Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

14th Generation
14689. Rose _____694, 11G Grandmother.
14690. William GALE4, 11G Grandfather. Born abt 1557. Died in Groton, Suffolk, England, bef 13 Apr 1626.
He married Margaret _____4, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Margaret, 10G Grandmother (~1583-1638)
14691. Margaret _____4, 11G Grandmother. Born abt 1561.
Barnabas, 10G Grandfather (~1599-1685)
14710. Richard LINTON480, 11G Grandfather. Born abt 1585-1590 in England. Died in Lancaster, Massachusetts, on 30 Mar 1665. Immigrated by 1642.

Bond’s Watertown702 provides this account of Richard Linton (with square brackets in the original): “RICHARD LINTON, came over as early as 1630 [Farmer], was proprietor of a homestall in Wat., 1642, and was an early settler of Lancaster. His dr. Anna m. Lawrence Waters, q.v., Sept. 1645. He sold his house, &c., in Wat., to Robert Sanderson. [See Worcester Mag., II. pp. 274, 76, and 81.]” Note that the marriage date of Anna Linton and Lawrence Waters given by Bond cannot be correct, as their children were born beginning in 1635.

Bond further notes: “It is supposed that Richard Linton, of Wat., went to Concord, and resided a few years (1638 to 1642), and there bore the name of Lettin; and that thence he moved to Lancaster with the first settlers. Richard Lynton was at Mr. Craddock’s plantation, in Sept., 1630.”778

Savage779 says that “His est. was small, and very little is kn. of him but that his d. Ann m. Lawrence Waters of Lancaster.”

Anderson’s GMB780 rejects the inference that the Richard Linton recorded at Watertown in 1630 was the same Richard Linton who later settled in Lancaster (with single square brackets in the original): “‘Richard Lynton,’ in the 28 September 1630 inquiry concerning the death of Austin Bratcher, was listed as one of those who had viewed Bratcher’s body before burial, but was absent on the date of the inquiry [MBCR 1:78].... A Richard Linton appears in Watertown by 1643, and soon moves to Lancaster, and many writers have assumed that he is the same as the man of the 1630 record. Similar circumstances exist for several others on this list, and, as with them, there is no evidence that this is the same man. The notation of ‘absent’ indicates that the 1630 [[p. 1189]] Richard Linton was a transient, and perhaps a young servant at Matthew Craddock’s plantation, the residence of the deceased. The Richard Linton of Watertown and Lancaster had a daughter who married in 1645, and so was a mature man with a family in 1630.”

Richard Linton was an early settler of Lancaster, and his name appears frequently in the early records of that town316 in the context of local business. His lands are described thus:

his house Lott. The house Lott of Richard Linton Containing more or Less twenty acres is scittuate Lying and being on the neck of Land: and by exchange and barter betwen him and Ralph Houghton, is Layed out betwen themselues at the west end of the Lott or Lotts of the said Ralph Houghton being the bredth of his two Lotts and is bounded East by the said Lotts South by the Lott of Edward Brick north by James Atharton his Lott and west by the Lott of John Whitcomb Sener. Also more or Less Six acres on which his Dwelling house now Standeth Giuen him by the town and arbitrators Consent bounded south and west by the Ground of Lawarance Waters north by Robert Bricks Lott so named In the town Book and the highway easterly scittuate Lying and being near to his house Lott aforesaid being part upland and part swamp neere to the form of a triangle.

enteruail Lott The enteruaile Lott of Richard Linton containing __ acres more or Less Syeth at the South end of quonsapanakin in the manner and form of a triangle bounded by the north Riuer towards the north the enteruail of John Whitcomb towards the North and Southward by his own meadow Ground

[More to be entered.]
He married Elizabeth _____480, 11G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Anna, 10G Grandmother (~1614-1680)
Rachel?480, 11G Aunt (~1612-1657)
14711. Elizabeth _____480, 11G Grandmother. Died ca 1674. Immigrated ? .
14844. John LONG, 11G Grandfather. Born on 3 Nov 1560 in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England.
He married Marie _____, 11G Grandmother abt 1589.
They had one child:
Robert, 10G Grandfather (~1590-1664)
14845. Marie _____, 11G Grandmother.
14846. John TAYLOR, 11G Grandfather. Born in 1563.
He married Margaret WELLMOTE, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Sarah, 10G Grandmother (1595-)
14847. Margaret WELLMOTE, 11G Grandmother.
15008. Reginald FARLEY362, 11G Grandfather, son of 30016. Richard FARLEY & 30017. Joan EUSHAM. Born in 1530 in Towthorpe, Yorkshire, England.
He married Barbara HASTINGS362, 11G Grandmother in 1555.
They had one child:
Thomas, 10G Grandfather
15009. Barbara HASTINGS362, 11G Grandmother. Born in 1530 in England.
15032. John GRIGGS362, 11G Grandfather, son of 30064. Robert GRIGGS & 30065. Joan DAVEY. Born in 1547 in Suffolk Co., England. Died in 1624.
He married Martha _____362, 11G Grandmother bef 1582.
They had one child:
Thomas, 10G Grandfather (1585-1646)
15033. Martha _____362, 11G Grandmother.
15034. John GREEN362, 11G Grandfather.
He married Elizabeth _____362, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Mary, 10G Grandmother (-1639)
15035. Elizabeth _____362, 11G Grandmother.
15654. Nicholas STOWERS781, 11G Grandfather, son of 31308. Walter STOWERS. Born by about 1585. Died on 17 May 1646. Immigrated in 1629 Higginson Fleet to Salem. Will dated on 16 May 1646. on 1 Jul 1646.

He was one of the founders of Charlestown, Massachusetts, the year before the arrival of the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. Anderson gives a comprehensive summary of what is known about him.
He married Amy _____781, 11G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Elizabeth, 10G Grandmother (~1610->1672)
Richard266, 11G Uncle (~1617-)
Joanna266, 11G Aunt (~1624-1689)
Sarah266, 11G Aunt (~1626-)
Joseph266, 11G Uncle (1633-)
Abigail266, 11G Aunt (1636-)
John266, 11G Uncle (-1638)
15655. Amy _____781, 11G Grandmother. Died 2 or 27 Feb 1667/8. Immigrated ? 1629.

Some websites ( give Nicholas Stowers two wives, (1) Amy MARNAM in England, and (2) Amy JAMES later in Massachusetts. Under this arrangement, Elizabeth is daughter of Amy Marnam.
15674. Nicholas BUSBY263, 11G Grandfather.
He married Bridget _____263, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Sarah, 10G Grandmother
15675. Bridget _____263, 11G Grandmother.
15680. Thomas SHED99, 11G Grandfather, son of 31360. Thomas SHEDD & 31361. Ursula RICHARDSON. was baptized 13 Mar 1574/5 in Great Easton, Essex, England. Died in Finchingfield, Essex, England, in 1637.

According to the English ancestry section (by J. Gardner Bartlett) in the Shed Genealogy782, Thomas Shed “was baptized at Great Easton, County Essex, 13 Mar. 1574/5, but when an infant was taken by his parents in their removal into the adjoining town of Thaxted where he was brought up, and like this father and grandfather he became a husbandman or yeoman or farmer. Soon after he became of age he married and settled in Finchingfield in Hinckford Hundred, County Essex, a rural parish of which the church lies five miles east of Thaxted Church, the two parishes being separated only by the parishes of Little Sampford and Little Bardfield. Unfortunately the parish registers of Finchingfield before 1617 are lost, although completely preserved from the latter year, so that the record of the marriage of Thomas10 Shed and the baptisms of his children are not found, but their names are supplied by his will.

“Finchingfield is about forty-five miles north-east from London by charming motor road through Chigwell, Ongar and Great Dunmow, the last-named place, nine miles distant, being the nearest railroad station. The parish is rather flat and low, covers over eight thousand acres, has a population of about fifteen hundred, and near the centre and church is a large village built about Finchingfield Green. The church, located on a slight hill, is a large and ancient structure of flint, consisting of chancel with side-[p. 20]chapels, long nave with aisles, north and south porches, and a square western tower with embattled parapet, formerly surmounted by a lofty spire which was blown down in 1702. In the tower there is a chime of eight bells requiring restoration. In the chapels are several fine altar tombs of families who were lords of the manors in ancient times. There are several manors in the parish, of which Spains Hall and Cornish Hall are the most important. Finchingfield was the birthplace of the emigrant Daniel12 Shed and the home of his father and grandfather.

“Thomas10 Shed was the first of the family to locate in Finchingfield, and all the Sheds there in the seventeenth century were descended from him. As ‘Old Thomas Shed’ he was buried there 9 Sept. 1637, leaving the following will, literally copied:

“In the name of God, Amen, the fowertene day of August 1637, I Thomas Sheade of Fynchingfield in the Countie of Essex, Husbandman, beinge of good & perfect remembrance, thankes be to Almightie God therfor, Do make and ordayne this my Laste will and testement in maner and forme followinge. First, I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of God who gave it me, hopinge and trustinge throw the merittes of Jesus Christe my onlye Saviour to have forgiveness of my synnes and Lyffe everlastinge in Hevene. Secondly, concernigne my goodes, I dispose of them as hereafter: First, I give and bequeath unto Kathren my wyff xx s. of good and lawfull money of England to be payed by my Executor within one yeare after my Decesse. Itm. I give unto Thomas Shede my sonne and unto Suzan my Daughter and Elizabeth my Daughter xijd. apece within one weeke next after my Decese. All the rest of my goods and chattels and moveables, goods within howsse and without howsse whatsoever, I give and bequeath unto Danyell Sheed my sonne, to be ordered and Dispossed at the Discrission of my executor. And I Doe ordayne and apoynt my sonne Danyell Shead ny sole Executor of this my Last will and testement, prayinge and desieringe hime to Deale truly as I hoope he will. Memaru’. I doe give unto Suzan Kent my grayndchilde the Beed and beddinge she lye on, and a whele and rele. Sealed, delivered, acknowledged, and published this to be the Last will of me the said Thomas in the presence of us, Robert Cracknell, Francis Mascall, William Mascall, John Mascall. [Signed] The mark of H Thomas Shead. Proved 15 Oct. 1640. (Archdeaconry Court of Middlesex, Essex and Herts, Bundle ‘Brown,’ No. 52.) The spelling in this will seems strange, but spelling was not standardized before 1700, even among the educated; witness the History of Plymouth by Gov. Bradford, of college education.”
He married Katharine _____99, 11G Grandmother abt 1596.
They had the following children:
Daniel, 10G Grandfather (~1596-)
Thomas99, 11G Uncle (~1599-1639)
Susan99, 11G Aunt (~1602-)
Elizabeth99, 11G Aunt (~1605-)
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