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<1:4>From acvascon@ibase.br  Sun Sep  5 07:04:23 1993

From: acvascon@ibase.br
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 93 09:04:38 BRA
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Presentation

   Following Dr. Matthews footsteps I would like to introduce myself into
the community.

   I am a graduate in biology but my field of work is paleontology. I am 28
years old. Rigth now I am preparing a monograph which deals with selected
Middle Carboniferous rugose corals from Western Laurasia and Northwestern
Gondwana. I am trying to understand the pattern of distribution of these coral
genera and the play of the Amazon basin for coral distribution during Middle

  I am also using my time in another kind of work, but at species level.
The approach is the same cited above just including the use of multivariate
morphometrics to distinguish the coral species.

   Both studies are based in vicariance cladistics, in other words, I am
trying to access the pattern of distribution of the rugose coral fauna studying
their process of development and character distribution.

   I would like to congratulate Dr. O`Hara for the great idea to open up this
forum. I have been looking for such a group for a long time.

   I use this time to ask a question to Dr. Matthews. During my work I have
noticed that one probable route for coral migration during Middle Carboniferous
was tha Canadian Artic Archipelago. Could you give some pieces of information
about the climate in that region during the time interval cited (Bashkirian
age). Any reference to read????

   The question is open to all colleagues and I would be very pleased to hear
your opinion.


Alberto Correa de Vasconcellos
R. Pereira da Silva, 140/301
Laranjeiras  Rio de Janeiro
22221-140  Rio de Janeiro  Brasil
E-mail: acvascon@ax.ibase.br

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