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<8:41>From bsc4@columbia.edu  Thu Apr 14 11:04:46 1994

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 12:04:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: Benjamin Stovall Cramer <bsc4@columbia.edu>
Subject: Re: Who was Schlegel?
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

Emanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable,
Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar who could drink you under the table,
David Hume could out-consume Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,
And Wittgenstein was a beery swine who was just as schlost as Schlegel.

--Monty Python--

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Benjamin Cramer

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