Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Ninth Generation
448. Lieut. Isaac WOODS10,90, 6G Grandfather, son of 896. Nathaniel WOODS & 897. Alice WHITNEY. Born 20 Feb 1699/1700 in Groton, Massachusetts. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 31 Mar 1775. Buried in Groton, Massachusetts (Old Burying Ground).207

Green’s Epitaphs208 transcribes Isaac Woods’ gravestone as follows: “Memento mori | [Cherub’s Head.] | In this Grave | is deposited the | Remains of Lieut | Isaac Woods, who | departed this Life | on ye 31st of March 1775 | In ye 76th year of his age.”
He married Abigail STEVENS10, 6G Grandmother on 21 Sep 1725 Groton, Massachusetts.209
They had the following children:
Isaac90, 6G Uncle (1725-)
Ephraim90, 6G Uncle (1727-)
Thomas90, 6G Uncle (1728-1756)
Nehemiah90, 6G Uncle (1731-)
Gen. Henry90, 6G Uncle (1733-1804)
Jonas90, 6G Uncle (1735-1756)
Caleb90, 6G Uncle (1737-)
Prudence90 (Died as Infant), 6G Aunt (1738-1738)
Samson90, 6G Uncle (1740-1757)
Sarah90, 6G Aunt (1742-)
Capt. Solomon, 5G Grandfather (1747-1783)
449. Abigail STEVENS10, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 898. John STEVENS & 899. Sarah SNOW. Born on 13 Aug 1702 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 24 Dec 1781. Buried in Groton, Massachusetts (Old Burying Ground).210

Green’s Epitaphs211 transcribes Abigail (Stevens) Woods’ gravestone as follows: “Memento mori | [Cherub.] | ERECTED | In memory of | Mrs Abigail Woods | Relect of Lieut Isaac | Woods who departed | this Life Decr 24th | 1781. In the 80th year | of her Age.” The stone is located in the northeast section of the Old Burying Ground in Groton.
450. Samuel TAYLOR10, 6G Grandfather.
He married Susannah PERHAM10, 6G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Mary, 5G Grandmother (1749-1828)
451. Susannah PERHAM10, 6G Grandmother.
452. Isaac LAKIN137,32, 6G Grandfather, son of 196. William LAKIN & 197. Elizabeth ROBERTSON. Born on 11 Dec 1702. Died bef 24 Oct 1759.

According to Shattuck’s Memorials110, “Isaac [Lakin] was one of the six companions of John Chamberlain, from Groton, in the Pigwacket Fight, and was wounded on that occasion.” A footnote follows on the ancestry of Isaac Lakin; see also the corrections to that footnote on Shattuck’s p. 387. The battle at Pigwacket, commonly called “Lovewell’s Fight” after Capt. John Lovewell of Dunstable who commanded the company of 46 colonists, took place on 8 May 1725 on the shores of what is now Lovewell’s Pond in Fryeburg, Maine. Lovewell’s company went to suppress the Indians in the region and hoped to collect bounties on Indian scalps, but instead was ambushed and Lovewell himself and eight of his soldiers were killed. Lovewell’s Fight was famous throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and much was written about it. Green’s Indian Wars6 gives a comprehensive history of the Fight; Longfellow and others commemorated the Fight in verse (see

Green’s Indian Wars212 also recounts the following story about Isaac Lakin, as told by a Mr. Charles Woolley: “Lakin lived in a log-house near the Nashua River, in the north part of the town. The house had no glass windows, but had shutters instead, and a door that swung on wooden hinges. One day an Indian was seen lurking about the house, and hiding behind the stumps, apparently bent on mischief. Lakin seized his gun, and, standing at a crack in the shutters, told his wife to swing the door so that it would creak on its hinges. Hearing the noise, and seeing the door open, the Indian sprang from behind a stump, and started for the house, when Lakin fired and shot him dead. Seeing no signs of other Indians, after dark he dug a hole and buried him.”

There is confusion in Shattuck’s Memorials about this family (see his footnote and corrections at end of book). More details to be entered.
He married Elizabeth SHATTUCK137, 6G Grandmother 2 Jan 1725/6.
They had the following children:
Isaac32, 6G Uncle (1727-)
Josiah, 6G Uncle (1730-)
Simeon, 6G Uncle (1732-)
Sarah, 6G Aunt (1735-)
Levi, 5G Grandfather (1747-)
453. Elizabeth SHATTUCK137, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 906. John SHATTUCK & 907. Mary BLOOD. Died aft 7 Nov 1769.
454. John LAKIN. (Same as number 98.)
455. Lydia PARKER. (Same as number 99.)
456. William SHATTUCK213, 6G Grandfather, son of 912. William SHATTUCK & 913. Hannah UNDERWOOD. Born in 1689 in Watertown, Massachusetts. was baptized on 14 Apr 1717. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, in Aug 1757.

According to Shattuck’s Memorials214, William Shattuck “lived near Watle’s Pond [in Groton], on a farm partly given to him by his father, but enlarged by several purchases made by himself. During his lifetime he gave to his children by his first wife what he considered their proportion of his estate, and took their quitclaim as heirs; but he made a will dated Aug. 13th, and proved Sept. 8, 1757, disposing of his personal property, in which his son Ezekiel was made executor, and he and his brother Job were principal heirs. The other children received merely a nominal sum. (Midd. Rec., Vol. XXVII., p. 455.) Ezekiel d. without issue soon after, and the estate was settled by Job without the aid of the probate court. He was baptized upon his own profession, April 14, 1717.

“He m. 1, March 15, 1711, ABIGAIL SHATTUCK. She was the dau. of his great uncle Samuel Shattuck, (p. 75,) and was b. in Watertown, Oct. 17, 1686, and baptized in that town. She united with the church in Groton, Dec. 2, 1716, and d. about 1727.

“[p. 96] He m. 2, in 1729, MARGARET LUND, said to have been b. in Merrimac, N. H., probably a descendant of Thomas Lund, one of the earliest settlers of Dunstable. She d. June 13, 1764.”
He married Margaret LUND215, 6G Grandmother in 1729.
They had the following children:
Ezekiel, 6G Uncle (1730-ca1758)
Margaret, 6G Aunt (1732-1802)
Capt. Job, 5G Grandfather (1736-1819)
457. Margaret LUND215, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 914. Thomas LUND & 915. Eleanor? _____. Born in 1688 in Merrimac, New Hampshire? Died on 13 Jun 1764.

Margaret Lund was the second wife of William Shattuck and was “said to have been b. in Merrimac, N. H.” according to Shattuck’s Memorials216 where it is conjectured that she was “probably a descendant of Thomas Lund, one of the earliest settlers of Dunstable.” Green217 reported that on the gravestone of her grandson Noah Shattuck (d. 28 Sep 1858) her name is spelled Lunn.

Birthdate and place from

See Congdon (2003: 187) for details on her first marriage.
458. Samuel HARTWELL61,146, 6G Grandfather, son of 916. Ebenezer HARTWELL & 917. Sarah SMEDLEY. Born on 30 Apr 1702 in Concord, Massachusetts. Died on 26 May 1782.

Samuel and Sarah (Holden) Hartwell’s children Mary and Levi are not given in the Hartwell Genealogy146 but are reported for this couple in Shattuck’s Memorials218, which omits the daughter Lois (with same birthdate as Levi; perhaps they were twins, or perhaps Levi is an error for Lois). The Hartwell Genealogy does say that Samuel and Sarah (Holden) Hartwell “settled in the northern part of Groton, near the Nashua river, and had two children who died in infancy.”219 Whether this means two children in addition to those listed, or that two of the listed children died in infancy, is not clear.
He married Sarah HOLDEN61,146, 6G Grandmother on 9 Jun 1737.
They had the following children:
Sarah, 5G Grandmother (1738-1798)
Rachel146, 6G Aunt (1739-1758)
_____146,61 (Died as Infant), 6G Aunt (1742-1742)
Priscilla146, 6G Aunt (1745-1828)
Samuel146 (Died as Child), 6G Uncle (1748-1753)
Hannah146, 6G Aunt (1751-1850)
Mary220, 6G Aunt (1754-1758)
Levi220 (Twin), 6G Uncle (1758-)
Lois146 (Twin), 6G Aunt (1758-1852)
Samuel146, 6G Uncle (1761-)
459. Sarah HOLDEN61,146, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 918. Lieut. John HOLDEN & 919. Sarah DAVIS. Born on 5 Sep 1717. Died on 5 Mar 1798.

The Hartwell Genealogy reports that Sarah (Holden) Hartwell died “according to Littleton records, Dec. 27, 1753; according to the Farnsworth Genealogy, Mar. 5, 1798.”219 Shattuck’s Memorials218 gives her death date as 5 Mar 1798.
460. James BLOOD150, 6G Grandfather, son of 920. James BLOOD & 921. Abigail KEMP. Born on 12 Aug 1687. Died aft 12 May 1752.

Virginia (Woods) May11 refers to James Blood’s wife Catherine (_____) Blood as his “2nd wife” but no additional information is given.

Harris reports that “James and his wife were admitted to Church at Groton Oct 13, 1728. Lived in the part of Groton which became Dunstable.”221 The following lengthy extract from Harris222 (with some minor footnotes omitted) describes the location of James Blood’s farm along the newly-surveyed boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire:

“In 1673 certain men were given liberty to ‘settle a plantation about Groton,’ and this soon became known as Dunstable. For some time it encompassed an emense [sic Harris] area including what are now the towns of Nashua, Hollis and Hudson NH as well as parts of a number of others. Then when the province line was drawn it created some confusion for there were then two towns of Dunstable -- or one town in two states, as you prefer, at any rate they were referred to as Dunstable, Mass, and Dunstable NH.

“The town boundaries between Groton and Dunstable shifted back and forth for a century or more. James Blood (Gr. 1687/aft. 1752) was one of the men who went to the outskirts of Groton to carve his farm from the wilderness. Eventually the site became Dunstable, but his farm was so close to the province line that the part which became his son Simeon’s was split by the boundary. The following mention of him and his farm is taken from the journal of Richard Hazzen who was appointed by Gov. Belcher and the Council of New Hampshire to survey the western section of the boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

“The original charters gave Massachusetts its northern boundary as three miles north of the Merrimack River incorrectly assuming the course of the river to be east and west. When its northerly course was discovered Massachusetts greedily claimed rights as high as Franklin NH. In 1740 after a long controversy it was decided to allow the line to follow the Merrimack only so long as it should follow a westerly course. Mr Hazzen was appointed on March 17, 1741 with his chainmen to make the survey.

“‘Wednesday March 24, 1741. At ten of the clock it cleared up; and we immediately set forward and measured 4:3:44, to Nashua River, and at night lodged by James Blood’s fire.

“‘Observations: -- In our course this day we crossed the Southerly end of the hill called Phillips Hill. We went through the property of several of the inhabitants of Dunstable, left Robins’ house about twenty poles southerly of our line. We crossed over the southerly end of a hill commonly called Andrews Hill. A large hill lay northeasterly of it called Mount Gilboa, and Mr Adams house lay westerly of said hill. We also crossed a large stream called Salmons Brook at which brook Groton line joins on Dunstable and thence to the south of a small pond called Lovewell’s Pond which is twenty poles short of nine miles from the point where I first began to measure, and it is so small as scarce worth taking notice of, and from said pond we went through a [p. 12] pitch pine plain to Nashua River, James Blood’s house lying southerly of our line about one hundred & twenty poles & near the said River. The afternoon cloudy and but little wind.’

“Several generations of Bloods are buried in the large family Cemetery there in Dunstable, and a part of this original farm remained in the family for over two centuries until finally sold in the 1940’s.”
He married Catharine _____150, 6G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Eleanor150, 6G Aunt (1712-)
James150, 6G Uncle (1714-1792)
Josiah (Twin), 6G Grandfather (1717-1776)
Sarah150 (Died as Infant), 6G Aunt (1717-)
Elizabeth150, 6G Aunt (1719-)
Solomon150, 6G Uncle (1721-~1745)
Simeon150, 6G Uncle (1723-<1765)
Silas150, 6G Uncle (1725-<1794)
Lois150, 6G Aunt (1727-1814)
Simon, 5G Grandfather (1729-<1800)
Sampson150, 6G Uncle (1731-)
Eunice150, 6G Aunt (1735-)
461. Catharine _____150, 6G Grandmother. Died aft 12 May 1752.

According to Virginia May11, Catharine _____ was James Blood’s second wife. Ancestral File4 pages identify Catherine as Catherine Nutting, but do not specify her parents. I find no Catherine Nutting listed in this time interval in the Nutting genealogy.186

Harris in The Story of the Bloods identifies Catherine as the only wife of James Blood and says her surname was “perhaps Nutting.”221 This may be the source of the Ancestral File identification.
462. Samuel SHATTUCK223, 6G Grandfather, son of 924. Samuel SHATTUCK & 925. Elizabeth BLOOD. Born on 7 Apr 1696 in Groton, Massachusetts. Died in Pepperell, Massachusetts, on 4 Mar 1775.

According to Shattuck’s Memorials224, “39. SAMUEL SHATTUCK, s. of Samuel, (p. 84,) was b. in Groton, April 7, 1696, and d. intestate in Pepperell, March 4, 1775, ae. 78 y. 10 m. 27 d. He was a farmer, and settled on the west side of Nashua River, where Walter Spaulding now (1853) lives. His brothers and sisters all (with one exception, perhaps,) settled in that town, and were extensive owners of real estate. He was one of the first assessors in Pepperell after its separate incorporation, and was otherwise distinguished in its public affairs. He and his first wife were members of the church in Groton; and from thence were dismissed at the organization of the church in Pepperell, and were amongst its original members. It is stated upon the records that his eldest son was the first white child born on the west side of Nashua River.

“He m. 1, Jan. 27, 1726, ANNA WILLIAMS, b. April 1, 1702, dau. of Thomas Williams, and sister of Isaac, (p. 94.) She d. Aug. 19, 1757, ae. 55 y. 4 m. 18 d.”

“He m. 2, March 12, 1761, SARAH PIERCE.”
He married Anna WILLIAMS223, 6G Grandmother on 27 Jan 1726.
They had the following children:
Samuel, 6G Uncle (1726-1805)
Benjamin, 6G Uncle (1728-1813)
Anna, 5G Grandmother (1731-~1780)
Elizabeth, 6G Aunt (1734-)
Isaac, 6G Uncle (1736-1807)
Rachel, 6G Aunt (1738-)
Philip, 6G Uncle (1745-1806)
463. Anna WILLIAMS223, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 926. Thomas WILLIAMS & 927. Elizabeth BLOOD. Born on 1 Apr 1702. Died on 19 Aug 1757.
468. Josiah BLOOD150, 6G Grandfather, son of 460. James BLOOD & 461. Catharine _____. Born 20 Jan 1716/7 in Groton, Massachusetts. was baptized on 7 Apr 1717. Will dated on 11 May 1764. Died in Ticonderoga, New York, on 16 Sep 1776.4

Harris reports that “Josiah was in West Dunstable in 1738, his name appearing on the petition for the charter. Taxed Hollis 1744-45. On town records as a fence viewer and town collector.”154

Josiah Blood also served in the Revolution at Fort Ticonderoga, where he died of fever in the fall of 1776. Harris225 gives these details:

“In the summer of 1776 Josiah had written: ‘Loving wife and children after my love to you I would inform you that I am well thanks be to God for it and I hope this will find you all well. I want to inform you that we are a going to camp this day at South Bay a sitted above Ticonderoga and I got up much better than expected....’

“Josiah had volunteered in July 1776, joining a regiment of NH Volunteers sent to reinforce the army in Canada. In consequence of the retreat of the continental troops from Canada this regiment when no further north than Ticonderoga. Josiah was not a young man, but in his 60th year when the rigors of war proved too much for him and he succumbed to the ‘feaver and Ague’ shortly after sending this appeal:

“‘Camp Mount Independence 4th Sept 1776

“‘Loving wife and children,

“‘I take this opportunity to inform you that I am in something of low circumstances of health at present and by reason of old age I find myself unable to undergo the fatigues of a campaign therefore I entreat that you would hire a man and send up to take my place as soon as possible & furnish him with a horse so that I may ride home if God [p. 25] should be pleased to spare my life so long. The man that takes my place may have the use of my gun and accoutrements during the term I engaged for. Pray spare no pains or money and I will see that it is paid or order the same paid as my life is at stake if I continue here long. There is no prospect but the army will remain here till our enlistments are out. It is a sickly time at present with the feaver and Ague. So committing myself with my concerns to God and desiring your prayers for me I remain your loving husband and affectionate father till death.

“‘Josiah Blood.

“‘NB Thomas Patch desires that if any man should take my place that he would call at his house and bring up a sheep & pair of mittens for him. If you could send one pound of honey it would be of great service here for hunting bees.’”
He married Sarah FARLEY150, 6G Grandmother on 23 Jul 1741 Billerica, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Josiah150, 6G Uncle (1743-1816)
Ebenezer150, 6G Uncle (1745-1800)
Solomon150, 6G Uncle (1747-1802)
Sarah150, 6G Aunt (1750-1839)
Caleb, 5G Grandfather (1752-1813)
469. Sarah FARLEY150, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 938. Joseph FARLEY & 939. Abigail COOK. Born on 1 Aug 1721 in Billerica, Massachusetts. Died on 4 Jan 1754.
488. Ebenezer BURGESS99, 6G Grandfather. Born on 23 Sep 1714.70 Died on 21 Dec 1807. Buried in Harvard, Massachusetts (Town Cemetery).226

See many details at:


Posted by Dwight Spaulding Burgess on January 16, 1999 at 17:43:47:

In Reply to: Rachel FARNSW m Ebenezer BURGESS MA 1740 posted by Robert J. O'Hara on December 18, 1998 at 18:33:48:

Ebenezer Burgess, b. abt 1715, place unknown, married Rachel Farnsworth, 21 April 1762 in Harvard, MA by Rev Joseph Wheeler of the First Congregational Church. He died in Harvard on 21 Dec 1807. In his 60's he answered the Alarm on Lexington at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. He served only two days. Children were: Loammi Burgess (my lineage), b 1 Mar 1770, Harvard, Marrit Burgess, b 9 Jul 1765, and Sarah Burgess, b 31 Dec 1762. It is possible that Ebenezer earlier married a Hannah LNU but I have no details. I am looking for more details on Ebenezer's origins but have come up with nothing yet. Anything you find would be appreciated. Thanks.

The SAR Patriot Index identifies Ebenezer Burgess, b 23 Sep 1714, d 20 Dec 1807, m Hannah Laughton; they had a son John Burgess who m Elizabeth Wetherbee.

The entry in MSSWR227 that appears to pertain to this Ebenezer Burgess reads as follows: “BURGES, EBENEZER, Harvard. Private, Capt. Joseph Fairbanks’s co., Col. Asa Whetcomb’s regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, to Cambridge; left place of rendezvous April 20, 1775; service, 2 days.”

Pages in Ancestral File identify this Ebenezer Burgess as the son of William Burgess and Eleanor Monroe (b 3 Mar 1685), who were married 21 Aug 1707 at Cambridge. The Monroe line is further traced through Lexington and Ross, Scotland. This may be correct and requires further investigation. Further data to be entered.

Futher information from Dwight Spaulding Burgess on GenForum:

Posted by: Dwight Spaulding Burgess
Date: September 24, 1999 at 09:08:11
In Reply to: William Burgess - Charlestown, MA - 1707 by Diane Rapaport

From my direct line I have William Burgess, b. 1683, Charlestown Ma, m. 21 Aug 1707, Cambridge, Ma to Eleanor Monroe, b. 3 Mar 1684/85, Lexington, Ma. Children were Ebenezer (my line) b. 23 Sep 1714, Lexington, Ma; William b. 1 Mar 1707/08, Lexington, Ma; Lucy b. 6 Jan 1709/10, Lexington, Ma; Mary b. 2 Feb 1711/12, Lexington, Ma.

My sourcing on William Burgess is the Vital Records of Charlestown, Ma. and the LDS Web page. Incidently the LDS web page will trace Eleanor Monroe back to 1567 to Hugh Monroe on her father's side and 1450 to John Ball, 1350 Hugh Coney, and 1360 John Copledike, on her mother's side. Check it out.

I am still looking for ancestors of William Burgess. The microfiche records for 1683 were partially obliterated (April-May). I can read his name and date of birth but cannot find any more details. Any new information would be appreciated.
He married Rachel FARNSWORTH99, 6G Grandmother on 21 Apr 1762 Harvard, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Marrett, 5G Grandfather (1765-1834)
489. Rachel FARNSWORTH99, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 978. Jonathan FARNSWORTH & 979. Mary BURT.
490. Daniel SHED99, 6G Grandfather, son of 980. Daniel SHED & 981. Abigail _____. Born in Jun 1715 in Groton, Massachusetts.

According to the Shed Genealogy155, Daniel Shed, “born in Groton, Mass., 13 June 1715, lived in his native town until about 1769 when he moved to Raby (since 1798 called Brookline), N.H., where in that year he was one of the petitioners for incorporation of a township. Daniel4 Shed and his sons Daniel5 and Jonas5 appear on the tax lists of Raby or Brookline from 1771 to 1786. In the latter year the family disappear from Raby and scatter to various places in New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts where the sons appear as heads of families in the United States Census of 1790. Where Daniel4 Shed resided after 1786 and where and when he died have not been learned.” (The Shed Genealogy gives birthdate for Daniel Shed as 13 June 1715 on p. 108 as quoted above, but as 12 June on p. 71.)

Skeate228 gives the marriage date of Mary Tarbell and Daniel Shed as “Oct. 6, 1740/41” which is confused, as double dates only have meaning between January and March. The Shed Genealogy gives their marriage date as 6 Oct 1740.
He married Mary TARBELL99, 6G Grandmother on 6 Oct 1740 Groton, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Mary99, 6G Aunt (1743-)
Daniel99, 6G Uncle (1746->1819)
William99, 6G Uncle (1748-1815)
Jonas99, 6G Uncle (1750-)
Rebecca99, 6G Aunt (1753-)
Amos99, 6G Uncle (1758-1822)
Samuel99, 6G Uncle (1760-)
Sarah, 5G Grandmother (1763-1849)
491. Mary TARBELL99, 6G Grandmother, daughter of 982. Lieut. William TARBELL & 983. Mary FARNSWORTH. Born on 14 Sep 1721 in Groton, Massachusetts.
492. Eleazer STEARNS156, 6G Grandfather, son of 984. John STEARNS & 985. Mary DAVIS. Born on 4 Sep 1704. Of Concord, Massachusetts.

Three children by his first wife, Abigail.
He married Mary _____156, 6G Grandmother.
They had one child:
David, 5G Grandfather (1750-)
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