Darwin-L Message Log 1:3 (September 1993)

Academic Discussion on the History and Theory of the Historical Sciences

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<1:3>From LBRYNES@vax.clarku.edu  Sun Sep  5 06:19:49 1993

Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1993 07:22 EST
From: GIVE PEAS A CHANCE <LBRYNES@vax.clarku.edu>
Subject: Re: An Introduction
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

My name is Lois. I work at a Science Musuem that has extensive natural
history collections, large wildlife holdings [i.e. a "zoo"] and many
exhibits.  Our mission ties these holdings together through an
environmental focus, particularly global change research. We use GIS
[IDRISI] on the floor and in programs to introduce to the public the
ways in which information systems are being developed to monitor, analyze,
model Earth system dynamics.
	We are currently working with Lynn Margulis' lab for part
of a major installation RE: energy and global change.
	Prior to joining the science center, I taught for many years
at Clark University in Worcester Mass. My particular interest are
in History of Science...shifting paradigms, social construction of
reality[ies} through abdaptation of metaphor.  WHOOPS and gender/culture

Lois Brynes
Associate Director
New England Science Center
Worcester MA

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