McCardell Bicentennial Hall at Middlebury College

Bicentennial Hall was completed in 1999 and named in honor of the 200th anniversary of the founding of Middlebury College. It houses the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Physics, and Psychology, as well as the Armstrong Science Library. Special areas include a greenhouse, a live-animal facility, an electron microscope, and a rooftop observatory. The Great Hall—the building’s “hearth”—features the largest window in the state of Vermont, with a view of the Adirondack Mountains of New York to the west. In 2004 at the request of a benefactor of the College, the building was renamed McCardell Bicentennial Hall in honor of outgoing Middlebury College President John M. McCardell, Jr.

[The science building at Middlebury College in Vermont.]

McCardell Bicentennial Hall on the Middlebury College campus as seen from the fields of Cornwall, Vermont, with the Green Mountains behind in the distance. The observatory dome is visible on the roof. Photo by R.J. O’Hara.

[The Great Hall of the science building at Middlebury College.] [The Great Hall of the science building at Middlebury College.]

Two views of the Tormondsen Great Hall, the social and geographical center of the building. Photos by R.J. O’Hara.

[Bicentennial Hall from the south, with the roof greenhouse visible.] [Middlebury College biology department corridor.]

Bicentennial Hall from the south (left), and a third floor corridor in the Biology Department (right). Photos by R.J. O’Hara.

[The Middlebury College greenhouse in Bicentennial Hall.]

The sixth floor greenhouse under the roof of Bicentennial Hall. The greenhouse includes both a representative plant collection used in teaching, as well as research space for students and faculty. Photo by R.J. O’Hara.

[The Great Hall of the Middlebury College science building.]

A sixth-floor view of the Great Hall decked out in October 2004 for the inaugural dinner in honor of Middlebury President Ronald Liebowitz. Photo by R.J. O’Hara.

[Evening view of Bicentennial Hall, the Middlebury College science building.]

An evening view of Bicentennial Hall from the Cornwall fields near the Middlebury College organic garden. Photo by R.J. O’Hara.

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