Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameElizabeth FRENCH 446
Bapt Date27 Feb 1586/7447
Bapt PlaceBures Saint Mary, Suffolk, England
Death Date18 May 1648
Death PlaceSudbury, Massachusetts
Immigr Date1639
Misc. Notes
Threlfall448 identifies Henry Loker’s wife as Elizabeth _____, and speculates that she may have been a sister of Bridget, the wife of John Parmenter of Bures St. Mary who settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The name French is given by the website This source needs additional investigation.
Bapt Date7 Feb 1576/7
Bapt PlaceBures St. Mary, Suffolk/Essex, England
Will Date22 Feb 1630/1
Will PlaceBures St. Mary, Essex, England
Burial Date25 Feb 1630/1
Burial PlaceBures St. Mary, Suffolk/Essex, England
Misc. Notes
A summary of what is known about Henry Loker (alias Riddlesdale), compiled by Douglas Richardson of Tuscon, Arizona, appears in Threlfall’s GMC50.449 Henry was a glover, and according to his mother’s will he had been put out as an apprentice when young. He was from Bures St. Mary, but “As had his parents before him, he lived in that part of Bures Saint Mary which lies south of the River Stour and is [in] Essex county, tho[ugh] the parish church lies north of the river in Suffolk county. Apparently he dropped the name Riddlesdale and settled on Loker which had been an alias for several generations. His widow and children used only Loker after emigrating to New England.”448 A transcript of Henry Loker’s will is reproduced by Threlfall in which Henry identifies himself as “of Bures Saint Mary, county Essex.” After Henry Loker’s death, his widow and their children emigrated to New England and settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Henry’s wife is only identified as Elizabeth _____ in Threlfall. See under her name for more details.
ChildrenHenry (<1610-1688)
 John (~1608-1653)
 Bridget (-1685)
 Anne (Hannah) (-1697)
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