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<2:19>From acvascon@ibase.br  Mon Oct  4 19:16:21 1993

From: acvascon@ibase.br
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 21:18:22 BRA
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Fossil Cnidaria `95



         Madrid, Spain

       September 12-15, 1995

     First Circular and Call for Papers

Scientific Topics

     Symposium themes were selected mainly from topics
of proceding  symposiums. Some other topics will be included
in Madrid for the first time. Each session will be opened by
an invited lecture, and volunteered papers will follow. Some
free-papers sessions will be included in the afternoons. The
selected topics are:

   1. Paleobiology of Cnidaria
    (Functional morphology, ontogeny, taxonomy,
    intraspecific variability, etc.)

   2. Paleobiology of Porifera
    (Functional morphology, ontogeny, taxonomy,
    intraspecific variability, etc.)

   3. Biomineralization, microstructures and diagenesis
    of Cnidaria and Porifera

   4. Origin and evolution of Cnidaria and Porifera

   5. Development of Cnidaria and Porifera in nonreef

   6. Development of Cnidaria and Porifera in reef

   7. Taphonomy of Cnidaria and Porifera

   8. Biogeography

   9. Cnidaria and Porifera in biosedimentary process

Oral Presentations

     Space  constraints make  oral presentations are
preferable to poster communications. English is the official
language of  the Symposium.  Each speaker  will be  given 15
minutes  for  presentation  and  5  minutes  for  discussion
(invited speakers  will have  more  time).  Two  35mm  slide
projectors and  one overhead  transparency projector will be
available in  each meeting  room.  VCR  monitors  for  video
presentations will  be available  upon request.  As many  as
three simultaneous sessions are expected.

Poster Presentations

    Poster exhibitions will run concurrently with oral
presentations. Some  poster boards  will  be  available  for
poster displays.  Information about  the physical  layout of
the poster sessions will be included in the second circular.


    The proceedings of the Symposium will be published
in a  volume of  the Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de
Historia Natural. All participants are invited to submit one
or  more manuscripts  in English.  Manuscripts  must  be
submitted to  the editor  of the  proceedings at the time of
the symposium.  Guidelines to  authors will be in the second

Field Excursions

    Five filed trips (listed below) will be offered to
exposures of  Cambrian to Miocene strata containing Cnidaria
and Porifera.  Please indicate  on the  attached form  those
trips in  which you  may participate.  Details pertaining to
cost, duration, accomodation and leadres will be provided in
the second circular.

Pre-Symposium Field Trips

   A. Cantabiran Mountains (NW Spain)
    Devonian and Carboniferous Cnidaria (Rugosans,
    Tabulates) and Porifera (Stromatoporoids,
    Chaetetids). Reef and plataform sedimentology.

   B. Demanda Mountains-Catalan Basin (North Spain)
    Triassic and Jurassic reefs (Scleractinians and
    Sponges). Sedimentology, Diagenesis.

   C. Catalonia (NE Spain)
    Cretaceous reefs (Scleractinians and Rudists).
    Eocene Vic Basin (Scleractinian reefs, deepwater
    Sponges). Reef and basinal sedimentology.

Post-Symposium Field Trips

   D. Sierra Morena (SW Spain)
    Cambrian, Archaeocyatha (reefs and plataform
    facies), Devonian and Carboniferous Rugosa and
    Tabulata. Reef and plataform sedimentology.

   E. Almeria-Murcia-Balearic Islands (SE Spain)
    Miocene reefs (Scleractinians, Algae,


 First Circular:       August 1st 1993

 Second Circular:      August 1st 1994

 Advanced registration at reduced fees, field trip
deposits and receipt of abstracts: March 1st 1995

 Final registration payment:   August 1st 1995

  Manuscripts  must be submitted September 12th 1995 to be
considered for the Proceedings.

  An  ice-breaker Welcoming Reception will be held Monday,
September 11th  evening. The  Opening Ceremony will commence
Tuesday, September 12th morning. The Techinical Program will
commence  Tuesday, September  12  afternoon  and  continue
through Friday, September 15th morning. The General Assembly
will be held Friday, September 15th afternoon.


 Send all correspondence concerning the symposium to the
following address:

VII Symposium on Fossil
Cnidaria and Porifera
Departamento de Paleontologia
Facultad de Ciencias Geologicas
Universidad Complutense

Specific questions may be directed to:

Sergio Rodriguez (Chairman)
Elena Moreno   (Treasurer)
Antonio Perejon  (Publication Convenor)

Tel (34) 1 3944854
Fax (34) 1 3944849

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