Peabody Park Biological Survey

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

[Great Rhododendron in flower]THESE PAGES constitute a biological survey of Peabody Park at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Both native and naturalized species are included, although cultivated plants growing around buildings have in general been omitted. Nomenclature follows standard works that are readily accessible to students; these works are listed separately on each page. Initials of determiners and locations of grid sections are explained on the references page. For general information about the Park please visit the Peabody Park page. Faculty interested in incorporating Peabody Park into their teaching should visit the Peabody Park Across the Curriculum page.

This biological survey grew out of an undergraduate course on campus natural history taught by Robert J. O’Hara of the UNCG Department of Biology. The students in the many sections of that course were a source of great inspiration. The assistance of the Department of Biology in the creation of this web site is acknowledged, as are undergraduate research assistantships from UNCG’s Office of the Provost to Robert H. Lawter, Jr., John G. Wehe, and Jason R. Lewis, whose help throughout the project was invaluable. All photographs on the survey pages are © Robert J. O’Hara and may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.

Please note: The page for ferns and allies is believed to be complete, and the pages for flowering plants, gymnosperms, fungi, and vertebrates are fairly comprehensive. The pages for other taxa are less well developed. A survey of this kind can continue indefinitely of course; these pages represent the state of knowledge about the Park as of the date given at the bottom of each page.

Biological Survey Pages

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