Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Tenth Generation
796. John NUTTING189,186, 7G Grandfather, son of 1592. John NUTTING & 1593. Elizabeth RAWLINGS. Born abt 1624 in Kent, England. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 13 Mar 1676. Immigrated ? . in 1660.

John Keep Nutting’s Nutting Genealogy186 is a monograph of the descendants of this John Nutting, who first settled at Woburn, and then removed to Chelmsford, and then about 1661 to Groton. Details to be entered.

According to Savage,284 John Nutting of “Groton, m. at Woburn, 28 Aug. 1650, Sarah Eggleton or Eggleden, or Iggleden, perhaps d. of Stephen, there had a s. b. 1651, who may have been John, and prob. other ch. certain. at Chelmsford, Mary, 16 Jan. 1656; and John, James, and Mary were bapt. 3 Aug. 1656; Sarah, b. 7 Jan. 1660, d. soon; but at G. the rec. gives these names: Sarah, 29 May 1663; Ebenezer, 23 Oct. 1666; and Jonathan, 17 Oct. 1668; was freem. 1660.”

Birthdate and place from to be verified.
He married Sarah EGGLESTON, 7G Grandmother on 28 Aug 1650 in Woburn, Massachusetts.188
They had the following children:
John186, 7G Uncle (1651->1717)
James, 6G Grandfather (1653-1732)
Mary186, 7G Aunt (1654-)
Sarah186, 7G Aunt (1661-)
Ebenezer186, 7G Uncle (1666-)
Jonathan186, 7G Uncle
Josiah186, 7G Uncle
Sarah186, 7G Aunt
797. Sarah EGGLESTON, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1594. Stephen EGGLESTON & 1595. Elizabeth Jane BENNETT. Born in 1633 in Biddenton, Kent, England. Immigrated ? 1634 “Castle”.

Birthdate and place from to be verified.
798. William LONGLEY61, 7G Grandfather, son of 1596. John LONGLEY & 1597. Ann PEARSON. Born on 2 Jun 1614 in Firsby, Lincolnshire, England. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 29 Nov 1680. Immigrated by 1638.

According to Shattuck’s Memorials,285 “William Longley settled in Lynn about 1638, where he was one of the selectmen in 1645, and a clerk of the writs in 1655. He removed to Groton, where he was the town clerk in 1666. He d. there, Nov. 29, 1680, leaving a will dated 6 days before his death. His widow, Joanna m. Benjamin Crispe. She survived him and d. in Charlestown in 1698. She also left a will, dated April 12th, and proved Dec. 28th of that year. (See Genealogical Register, Vol. VII., p. 188; Mid. Prob. Rec., Vol. IV., p. 231; Mid. Deeds, Vol. XII., p. 77; Vol. XXXII., p. 532, and Vol. XXXVII., p. 702.)” An account of his children follows.

Green286 identifies the father of William Longley as “Richard Longley, of Lynn” but it seems more likely that William and Richard were brothers rather than father and son. Anderson in the Great Migration Newsletter287 notes that “In 1661 William Longley, earlier known as Richard Langley, sued the town of Lynn for land which he felt he had been granted to him, but withheld. The main point in contention was whether this man now calling himself William Longley was the same as the Richard Langley who had indeed received a grant of town land in 1638.” This confusion is also noted by Skeate (see below).

According to Skeate’s Tarbell genealogy,288 “William 1 was one of the grantees of Lynn, where he was a proprietor by 1638, and was admitted freeman (under the name of Langley) on March 14, 1639. He held various offices at Lynn, including selectman, clerk of writs, magistrate, etc. He appears to have been interested in law suits, and in the court of Lynn are found a number of claims for land against various neighbors of William 1 Longley. In 1662, he prosecuted the town of Lynn for not laying out to him 40 acres of land, accorded him in the division of lands in 1638, because the clerk had written his name as Richard instead of William. Eventually he was given 40 pounds or 40 acres (his choice). When in 1663, John Hathorne (Hawthorne) complained to the church at Lynn that Andrew Mansfield and William Longley had given false testimony in a recent land case, he took them to court and Hathorne was found guilty of slander and sentenced to pay 10 pounds fine, and make a public apology, or pay 20 pounds and costs.

“In 1663, William 1 prosecuted Thomas Newhall for committing assault and battery on his wife when she assisted in running a land line with her husband. Maybe this is one reason the family moved to Groton in 1663. He bought the house, orchard, and lands of Thomas Browne at Groton for 80 pounds sterling, and sold to the same person, for 125 pounds sterling, the house and lands in Lynn which William 1 and his wife had owned.

“Thus William 1 Longley, along with Richard Blood and Capt. James Parker, became the largest original proprietors of Groton and the surrounding lands. Large tracts of native forests were eventually divided into farms and held by his descendants. Some of his land was in the portion of the Groton land which became Shirley, MA. John 2 Longley was also an original proprietor of Groton.

“William 1 Longley first appears in the town records of Groton in June 1663, when he with Capt. James Parker, and others voted not to let Rev. Samuel Willard have use of the house and lands devoted by the town to the purposes of the ministry. Many incidents in the history of Groton show that William 1 was not in agreement with the customs of the clergy in that day....William 1 Longley was a selectman of Groton in 1665 and town clerk in the next two years. When Groton was destroyed by Indians in the spring of 1676 and the townspeople were forced out, he and his family went to Charlestown for a year or two where they had a grant of land. He returned to Groton and rebuilt his house there, however. He died Nov. 29, 1680. His widow married about 1683, Benjamin Crispe, and survived him to die at Charlestown, probably at the home of one of her children, April 18, 1698, age 79. A number of her family as well as she, are buried in the old Phipps Burial ground at Charlestown.”

Additional details of children to be entered from Savage.

Birthdate and place from to be confirmed.
He married Joanna GOFFE61,289, 7G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Elizabeth, 8G Grandmother (-1676)
John, 7G Uncle
Mary, 7G Aunt
Sarah, 7G Aunt
Lydia, 6G Grandmother
Hannah (Anna), 7G Aunt
William, 7G Uncle (-1694)
Hannah, 9G Grandmother (~1642-1680)
799. Joanna GOFFE61,289, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1598. Edward GOFFE. Born abt 1619. Died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on 18 Apr 1698. Buried in Charlestown, Massachusetts (Phipps burial ground) (south side of hill near Brigden, Ballatt, Fosdick, and Kettell, fide Hunnewell’s Charlestown, 1888).288 Will dated on 12 Apr 1698.290 Immigrated ? .;
800. Dolor DAVIS65, 7G Grandfather. Born abt 1600 in England. Immigrated in 1634. Of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1634. Of Duxbury, Massachusetts, in 1638. Admitted to the church abt 1640 in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Of Barnstable, Massachusetts, abt 1643. on 2 Jun 1646 Plymouth Colony. Admitted to the church on 27 Aug 1648 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Of Concord, Massachusetts, in 1655. Will dated on 13 Sep 1672 at Barnstable, Massachusetts. Died in Barnstable, Massachusetts, in Jun 1673. on 19 Jun 1673. Will proved on 2 Jul 1673 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Occupation: carpenter.

According to Stephen Lawson’s website,291 “Dolar, a master builder, arrived in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA in 1634, and lived subsequently at Duxbury in 1635, Barnstable in 1643 and 1666, and Concord in 1655. He was secretary to the first colonial governor of MA. Dolar was married second in 1671 to Mrs. Joanna BURSLEY. Children of Margery and Dolar: John married Hannah LINNELL; Elizabeth; Mary married Thomas LEWIS; Simon married Mary BLOOD; Samuel married first Mary MEADOW, and second Ruth TAYLOR; and Ruth married Stephen HALL.”

When he lived in Cambridge, Dolor Davis’ house lot was on the corner of what are now Dunster and Winthrop Streets, about three blocks from where RJO lived for six years in the 1980s, 350 years later.292

Horace Davis in 188165 compiled an extensive account of Dolar Davis’ life. Details to be entered.
He married Margery WILLARD65, 7G Grandmother abt 1624 England.65
They had the following children:
John65, 7G Uncle (~1626-1703)
Mary65, 7G Aunt (~1631->1672)
Elizabeth65, 7G Aunt (~1633-)
Lieut. Simon65, 7G Uncle (~1636-1713)
Samuel, 6G Grandfather (~1640->1714)
Ruth65, 7G Aunt (bp. 1645-)
801. Margery WILLARD65, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1602. Richard WILLARD & 1603. Margery HUMPHRIE. was baptized on 7 Nov 1602 in Horsmonden, Kent, England. Immigrated on 17 Apr 1635 “Elizabeth” from London. Admitted to the church on 27 Aug 1648 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Died in Massachusetts bet 1658-72.
802. Philip MEADOWS293, 7G Grandfather. Immigrated ? . Of Roxbury, Massachusetts.

According to Savage,294 Philip Meadows of “Roxbury, m. Apr. 1641, Eliz, d. of Stephen Iggulden or Iggleden, had Hannah, b. 1 Feb. 1643. Perhaps he rem. for no more is found of him in the rec.”

Anderson295 records that Rev. John Eliot of in 1652 owned a lot of land “in the Nooks next Dorchester, bought of Phillip Meadowes.”
He married Elizabeth IGGLEDEN114, 7G Grandmother in Apr 1641.
They had the following children:
Hannah263, 7G Aunt (1643-)
Mary, 6G Grandmother (-1710)
803. Elizabeth IGGLEDEN114, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1594. Stephen EGGLESTON & 1595. Elizabeth Jane BENNETT. Born in 1634 in Biddenden, Kent, England. Died in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Immigrated ? 1634 “Castle”.

Her birth and marriage dates cannot both be correct.
804. Luke POTTER171, 7G Grandfather, son of 1608. Jeffrey POTTER & 1609. Agnes (Anne) BEARD. was baptized on 18 Oct 1615 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, on 13 Oct 1697. Will proved on 1 Nov 1697. Buried in Concord, Massachusetts (Old Hill Burying Gound). Immigrated abt 1639.

According to Threlfall’s GMC26296, “LUKE POTTER (Jeffrey, Thomas, Thomas, Nicholas) was baptized 18 October 1615 in the church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. As a young single man of age 24, he left England for the New England colony and settled in Concord where he was among the earliest settlers. He took up land in the south quarter of the town. His house lot consisted of 6 1/2 acres on both sided of Haywood Street, then known as Potter Lane. He eventually acquired a total of 22 lots, consisting of 249 acres, in the south part of Concord.

“He was made a freeman on 13 March 1638/9 and he became a deacon of the church. His first wife, Mary, died 8 April 1644. On 19 October 1664 [must be my error for 1644; check in Threlfall —RJO] he remarried to Mary, the daughter of Walter and Dorothy Edmunds who were also of Concord.

“Luke Potter of Concord, tailor, took orphan Danyell Gaines, aged about 11, as apprentice in March 1649. [An abstract of Luke Potter’s will and an inventory of his estate follow.]

“[p. 229] A grave stone in the Hill Burying ground at Concord incorrectly says he was born in 1608. This monument is obviously of relatively recent vintage and has no historical validity.”
He married Mary EDMUNDS171, 7G Grandmother on 19 Oct 1644 Concord, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Luke171, 7G Uncle (1646-1661)
Samuel171, 7G Uncle (1648-1676)
Dorothy171, 7G Aunt (1650-)
Elizabeth171, 7G Aunt (~1652-1695)
Mary171, 7G Aunt (~1656-1713)
Judah, 6G Grandfather (~1657-1731)
Bethia171, 7G Aunt (1659-)
Dorothy197,171, 7G Aunt (~1662-1752)
805. Mary EDMUNDS171, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1610. Walter EDMUNDS & 1611. Dorothy _____. Born abt 1622. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, 15 Feb 1710/1. Immigrated ? .
806. Joshua BROOKS297, 7G Grandfather, son of 1612. Capt. Thomas BROOKS & 1613. Grace _____. Born abt 1630. on 26 May 1652. Died aft 1692.

Joshua Brooks “was a tanner in Lincoln, where his descendants have lived, three of whom, in succession, have held the office of deacon. He was the ancestor of nearly all of the name since in Concord and Lincoln.”298 “He settled in that south part of Concord which became a part of Lincoln, and, it is supposed, sold his paternal estate in Medford to his brother Caleb. It is conjectured that he learned his trade [tanner] of Capt. Mason, and, soon after, married his daughter. He was adm. freeman May 26, 1652.”115

Note that his children Noah and Grace married two children of Luke and Mary (Edmunds) Potter.
He married Hannah MASON297, 7G Grandmother on 17 Oct 1653 Watertown, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Hannah197, 7G Aunt
John197, 7G Uncle (1657-1697)
Noah197, 7G Uncle (-1738)
Grace, 6G Grandmother (1661-1753)
Daniel193, 7G Uncle (~1664-1733)
Thomas193, 7G Uncle
Esther193, 7G Aunt
Elizabeth193, 7G Aunt
Job193, 7G Uncle (~1675-1697)
Hugh193, 7G Uncle (~1676-1746)
Joseph193, 7G Uncle (~1681-1759)
807. Hannah MASON297, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1614. Capt. Hugh MASON & 1615. Hester WELLS. Born on 23 Sep 1636 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Died aft 1681.
808. Thomas SMITH197, 7G Grandfather, son of 1616. John SMITH & 1617. Isabella _____. Born abt 1601. Will dated 16 Mar 1687/8. Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, 10 Mar 1692/3. Will proved on 8 May 1693. Immigrated in 1635.

Details of children to be enetered from Bond.
He married Mary KNOPP299, 7G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Thomas, 6G Grandfather (1640-1727)
809. Mary KNOPP299, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1618. William KNOPP & 1619. Judith TUE. was baptized on 19 Aug 1613 in Wormingford, Essex, England.
810. James HOSMER198, 7G Grandfather, son of 1620. Stephen HOSMER & 1621. Dorothy SELDEN. was baptized on 8 Dec 1605 in Hawkhurst, Kent, England. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, 7 Feb 1685[/6?]. on 17 May 1637. Immigrated on 9 Apr 1635 “Elizabeth”. Occupation: clothier (when in England).

The sketch of James Hosmer’s life by Anderson198 is now the most authoritative and it supersedes all previous accounts, providing additional details of Hosmer’s estate. “Savage gives this immigrant a son John born in 1639 [Savage 2: 466], but this conflicts with the known baptism of daughter Mary, and there is no other evidence that James Hosmer had a son of this name [Hosmer Gen 13-14].”300

Hotten301 records the passage of James Hosmer and family in the “Elizabeth” from London under William Stagg.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “Hamatreya” (1846) begins with a recitation of James Hosmer’s name among the names of the other founders of Concord:

Bulkeley, Hunt, Willard, Hosmer, Meriam, Flint,
Possessed the land which rendered to their toil
Hay, corn, roots, hemp, flax, apples, wool and wood.
Each of these landlords walked amidst his farm,
Saying “’T is mine, my children’s and my name’s.
How sweet the west wind sounds in my own trees!
How graceful climb those shadows on my hill!
I fancy these pure waters and the flags
Know me, as does my dog: we sympathize;
And I affirm, my actions smack of the soil.”
Where are these men? Asleep beneath their ground:
And strangers, fond as they, their furrows plough.
Earth laughs in flowers, to see her boastful boys
Earth-proud, proud of the earth which is not theirs;
Who steer the plough, but cannot steer their feet
Clear of the grave.
He married Alice _____198, 7G Grandmother by 1642.
They had the following children:
Stephen198, 7G Uncle (1642-)
Hannah198, 7G Aunt (1644-)
Mary, 6G Grandmother (1646-1719)
811. Alice _____198, 7G Grandmother. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, 3 Mar 1664/5.
816. Richard SAWTELL268, 7G Grandfather, son of 1632. John SAWTELL-DOLMAN & 1633. Agnes PITTARD. was baptized on 7 Apr 1611 in Aller, Somersetshire, England. Died on 21 Aug 1694. Will dated on 16 May 1692. Immigrated by 1636.

A comprehensive treatment of Richard Sawtell and his descendants was published by Kellogg and Threlfall in the Register in 1972113. At that time no information was available on Richard’s ancestry, but that want has since been supplied by Threlfall in his GMC50268, which revises some of the information about Richard himself that had been included in the earlier Register paper. The information here about Richard and his ancestors follows GMC50, with the information on Richard’s descendants being taken from Kellogg and Threlfall.

According to GMC50: “RICHARD SAWTELL (John, John) was baptised 7 April 1611 at Aller, Somersetshire, the son of John and Agnes (Pittard) Sawtell.

“Richard Sawtell of Watertown, Massachusetts first appears in New England records 25 July 1636 as a proprietor of Watertown when he received a grant of 25 acres, it being Lot 8, the 4th division. He was apparently unmarried when he emigrated, for in February 1636/7, he was granted a one acre homestead lot, the allocation being at the rate of one acre per person in each family. He had a brother, Thomas, also in New England. Thomas was admitted freeman in 1649 and died in Boston in 1651, childless and apparently unmarried. In his will of 14 May 1651, proved 18 September, he referred to his brother Richard and a brother and sister Kenrick of Muddy River (Suffolk County Probate #111). This would presumably be John and Ann Kendrick. Ann died 15 November 1656.

“Richard Sawtell lived for about 25 years at Watertown and there all his children were born. Then, about 1662, he and his family all moved to the new plantation of Groton, where he was a proprietor with a 20 acre right and was chosen the first town clerk there for 1662-4.

“On April 4, 1671, he petitioned the Middlesex Court to be excused from further military training. Since military service was required of all able bodied men to the age of 60, he presumably had reached that age. This fits in perfectly with the baptismal date for Richard Sawtell of Aller.

“King Philip’s War broke out in 1675 and on 13 March 1675/6, Groton was attacked and burned. His house was one of the five garrison houses of the town (History of Middlesex County). The inhabitants deemed it necessary to abandon the town at this time and he returned to Watertown and remained there the rest of his life, as did several of his children. On 4 November 1689, he was chosen a selectman of Watertown.

“His wife, named Elizabeth, was probably a daughter of one of the early Watertown settlers, but which one is unknown. Richard Kimball had a daughter, Elizabeth, of marriageable age and was living in Watertown at the time. [p. 344] She was still living when her father died, but who she married is unknown. However, there were at least two other Watertown men who married Elizabeths about that time, but there is no clue as to which of these was Elizabeth Kimball, if any.

“In 1670 or 71, Richard Sawtell and his wife took into their home the illegitimate child of Zechariah Smith, deceased. In 1672, he went to court against Thomas, John and Joseph Smith to collect for the child’s keep out of the estate of the boy’s father, and charged them with illegally administering the estate. He won £10.

“On 16 May 1692, Richard Sawtell wrote his own will. In this will he provided for his wife Elizabeth, mentioned son Obadiah of Groton, son Enoch of Watertown, daughters Bethia, Hannah Winn, Ruth Hewes, son John, son Jonathan, deceased, son Zechariah’s children, and daughter Starling’s children. His lands were at Watertown except for his 20 acre right in Groton. He died 21 August 1694, ‘an aged man’. Elizabeth died 18 October 1694 and son Enoch was granted administration of the estate. His signature on his will is reproduced below. [A facsimile of the signature appears here.]

“A Henry Sawtell was a patentee of Flushing, New York in 1665 and was a freeholder of Newton, Long Island, New York, 4 December 1666. Any relationship to Richard of Watertown is unknown.”

Accounts of Richard’s children and a complete transcript of his will follow.

Richard Sawtell and his wife Elizabeth are ancestors of U.S. Presidents Herbert Hoover (probably, through daughter Hannah) and Richard Nixon (through son Zachariah).302
He married Elizabeth POPLE303, 7G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Elizabeth268, 7G Aunt (1638-<1692)
Jonathan268, 7G Uncle (1639-1690)
Mary268, 7G Aunt (1640-1665)
Hannah268, 7G Aunt (1642-1723)
Zachariah268, 7G Uncle (1644-)
Bethia268, 7G Aunt (~1647-1714)
Obadiah, 6G Grandfather (~1649-1741)
Ruth268, 7G Aunt (~1651-1721)
Richard268, 7G Uncle (-1676)
John268, 7G Uncle
Enoch268, 7G Uncle (-1742)
817. Elizabeth POPLE303, 7G Grandmother. Died on 18 Oct 1694.268

Torrey304 identifies a marriage between a Richard Sawtell and Elizabeth Pople at High Dam, Somersershire, England, 5 Feb 1627/8. If this is the Massachusetts couple then Richard would have been very young at the time of their marriage (assuming Threlfall’s birthdate for Richard is also correct). This requires further investigation.
818. George LAWRENCE305, 7G Grandfather. Born in 1637. Will dated in 1707. Died 21 Mar 1708/9.

George Lawrence and John Lawrence were both early settlers of Watertown, but there is no evidence that they were related. According to Bond’s Watertown306 (with square brackets in the original), “GEORGE LAWRENCE, b. 1637; m., Sept. 29, 1657, ELIZABETH CRISPE. [See Crispe.] She d. May 28, 1681, and he m. (2d), Aug. 16, 1691, ELIZABETH HOLLAND (? wid. of Joseph.) His Will was dated 1707, and he d. Mar. 21, 1708-9, ‘an aged man,’ leaving wid. Elizabeth. Inventory £171. 5. 6. On Feb. 27, 1697-8, he and wife Elizabeth conveyed 10 acres of land in Wat. to Rev. John Emerson, of Charlestown, who immediately assigned it to Benjamin and Daniel Lawrence, twin sons of George. Nov. 3, 1691, he was by the Court excused from serving as Constable, ‘in that he could not read a word.’”
He married Elizabeth CRISPE307, 7G Grandmother on 29 Sep 1657 Watertown, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Elizabeth197, 7G Aunt (1659->1708)
Judith197, 7G Aunt (1660-)
Hannah, 6G Grandmother (1662->1726)
John197, 7G Uncle (1664-1674)
Benjamin197 (Twin), 7G Uncle (1666-)
Daniel197 (Twin), 7G Uncle (1666->1709)
George197, 7G Uncle (1668-1736)
Sarah197, 7G Aunt
Mary197, 7G Aunt (1671-)
Martha197, 7G Aunt
Grace197, 7G Aunt (1680-)
Mercy308, 7G Aunt
819. Elizabeth CRISPE307, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1638. Benjamin CRISP & 1639. Bridget _____. Born 8 Jan 1636/7 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Died on 28 May 1681.309
820. Matthias FARNSWORTH. (Same as number 790.)
821. _____ _____. (Same as number 791.)
822. John ALDIS202,310, 7G Grandfather, son of 1644. Dea. Nathan ALDIS & 1645. Mary _____. Born say 1625. Died in Dedham, Massachusetts, on 21 Dec 1700. Immigrated ? .

Data on children to be entered from Savage.
He married Sarah ELIOT202,310, 7G Grandmother on 27 Sep 1650.
They had one child:
Hannah, 6G Grandmother
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