1901 Letter on the Establishment of Peabody Park at UNCG

THIS TYPESCRIPT LETTER on the stationery of George Foster Peabody, and written by Peabody’s secretary, is housed in the University Archives. It acknowledges President McIver’s proposal to establish an educational park with half of Peabody’s recent gift of $10,000 to the University (then the State Normal and Industrial College, now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro). Explanatory notes inserted into this transcript of the letter are enclosed in {braces}.

{engraved address}
George Foster Peabody,
27 Pine Street,
New York City.

October 23, 1901.

Dr. Chas. D. McIver,
State Normal & Industrial College,
Greensboro, N.C.

Dear Sir:

Mr. Peabody acknowledges your favor of the 19th inst., and begs to thank you for your consideration in delaying the communication. He approves of your plan for the use of $5,000 of his $10,000 subscription in developing a park, and will be glad to have you advise me from time to time as you may be in need of funds for the furtherance of the work. I do not understand that you wish a cheque now, but if you should, please advise me.

Mr. Peabody notices that you are to call the park by his name, and is glad that you are merely to designate it “Peabody Park,” as otherwise he would not feel comfortable about it. As it is, the name will probably be associated with that of George Peabody the philanthropist, and so he will not ask you to change it.

Mr. Peabody has no half-tone cut of his photograph, but will have one made from one of his pictures and send it to you. He presents his regards and trusts that you are well.


{secretary’s signature; name not typed}

{manuscript postscript:} The municipal campaign is occupying so much of his time now that Mr. Peabody’s opportunities for personal correspondence are few.

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