Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameJacob FRENCH 375
Burial Date11 Nov 1615
Burial PlaceAssington, Suffolk, England
Misc. Notes
According to Threlfall’s GMC50376, “JACOB FRENCH first appears on record in the parish of Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk, on 27 September 1578 when he and Susan Warren were married. There being no other records of the French family in Bures Saint Mary prior to his marriage, or for the rest of the sixteenth century, it seems certain that he came from some neighboring village.

“About 1585 or 1586, Jacob and Susan French either moved from Bures Saint Mary to Assington, or changed their church affiliations, for subsequent records of the family are found in Assington, either in the parish register which starts in 1598, or in the Bishop’s transcripts which cover a few years between 1564 and the advent of the parish register.

“Jacob French was buried 11 November 1615 at Assington. Susan’s burial is not recorded, unless the burial of Susan French the ‘daughter’ of Jacob French, on 1 August 1613, is an error and was in fact his wife. The record is clear, but such errors are not unknown.

“Susan Warren was either the daughter or granddaughter of William and Katherine Warren of Bures Saint Mary. She might have been a posthumous daughter of William, born in 1555, which would make her 45 years old at the birth of her last child in 1600. Most likely, Susan was a granddaughter.

“William Warren died intestate and administration was granted to Katherine on 26 September 1554. A William Warren was buried at Bures Saint Mary on 12 October 1550. Either Katherine delayed almost four years to settle the estate, or this is the burial record of a still earlier generation, or this was a grandchild. Katherine, in her will of 1567, bequeathed to and specifically named four grandchildren, yet failed to give the names of her four young children. Thus, Susan might have been one of these four young ones, or an unmentioned granddaughter. Of the following children, William and Elizabeth are deduced as such, the others were named in Katherine’s will.” An abstract of Katherine Warren’s will follows, along with a list of the children of William and Katherine Warren, and the list of Jacob and Susan (Warren) French’s children.
Misc. Notes
For information on the possible parentage of Susan Warren, see the data from Threlfall’s GMC50158 under her husband Jacob French. Threlfall believes she is either the daughter or granddaughter of William and Katherine Warren of Bures Staint Mary.
Marr Date27 Sep 1578
Marr PlaceBures Saint Mary, Essex, England
ChildrenWilliam (bp. 1580-)
 Jacob (bp. 1582-)
 Thomas (bp. 1584-<1639)
 Elizabeth (bp. 1587-1648)
 John? (bp. 1596-)
 Susan (~1589-)
 Robert (bp. 1600-)
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