Folding Wooden Card Table with Walnut Finish

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A Very Attractive Folding Card Table for Living Room or Office

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this fine folding table.

I wanted a convenient folding card table to provide extra workspace in my office, but I didn’t want one of the flimsy older-style ones with tubular aluminum legs and a cheap-looking top. I took a chance and ordered this model, and although it is not the most inexpensive folding card table available, its quality makes it well worth the price. The legs and table border are nicely-finished dark wood, and the black vinyl panel in the center of the top has an attractive faux-leather look and feel. The legs fold neatly, and they lock in place when open so the table can’t easily be knocked over. And the top is sturdy and braced so it won’t sag over time. A matching set of folding wooden chairs to go with the table is available from the same manufacturer.

This table will look right at home in a professional office or a nicely-furnished living room. I liked it so much I ordered a second one to go with the first.

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