Peabody Park Biological Survey

THIS PAGE provides supplementary details relating to the Peabody Park biological survey.


The initials of persons providing determinations and distributional information for the Peabody Park biological survey are listed below. Nomenclatural authorities for the various taxa recorded in the survey are given on each individual survey page.

Grid References

For the purposes of the survey the UNCG campus in Greensboro, North Carolina, was divided into 100m quadrants based on the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid, zone 17 (United States Geological Survey, Greensboro Quadrangle map, 1951, photorevised 1994). The grid map below was drawn by Jason R. Lewis of the UNCG Geography Department in November 2000. The 100m squares on the map correspond to the grid sections (“G10,” “F11,” and so on) mentioned on the survey pages. UTM ticks are shown along the margins of the map.

[Map of UNCG campus showing 100m UTM grid]

UNCG campus with 100m UTM grid used for the Peabody Park biological survey. Map by Jason R. Lewis, November 2000.

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