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<5:72>From sally@pogo.isp.pitt.edu  Thu Jan 13 20:46:54 1994

To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Re: Systematics and linguistics
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 21:50:15 -0500
From: Sally Thomason <sally@pogo.isp.pitt.edu>

Scott DeLancey makes good points about the problem of
distinguishing chance from genetic relationship from
borrowing in languages that are distantly related, if
at all.  When I said that it is usually possible to
make the distinction between borrowing and inheritance,
I had in mind situations in which there's still enough
evidence available -- it's true, as Scott says,
that time obscures the difference.  It's quite possible
that, at time depths around (say) 10,000 years, one could
prove the existence of a historical connection between two
languages, but not the nature of that connection.  And
this is presumably quite different from the situation
in biology.  In historical linguistics, the decay and
ultimate disappearance of systematic correspondences in
related languages is what places a time limit on the
possibility of establishing family relationships.

   Sally Thomason

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