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Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1993 06:04 EST
From: GIVE PEAS A CHANCE <LBRYNES@vax.clarku.edu>
Subject: Prigogine
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

Actually, his most interesting work involves neuro-phys.
The paradigm developed utilizes the metaphor of the hologram.
[For those not into this, UNLIKE a photo negative-where if you
snip a corner and develop you get a corner of the picture; with a
hologram, if you shatter it each shard contains the whole picture
just with slightly less resolution.]

He argues for a holographic universe with a holographic brain as
interactive perception.

For physics fans, cf. Bohm on Implicate Order.

Yes, I do think that fractals and Chaos theory dovetial beautifully

For the linguists/culture fans. Most interesting to note how
these sci. metaophors are absorbed into the "general" culture.
Entropy sinks into meaninglessness and ennui just as the Adam
Smit foundations of Darwin's language and INTERPRETATION in the
popular culture becomes market-place competition as a
clock-work ex cathedra.

Interesting thought as Prigogine and/or Mandelbrot seep in.

On this line, I would very much appreciate hearing your thoughts
on Lynn Margulis' symbiosis as the author of evolution, natural
selction as the editor.


Lois Brynes
New England Science Center
Worcester, MA

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