Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Twelfth Generation
3168. John PARKER283, 9G Grandfather, son of 6336. John PARKER & 6337. Margaret _____. Born say 1560. Buried on 5 Aug 1613 in Great Burstead, Essex, England.
He married _____ _____283, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
John, 8G Grandfather (~1587->1630)
Alice?283, 9G Aunt (~1590-)
James283, 9G Uncle (~1594-)
Sarah283, 9G Aunt (~1596-)
3169. _____ _____283, 9G Grandmother.
3188. Stephen IGGLEDEN395, 9G Grandfather, son of 6376. Stephen IGGLEDEN & 6377. Joane _____. Born in 1585 in Biddedden, Kent, England. Died in Biddedden, Kent, England, in Nov 1624.
He married Sarah HAFFENDEN395, 9G Grandmother on 16 Apr 1602 Tenterden, Kent, England.
They had one child:
Stephen, 8G Grandfather (1608-1634)
3189. Sarah HAFFENDEN395, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 6378. Robert HAFFENDEN. Born in 1585 in Kent, England.
3196. _____ GOFFE396, 9G Grandfather.
Richard396, 9G Uncle
Edward, 8G Grandfather
3204. Simon WILLARD114, 9G Grandfather, son of 6408. Richard WILLARD & 6409. Elizabeth _____. Born in 1530. Died in Goudhurst, Kent, England, on 26 Feb 1584.
He married Elizabeth _____114, 9G Grandmother abt 1560 Horsmonden, Kent, England.
They had one child:
Richard, 8G Grandfather (1581-)
3205. Elizabeth _____114, 9G Grandmother. Born in 1532. Died in Horsmonden, Kent, England, on 12 Apr 1587.
3206. Raynold HUMPHRIE291, 9G Grandfather.
Margery, 8G Grandmother (1575-)
3216. Thomas POTTER171, 9G Grandfather, son of 6432. Thomas POTTER & 6433. Margaret _____. Born say 1535 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. Buried on 15 May 1576 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England.

According to Threlfall’s GMC26541, “THOMAS POTTER (Thomas, Nicholas) married Isabell Sumner 19 October 1563 at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. There seems to have been no other Sumners in that parish at that time, so she probably came from elsewhere. However, in the tax list of 1332 at Newport Pagnell there was listed: Walter le Somyner. Le Somyner is Norman French for the summoner, or one who issues summons. The name Sumner derives from it. Perhaps he was an ancestor of Isabell.” A list of Thomas Potter’s children follows, along with abstracts of some of son Robert’s will.
He married Isabell SUMNER171, 9G Grandmother on 19 Oct 1563 Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England.
They had the following children:
Elizabeth171, 9G Aunt (bp. ?1564-)
Robert171, 9G Uncle (~1567-)
John171, 9G Uncle (~1567-)
Peter171, 9G Uncle (bp. 1570-)
Alice171, 9G Aunt (bp. 1572-)
Jeffrey, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1575-)
3217. Isabell SUMNER171, 9G Grandmother.
3220. John EDMUNDS171, 9G Grandfather. Born say 1565. Buried on 24 Sep 1632 in Nottingham, England (St. Mary’s Church).

John Edmunds was of St. Peter’s Parish, Nottingham, England. Details from Threlfall to be entered.
He married Elizabeth _____171, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Walter, 8G Grandfather (~1595-1667)
3221. Elizabeth _____171, 9G Grandmother. Buried 21 Mar 1628/9 in Nottingham, England (St. Peter’s Church).
3224. Thomas BROOKE542, 9G Grandfather, son of 6448. Robert BROOKE & 6449. Elizabeth TWYNN. Born in 1560 in London, England. Buried on 17 Sep 1612 in Whitechurch, Hampshire, England.
He married Susan FOSTER542, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Capt. Thomas, 8G Grandfather (-1667)
3225. Susan FOSTER542, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 6450. Sir Thomas FOSTER. Buried on 18 Sep 1612 in Whitechurch, Hampshire, England.
3230. Thomas WELLS171, 9G Grandfather, son of 6460. Thomas WELLS & 6461. Thomasine _____. was baptized on 17 Jul 1569 in Maldon, Essex, England (St. Peter’s Church). Buried on 25 Dec 1624 in Maldon, Essex, England (St. Peter’s Church). Will dated on 17 Dec 1624 at Maldon, Essex, England.
He married Helen PILGRIM171, 9G Grandmother 27 Jan 1598/9 Maldon, Essex, England.
They had one child:
Hester, 8G Grandmother (bp. 1611-1692)
3231. Helen PILGRIM171, 9G Grandmother. Buried on 14 Apr 1617 in Maldon, Essex, England (St. Peter’s Church).
3236. Thomas KNOPP415, 9G Grandfather.
He married Alice HOWLAT415, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
William, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1581-1658)
3237. Alice HOWLAT415, 9G Grandmother.
3238. John TUE415, 9G Grandfather.
He married Cicely _____415, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Judith, 8G Grandmother (bp. 1589-<1651)
3239. Cicely _____415, 9G Grandmother.
3240. James HOSMER291, 9G Grandfather.
He married Agnes _____291, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Stephen, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1570-1632)
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