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<5:4>From DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu  Sat Jan  1 22:48:32 1994

Date: Sat, 01 Jan 1994 23:52:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu
Subject: Major anniversaries for the historical sciences, 1994-1999
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Organization: University of NC at Greensboro

I append here a list of some major anniversaries for the historical sciences
that will be coming up in the next few years.  Some of the persons included in
the list are major and some are minor, while others are major in themselves but
have minor associations with the historical sciences.  In the latter case such
anniversaries provide an opportunity to remind people that Newton, for
example, was a chronologist as well as a mathematician, and that Descartes
wrote on the origin of the Solar System as well as the foundations of

I genuinely believe that such anniversaries provide many opportunities to
advance the cause of the historical sciences in a whole variety of ways.
Anniversaries of the birth or death of major figures often merit meetings,
conferences, and books, of course, but the anniversaries of less well-known
figures can be commemorated with a book exhibit in a campus or local library,
a special lecture or two in a course, a departmental party (!), a popular
magazine or newspaper article, a reference in a research paper, a radio
profile, even a message to a network discussion group.  ;-)  All of these
things add up, and each one is an opportunity to spark a student's or
colleague's interest.  This year (1994) is a particularly important one for
all of us here because May 24th will be the 200th anniversary of the birth of
William Whewell, one of the patrons of Darwin-L for his characterization of
our topic, the palaetiological sciences.

More information about the people listed here can be found in standard sources
such as the _Dictionary of Scientific Biography_.  As my collection of items
for "Today in the Historical Sciences" expands I will expand this anniversary
list as well, and will post occasional revisions of it.

Bob O'Hara (darwin@iris.uncg.edu)


Major Anniversaries for the Historical Sciences, 1994-1999


Jan 10: Forster, Johann Georg Adam (200th d)
Jan 13: Garnot, Prosper (200th b)
Jan 16: Middendorf, Aleksandr Fedorovich (100th d)
Jan 28: Collinson, Peter (300th b)
Feb 24: Johnson, Douglas William (50th d)
Mar 16: Boue, Ami (200th b)
Mar 20: Lesson, Rene-Primevere (200th b)
Mar 25: Engler, Adolf (150th b)
Apr 27: Jones, William (200th d)
May  8: Lavoisier, Antoine-Laurent (200th d)
May 24: Whewell, William (200th b)
Jun  7: Whitney, William Dwight (100th d)
Jun 19: Geoffroy St. Hilaire, Etienne (150th d)
Aug  1: Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de (250th b)
Aug  7: Michel-Levy, Auguste (150th b)
Aug 15: Fries, Elias Magnus (200th b)
Aug 20: Moench, Conrad (250th b)
Sep  9: Lonsdale, William (200th b)
Sep 25: Cordus, Valerius (450th d)
Nov  1: Cayeux, Lucien (50th d)
Dec  2: Mercator, Gerardus (400th d)


date ?: Gerard, John (450th b)
Jan  5: Jaccard, Auguste (100th d)
Jan  7: Fabricius, Johann Christian (250th b)
Jan 29: Nehring, Alfred (150th b)
Feb 11: Daubeny, Charles Giles Bridle (200th b)
Mar 21: Arduino, Giovanni (200th d)
Apr 14: Dana, James Dwight (100th d)
Apr 19: Ehrenberg, Christian Gottfried (200th b)
May 15: Czerski, Jan (150th b)
May 16: Metchnikoff, Elie (150th b)
May 21: Bessey, Charles Edwin (150th b)
Jun 23: Williamson, William Crawford (100th d)
Jun 29: Huxley, Thomas Henry (100th d)
Jul  4: Eichwald, Karl Eduard Ivanovich (200th b)
Aug 19: Merrett, Christopher (300th d)
Aug 21: Dall, William Healy (150th b)
Oct 13: Houghton, Douglass (150th d)
Oct 24: Neumayr, Melchior (150th b)
Oct 30: Merriam, John Campbell (50th d)


Jan  6: Goodrich, Edwin Stephen (50th d)
Feb 10: De la Beche, Henry Thomas (200th b)
Feb 14: Milne, Edward Arthur (100th b)
Mar  7: Michaux, Andre (250th b)
Mar 20: Freiesleben, Johann Karl (150th d)
Mar 20: Grabau, Amadeus William (50th d)
Mar 31: Descartes, Rene (400th b)
Apr 30: Broili, Ferdinand (50th d)
May  3: Britten, James (150th b)
May 28: Daubree, Gabriel-Auguste (100th d)
Jun 15: L'Heritier de Brutelle, Charles Louis (250th b)
Jul  1: Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm (350th b)
Jul  9: Beyrich, Heinrich Ernst (100th d)
Aug  8: Giard, Alfred (150th b)
Sep 19: Harlan, Richard (200th b)
Nov  7: Jepson, Willis Linn (50th d)
Dec 12: Lesueur, Charles-Alexandre (150th d)
Dec 22: Bory de Saint-Vincent, Jean Baptiste Georges Marie (150th d)


Jan  7: Karpinsky, Alexandr Petrovich (150th b)
Jan 26: Flett, John Smith (50th d)
Feb  7: Jordan, (Claude Thomas) Alexis (100th d)
Mar 10: Scrope, George (200th b)
Mar 26: Hutton, James (200th d)
Apr  2: Dillenius, Johann Jacob (250th d)
Apr 12: Cope, Edward Drinker (100th d)
Apr 14: Jennings, Herbert Spencer (50th d)
May 15: Lankester, Edwin Ray (150th b)
May 21: Muller, Fritz (100th d)
May 24: Deshayes, Gerard Paul (200th b)
May 28: Herbert, William (150th d)
May 30: Naumann, Karl Friedrich (200th b)
Sep 17: Litke, Fyodor Petrovich (200th b)
Nov 14: Lyell, Charles (200th b)
Nov 24: Horn, Georg Henry (100th d)
Dec 23: Jussieu, Adrien Henri Laurent de (200th b)


date ?: Bock, Jerome (500th b)
date ?: Hildegard of Bingen (900th b)
Feb  6: Leuckart, Karl Georg Friedrich Rudolf (100th d)
Feb 25: du Toit, Alexander Logie (50th d)
Mar 10: Playfair, John (250th b)
Apr 11: Bower, F. O. (50th d)
Apr 12: Jussieu, Antoine-Laurent de (250th b)
Apr 20: Logan, William Edmund (200th b)
Jul  2: Clarke, William Branwhite (200th b)
Aug  7: Hall, James, Jr. (100th d)
Sep 25: Elie de Beaumont, Leonce (200th b)
Sep 25: Mortillet, Louis-Laurent Gabriel de (100th d)
Dec  9: Forster, Johann Reinhold (200th d)


Jan 26: Morton, Samuel George (200th b)
Feb  5: Lindley, John (200th b)
Feb  7: Hedwig, Johann (200th d)
Mar  7: Celakovsky, Frantisek (200th b)
Mar 19: Naudin, Charles (100th d)
Mar 29: Nylander, William (100th d)
Apr 12: Heim, Albert (150th b)
Apr 28: Lesson, Rene-Primevere (150th d)
May 16: Emmons, Ebenezer (200th b)
May 17: Jenner, Edward (250th b)
May 23: Bartram, John (300th b)
Jun 20: Clift, William (150th d)
Jul  1: Flower, William Henry (100th d)
Aug 11: Barrande, Joachim (200th b)
Aug 16: Lartet, Louis (100th d)
Aug 17: Jussieu, Bernard de (300th b)
Aug 28: Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (250th b)
Sep  7: Le Monnier, Louis-Guillaume (200th d)
Sep 25: Werner, Abraham Gottlob (250th b)
Nov 19: Dawson, John William (100th d)
Dec 16: Kylin, Johann Harald (50th d)
Dec 23: Catesby, Mark (250th d)

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