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Date: Mon, 03 Jan 1994 12:59:27 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: January 3 -- Today in the Historical Sciences
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1822: WILLIAM NYLANDER is born at Uleaborg, Russia (now Oulu, Finland).
Following medical study at the University of Helsinki, from which he will
graduate in 1847, Nylander will travel extensively throughout Finland and
will devote himself exclusively to botany and entomology.  In 1848 he will
go to Paris to study lichens at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, and will
soon become one of the world's leading lichenologists.  He will be appointed
to the first professorship of botany at the University of Helsinki in 1857,
but dissatisfaction with his position there will lead him to emigrate to
France, where he will remain until his death in 1899.

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