9-Hole Golf Course in Making

PEABODY PARK is undergoing a face lifting and will emerge with a nine-hole golf course in lieu of the old lake bed as a result of plans for the extension of the outdoor facilities of the Physical Education Department.

The plans include the resurfacing of the tennis courts, which has been done, resulting in ten surfaced courts; and the levelling of Area C for an archery field; in addition to the golf course.

Funds for these projects were allocated by the legislature two years ago, and plans for the use of the money [took] final shape over the summer.

Mr. Gurley, Building and Grounds Superintendant, is in charge of construction, and he reports that the dam is already gone from the lake bed and the area has been levelled out. His plans include leaving the stream, and many of the trees, and using for tees and greens areas that naturally lend themselves for such purposes.

In the 30’s W.C. had such a golf course, but maintenance was too costly, and was not kept up. However, Mr. Gurley points out that the costs of the maintenance of this course will be no more than ordinary mowing, as there are no traps, and the mowing of the greens will be the only additional expense.

The course should be completed next Spring.

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