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<2:20>From acvascon@ibase.br  Mon Oct  4 19:17:54 1993

From: acvascon@ibase.br
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 21:19:55 BRA
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Coral Reef Meeting `94

     International Society for Reef Studies

    Second European Meeting of the International

      Society for Reef Studies

  August 30-31 and 1-2 September, 1994 Luxembourg,
      Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

    The meeting will be held in the buildings of the
Centre Universitaire at Luxembourg (Grand-Duchy of
Luxembourg) on  august 30  to 31 and September 1 to 2, 1994.
There will  be a 2-day field trip offered before the meeting
that will  lead to  the most  spectacular outcrops of Middle
and Upper Jurassic  coral reefs  of Lorraine  and southern
Luxembourg. If  there is  sufficient  interest  (minimum  15
participants) an  additional field  trip to  the Recent  and
Pleistocene coral  reefs of  the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) may
be organized. Depending on the flight schedule this trip may
be a  few days  after the  meeting and  will start  from  an
airport in Germany or France.

     The  meeting will  be jointly organized by Jorn
geister (Universitat Bern, Switzerland), Bernard Lathuiliere
(Universite  de Nancy  I, France),  alain  Faber  (Musee
d`Historie Naturelle, Luxembourg) and Robert Maquil (Service
Geologique, Luxembourg).  A first  circular will be prepared
to be  distributed to  those requesting  it in  January 1994
(after the Vienna Meeting).

For information contact:

   Jorn Geister
   Geologisches Institut der Universitat Bern,
   Baltzerstr. 1, CH 3012
   Bern, Switzerland
   Phone: +41 31-644567
   Fax: +41 31-654843

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