Don’t Destroy Peabody Park at UNCG

Letter to the Editor, The Rhinoceros Times (Greensboro, North Carolina), 12 April 2001.

Don’t destroy Peabody Park

Dear Editor,

I just have a brief but very strong comment regarding the possible construction in Peabody Park. Parking at UNCG is a problem, so an additional parking deck would be nice, but I am sure there is another option as to where to build the deck besides destroying more of Peabody Park.

The park holds great historical significance for the university and its science majors. I chose to come to UNCG for its pride in the students, faculty, programs, campus, and history; however, I no longer see that emphasized through the proposal of the construction.

I also chose this university because it was very student-oriented and was not overpopulated, like many other state-supported schools, so the building of more dorms in general is going to cause a great decline in student-teacher ratios and the comfortable size of the school overall.

Lindsay Dickerson

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