Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

14th Generation
13561. _____ _____770, 11G Grandmother.
13562. John SCARLETT773, 11G Grandfather. Born abt 1525-30. Buried on 11 Nov 1571 in Nayland, Suffolk, England.

Which of John Scarlett’s children were born to each of his two wives is uncertain because his marriage dates and the birth dates of the children are not firmly established.
He married Emma _____773, 11G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Joan182, 11G Aunt (bp. 1559-)
Elizabeth, 10G Grandmother (bp. 1561-)
James182, 11G Uncle (bp. 1564-)
Richard182, 11G Uncle (bp. ~1566-)
Thomas182, 11G Uncle (bp. 1568-)
Frances182, 11G Aunt (~1571-)
13563. Emma _____773, 11G Grandmother.
14116. William PATCH, 11G Grandfather. Buried on 15 Jun 1575 in South Petherton, Somerset, England.
Nicholas, 10G Grandfather (~1550-1637)
14120. Thomas PALGRAVE560, 11G Grandfather. Of Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin, Norfolk, England.

There are records in Ancestral File that trace this Thomas Palgrave further back, but they require confirmation.
He married Christian SAYER560, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
John, 10G Grandfather
14121. Christian SAYER560, 11G Grandmother. Of Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin, Norfolk, England.
14354. John BRAY774, 11G Grandfather. Born say 1520s. Died in prob. St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England, bef 6 Dec 1615.

According to Smith775, “John Bray wrote a will which was proved 6 December 1615 (Dean & Chapter of Westminster, 3:267). While the Act Book reveals that John’s only surviving child Mary, and her husband Thomas Whitney of St Margaret, were executors, the will itself does not survive.” Smith687 identifies John Bray as a tailor.
He married Margaret HASLONDE774, 11G Grandmother on 13 Aug 1553 St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
They had the following children:
John, 11G Uncle (bp. 1554-)
Margaret, 11G Aunt (bp. 1557-)
Laurence, 11G Uncle (bp. 1558-)
Joan, 11G Aunt
Thomas, 11G Uncle (bp. 1562-)
Mary, 10G Grandmother (bp. 1564-)
Henry, 11G Uncle (bp. 1566-)
Henry, 11G Uncle (bp. 1568-)
14355. Margaret HASLONDE774, 11G Grandmother. Buried on 28 Mar 1588 in St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
14384. Richard SNOW, 11G Grandfather, son of 28768. Patrick SNOW & 28769. Isota DEBERY. Born in 1547 in Hartland, Devon, England.
He married Alice MUSTHILL, 11G Grandmother on 28 May 1570 in Hartland, Devon, England.
They had one child:
Patrick, 10G Grandfather (<1581-1638)
14385. Alice MUSTHILL, 11G Grandmother. Born in 1549 in Hartland, Devon, England. Died in Hartland, Devon, England, on 25 Mar 1619.
14386. Matthew SWEETE, 11G Grandfather.
He married Dorothy DELBRIDGE, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Marie, 10G Grandmother (1583-)
14387. Dorothy DELBRIDGE, 11G Grandmother.
14656. Jasper HARTWELL586, 11G Grandfather, son of 29312. William HARTWELL & 29313. Elizabeth BARBER. Born in Preston, England.
He married Martha TREGGEN586, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Robert, 10G Grandfather
14657. Martha TREGGEN586, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 29314. Jno TREGGEN.
14658. William DRURY586, 11G Grandfather.
Elizabeth, 10G Grandmother
14680. Thomas WHEELER776, 11G Grandfather. Born abt 1563. Will dated on 7 Dec 1627. Buried 11 Feb 1634/5 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.

According to Threlfall’s GMC50,777 Thomas Wheeler “was born about 1560-65, probably at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, where he lived and died. He was probably the son of John Wheeler of Cranfield who made his will 9 February 1566/7 and died shortly thereafter. In his will, he named his wife Alice and two minor children, Thomas and John. An abstract of his will follows. The fact that he left only these two children, both minors, suggests that they were quite young and only the first of what might have been a much larger family, had he lived. Conceivably, of course, these two sons might have been nearing maturity and the sole survivors of a larger number. However, the first possibility seems more probable. The naming pattern of Thomas’s children suggests that his father was John. Strangely, however, he named no daughter Alice, nor did he name one Rebecca after his wife, so the naming pattern for the sons is not much evidence. [An abstract of the will of John Wheeler, probable father of Thomas, appears here.]

“Thomas Wheeler made his will on 7 December 1627, added a codicil to it on 18 June 1633, and died about 10 February 1634/5, for he was buried on the 11th. The burial record calls him ‘Thomas Wheler of the blakehouse’. Since his will clearly indicates two living sons named Thomas, and his children were born over a period of about thirty years, it is clear that he had at least two wives. His last wife, named in his [p. 505] will, was Rebecca. She was last recorded as living in her daughter Abiah’s will of 10 April 1637. Within a year or two, Rebecca and the children all left for New England. This can be deduced, as many of the children were underage at the time, and surely would not have gone to New England without their mother. However, no record of her in New England has been found, so she apparently did not live long after. Thomas’s will follows, certain parts crossed out just as in the original document.”

Scan of signature from Threlfall to be entered.
Thomas, 10G Grandfather (~1590-)
Priscilla268, 11G Aunt (~1592-)
Ann?268, 11G Aunt
John268, 11G Uncle
Deborah?268, 11G Aunt
Elizabeth268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1602-)
Capt. Timothy268,197, 11G Uncle (bp. 1604-1687)
Susan268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1607-1649)
Lieut. Joseph268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1610->1681)
Abiah268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1613-)
Mary268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1615-1636)
Ephraim268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1619-?1670)
Capt. Thomas268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1621-1676)
14684. William MERRIAM4, 11G Grandfather, son of 29368. William MERRIAM & 29369. Alice HABLETT. Born on 11 May 1564. Died on 27 Nov 1635.
He married Sarah BURGES4, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Joseph, 10G Grandfather (~1599-1641)
14685. Sarah BURGES4, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 29370. James BURGES. Born in 1559 in Goudhurst, Kent, England.
14686. John GOLDSTONE4, 11G Grandfather. Born in 1574 in Tonbridge, Kent, England. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, on 12 Mar 1671. Immigrated ? .
He married Frances JEFFERIE4, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Sarah, 10G Grandmother (1602-1670)
14687. Frances JEFFERIE4, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 29374. John JEFFERIE & 29375. Jane _____. Born in 1572.
14688. William HOULDING694, 11G Grandfather. Born in 1553. Died in 1619.

Ancestral File pages trace William Holden back through three more William Holdens, all of Lindsey, Suffolk, but none with specific details.
He married Rose _____694, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
William, 10G Grandfather (ca1580-)
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