthew Ines, were servants of Mr. William Colbron, who was of South Weald and Little Harley, Essex, England. William Colbron was married to Margery Huxton on 22 October 1618 in nearby Childerditch, the same parish in which son Abraham Brown’s first marriage and the baptisms of three of his children were recorded. South Weald itself, held the burial records of Abraham’s first wife and the only one of the three children baptized in Childerditch who did not appear in New England. Sons Abraham and John Browne of Watertown arrived along with many other Essex immigrants. While John left no records aside from his baptism in England, it was his land that Abraham Browne succeeded to in Watertown (vide post).

“On January 1672[/3], Jonathan2 Browne of Watertown and Mary his wife, sold rights to land in Boston in which he called himself ‘cousin and next heir’ of his ‘uncle’ Edmund Browne (Suffolk Deed 8:43-4 & vide post), confirming that the immigrants Edmund and Abraham Browne were brothers.

“In view of this evidence, speculations by Bond in the mid-1800s based on the work of Horatio Somerby regarding the Hawkendon origin of this family were clearly mistaken.”
He married Mary CRAMPHORNE391, 8G Grandmother on 23 Jul 1584 Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England.
They had the following children:
Elizabeth?, 8G Aunt (bp. 1585-)
Richard?, 8G Uncle (bp. 1586-)
George?, 8G Uncle (bp. 1586-)
Abraham, 7G Grandfather (bp. 1588-~1646)
John, 8G Uncle (bp. 1590-)
Sarah, 8G Aunt (bp. 1591-)
John, 8G Uncle (bp. 1597-)
John, 8G Uncle (bp. 1598-)
Edmund, 8G Uncle (bp. 1600-1665)
Mary, 8G Aunt (bp. 1602-)
Hannah, 8G Aunt (bp. 1605-)
Daniel, 8G Uncle (bp. 1607-)
1573. Mary CRAMPHORNE391, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3146. William CRAMPHORNE & 3147. Jone PLOWE. was baptized on 27 Sep 1562 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England. Died living 1607.
1580. Richard FARNSWORTH201, 8G Grandfather, son of 3160. Richard FARNSWORTH. Born abt 1584 in Eccles (Farnworth), Lancashire, England.
He married Elizabeth MARSHE201, 8G Grandmother on 12 Jan 1608 Eccles (Farnworth), Lancashire, England.
They had the following children:
Alizia, 8G Aunt (1610-)
Jonathan, 8G Uncle (1612-)
Matthias, 7G Grandfather (~1615-1689)
Mary, 8G Aunt (1618-)
Hester, 8G Aunt (1621-)
1581. Elizabeth MARSHE201, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3162. Jacobes MARSHE & 3163. Alicia HEY. Born on 1 Nov 1584 in Eccles (Farnworth), Lancashire, England. Died in Eccles (Farnworth), Lancashire, England, on 9 Jun 1623.
1584. John PARKER283, 8G Grandfather, son of 3168. John PARKER & 3169. _____ _____. Born say 1587. Died aft 1630. Of Great Burstead, Essex, England.

Five sons of John and Ann (_____) Parker all immigrated to New England from Great Burstead, Essex, and left many descendants, especially in the vicinity of Groton, Massachusetts. The most comprehensive account of the ancestry of the Groton Parker families is that of Richardson283, which supersedes all previous work.

As Shattuck393 notes, “The name Parker has ever been very common in New England, and has been borne by more families than any other in Groton and its vicinity. James and Joseph, who first settled in Woburn, and were among the original grantees of Billerica, Chelmsford, Dunstable, and Groton, were ancestors of the most numerous families, though some were descended from Jacob, Abraham, and perhaps John, also early inhabitants of Woburn and Chelmsford.”

Nason’s History of Dunstable394 transcribes the 1673 petition to the General Court for the incorporation of Dunstable, and among the petitioners are all the immigrant Parker sons of John and Ann Parker: James Parker, Sr. (also James Parker, Jr.), Abraham Parker, Joseph Parker, John Parker, and Josiah Parker.

John and Ann (_____) Parker are also ancestors of U.S. President Franklin Pierce through their son Jacob Parker and his first wife Sarah _____.282
He married Ann/Anna _____283, 8G Grandmother say 1614.
They had the following children:
Sgt. John283, 8G Uncle (bp. 1615-1667)
Capt. James, 9G Grandfather (~1617-<1700)
Abraham (Abram)283, 8G Uncle (bp. 1619-1685)
Capt. Joseph, 7G Grandfather (bp. 1622-1690)
Anne283, 8G Aunt (bp. 1624-)
Jacob283, 8G Uncle (bp. 1626-1669)
Joshua283, 8G Uncle (bp. 1630-)
1585. Ann/Anna _____283, 8G Grandmother. Died aft 1630.
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