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<4:17>From David.Simpson@bmu.uib.no  Tue Dec  7 11:15:04 1993

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 93 18:18:09 CET
From: "David N. Simpson" <David.Simpson@bmu.uib.no>
To: Darwin-L@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Introduction

I am relatively new to the list and apologise for not introducing myself
earlier.  I am currently working on a doctorate in archaeology at the
University of Bergen, Norway.  My general interests include establishing
stronger links between data/observation, methodology, and culture history
theory/epistomology in stone age archaeology.

I am presently working on a "case study" addressing lithic technology using
a set of small sites on the island of Flat|y on the west coast of Norway.
The sites in question span the mesolithic ("hunting period") - neolithic
("agricultural period") chronological boundary.

The study will (hopefully) result in:  technological descriptions of the
stone tool assemblages collected from Flat|y, intra-site distribution
studies (use of space on the site), new perspectives on regional settlement
pattern (were the people sedentary or mobile, if mobile what factors
affected their movements), and go on to look at several cultural
historical problems specific to southern Norway.

To do this I am using a method called "refitting" and am exploring the
potential of a new approach being developed in France referred to as the
"cha!ne op!ratoire" (hope some of those characters did not get butchered too
badly).  To explain what these involve would take a little more time than
I have right now, so I can get back to it later.

Just wanted to make an introduction and thank the group for some stimulating

David Simpson
Historisk Museum           e-mail: david.simpson@bmu.uib.no
Haakon Sheteligs pl. 3      phone: (47) 55212933
5007 Bergen                   fax: (47) 55322878

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