Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Twelfth Generation
3241. Agnes _____291, 9G Grandmother.
3242. William SELDEN291, 9G Grandfather, son of 6484. William SELKEDEN & 6485. Marian _____. Buried on 8 Dec 1621.
He married Mary APPES291, 9G Grandmother on 25 Jun 1576 Ticehurst, England.
They had the following children:
Richard291, 9G Uncle
Mary291, 9G Aunt
Dorothy, 8G Grandmother (~1582-1640)
John291, 9G Uncle
William291, 9G Uncle
3243. Mary APPES291, 9G Grandmother.
3264. John SAWTELL-DOLMAN268, 9G Grandfather. Born say 1530. Will dated on 20 May 1591 at Aller, Somersetshire, England.

According to Threlfall’s GMC50543: “JOHN SAWTELL of Aller, Somersetshire, is the earliest Sawtell that can be identified as an ancestor. He was probably born about 1525 to 1535, presumably at Aller. His wife was named Agnes. He also used the alias Dolman, as his will indicates. There is no known explanation for the use of this alias, which his children also used. Sometimes the use of an alias is an indication of an illegitimacy in the ancestry. It could hardly have been for purposes of hiding a true identity when used so openly.

“John Sawtell of Drayton, whose will was proved in 1549, was described as alias Dolman. He was certainly related to the above John and might have been his father. Drayton is a mere five miles from Aller.

“John Sawtell made his will 20 May 1591 and died shortly thereafter. An abstract follows.

“The name Sawtell seems to have originated in Somersetshire. The district they commonly inhabited was the triangle between Taunton, Somerton and Bridgewater. Here the name is found in ancient records back to the early 1500s. Richard, John and Robert Sawtell are listed in the Lay Subsidy Roll for 1524 in Curry Rivel, Somerset. Robert Sawtell of Langport Westover was Bailiff in 29 Henry VIII (1537).

“The Exchequer Lay Subsidy return for 1327 under Curry Rivel lists no persons named Sawtell. It does, however, list several Christian names followed by place identifications, such as atte wode, atte broke, and atte well. This was the beginning of such surnames as Atwood, Atbrook, and Atwell, which names, in most cases, evolved into Woods, Brooks, and Wells. Among these listings was a Thoma atte Hele, i.e. Thomas at Hele. Mr. Clement C. Sawtell of Lincoln, Massachusetts, suggested that this might be the origin of the Sawtell family; that sometime between 1327 and 1524, the spelling changed, first to Thomas Sattel and then to Thomas Sawtell, this being the origin of the Somerset surname of Sawtell. Hele was a hamlet or part of Cury Rivel, and is possibly the present Heale, where the first trace of the Somerset Sawtell family is found.

“[p. 352] The fact that the name is not found in England before 1500 seems to preclude a Norman origin unless it is a variation of Sortell. Humphrey de Sartillei, who lived in Boxgrove in 1180, is said to have come from the Canton of Sartilly in Normandy, and on settling in Sussex, became one of the four Elder Knights of the Honor of Arundel under Henry II. Some of his descendants changed the spelling to Sortell. The will of Adam de Sotel of London was proved in 1298. Robert de Sotel of Bedfordshire was Bailiff in 1273. The name Sautel appears amongst the French Huguenots in Ireland in the 1600s, and is found in France at an early date and even now. There are also definite Anglo-Saxon possibilities. Probably the name in its various forms has several origins.”

An abstract of John Sawtell’s will and an account of his children follows.
He married Agnes _____268, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Joan268, 9G Aunt (~1560-)
Lucy268, 9G Aunt
William268, 9G Uncle (~1565-1637)
John, 8G Grandfather (1572-)
3265. Agnes _____268, 9G Grandmother.
3292. Bennett ELIOT544, 9G Grandfather. Born say 1573. Buried on 21 Nov 1621 in Nazeing, Essex, England.

According to Genealogy of the Descendants of John Eliot,545 “The family of John Eliot, ‘Apostle to the Indians,’ has been traced back to Oct. 30, 1598, when his father, Bennett, and his mother Letteye (Aggar) [Anderson266 spells her name Lettice Agar or Aggar] were married, as it is recorded in the Parish Register of the Church of St. John the Baptist, Widford, County of Hertford, England. The births or baptisms of their children indicate that they removed from Widford to Nazeing, County of Essex, between 1606 and 1610. Bennett was buried at Nazeing, Nov. 21, 1621; she, March 16, 1620. Both in graves now unmarked and unknown. [A list of their children follows.]

“So far as is known, the brothers of John Eliot, Phillip and Jacob, have not left descendants in the male line. All of Bennett Eliot’s children left ‘The Old Home’ for the new world.

“As the first years of their son, John, ‘were seasoned with the fear of God, the word and prayer’; and as the will of Bennett Eliot shows evidently a large landed estate, besides other possessions, the family doubtless enjoyed an excellent position.”

Pages 9-12 in the Eliot genealogy transcribe Bennett Eliot’s will, and a photograph of the Church of St. John the Baptist in Widford faces p. 10. (In the text of the will his name is spelled Bennett, but it is signed Benedict.) A facsimile of Bennett Eliot’s marriage record also appears in this volume on p. 213.

Bennett Eliot and his wife are ancestors of the jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes.417
He married Letteye AGGAR544, 9G Grandmother on 30 Oct 1598 Widford, Hertfordshire, England.
They had the following children:
Sarah266,423, 9G Aunt (bp. 1600-1673)
Phillip, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1602-1657)
John546,423, 9G Uncle (bp. 1604-1690)
Jacob547,423, 9G Uncle (bp. 1606-1651)
Lydia266,423, 9G Aunt (bp. 1610-~1676)
Francis423, 9G Uncle (bp. 1615-)
Mary55, 9G Aunt (bp. 1620-~1697)
3293. Letteye AGGAR544, 9G Grandmother. Born say 1578. Buried 16 Mar 1620/1 in Nazeing, Essex, England.
3294. Robert SYBTHORPE, 9G Grandfather. Died by 1624.
He married Ann _____, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Elizabeth, 8G Grandmother (~1601-1660)
3295. Ann _____, 9G Grandmother.
3320. Joseph HILDRETH, 9G Grandfather.
Richard, 8G Grandfather (~1605-1693)
3366. James PLATTS427, 9G Grandfather.
He married Martha AINSWORTH427, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Mary, 8G Grandmother (1606-)
3367. Martha AINSWORTH427, 9G Grandmother.
3372. Edward GARFIELD548,197, 9G Grandfather, son of 6744. Thomas GARFIELD & 6745. Agnes _____. was baptized on 28 Jul 1583 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England. Will dated on 30 Dec 1668. Died in Watertown, Massachsuetts, on 14 Jun 1672. Will proved on 16 Jul 1672. Immigrated in 1634. on 6 May 1635.

NOTE: Anderson has now identified the English origins of this Edward Garfield, and his work supersedes and corrects much of the information below. Details to be entered from this paper:
Anderson, Robert Charles. 2002. English origin of Edward Garfield of Watertown, Massachusetts. NEHG Register, 156: 327-332.

According to Bond’s Watertown,432 Edward Garfield was “adm. freeman May 6, 1635, Selectman 1638, ’55, and ’62, one of the earliest proprietors. Will dated Dec. 30, 1668, proved July 16, 1672, mentions sons Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin (exec’r); drs. Rebecca Mixer, Abigail Garfield, gr. chil. Sarah Parkhurst, Sarah Garfield, and Ephraim Garfield, and maid Ann. He d. June 14, 1672; Inventory, July 11, 1672 (real estate), £457. 3. 6. He m. (1st), REBECCA _____, the mother of all his children. She d. Ap. 16, 1661, aged 55, and he m. (2d), Sept. 1, 1661, JOHANNA, wid. of Thomas Buckmaster (Buckminster), of Muddy River (Brookline.) Her Will, dated Aug. 6, proved Aug. 17, 1676, mentions drs. Mercy, Dorcas, and Sarah; dr. Elizabeth Spowell, and gr. child Joanna Lawrence; son Jacob, exec’r, Dea. Robert Sanderson and Henry Allen overseers.”

Bond claims that there was an earlier Edward Garfield who “died in Wat., June 14, 1672, aged 97. He was probably the father of Samuel...and Edward....”549 Savage records this earlier Edward from Bond, but says it “seems to me, that Dr. Bond has confused the f. and s. making ea. d. on the same day, and the age of the elder forbidding the likelihood of his being the f. of the ch.”550 So while it is possible that Edward who m. Rebecca, and then Joanna (_____) Buckmaster, had a father Edward, it is more likely that father Edward was simply an error in Bond.
He married Sarah? _____548, 9G Grandmother by 1611 England.
They had the following children:
Jonathan548, 9G Uncle (bp. 1611-)
Samuel, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1613-1684)
Sarah548, 9G Aunt (bp. 1616-)
3373. Sarah? _____548, 9G Grandmother.
3382. Robert BRADISH437, 9G Grandfather. Born by about 1607. Will dated on 12 May 1657. Died abt 1658. Immigrated in 1635. Of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1635.

Robert Bradish, dyer, was an early settler of Cambridge, and he has been comprehensively treated by Anderson et al.551 who provide details of his career. According to Morison’s Founding of Harvard College,292 Bradish’s house lot (about 1638) was on the corner of what are today Massachusetts Avenue and Holyoke Street, on the site of the Holyoke Center and opposite Wadsworth House. I lived on this same block of Holyoke Street from 1983-89, 350 years after Robert Bradish. He also owned a strip of land across today’s Massachusetts Avenue known as Bradish’s Orchard; it is now the part of Harvard Yard that runs between the Widener Library on the east and Boylston and Weld Halls on the west.

Robert Bradish’s son James was the subject of a paper: “James Bradish2 of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Newtown, Long Island, New York” by Gale Ion Harris, The American Genealogist, 75: 47-50, 2000.
He married Mary _____437, 9G Grandmother by abt 1630.
They had the following children:
Hannah437, 9G Aunt (~1630->1657)
Mary, 8G Grandmother (~1632-)
James437, 9G Uncle (~1634-~1665)
Joseph437, 9G Uncle (1638-)
3383. Mary _____437, 9G Grandmother. Died in Sep 1638. Immigrated ? .
3388. William KNOPP. (Same as number 1618.)
3389. Judith TUE. (Same as number 1619.)
3390. John WARREN552,553,554, 9G Grandfather, son of 6780. John WARREN & 6781. Elizabeth SKARLET. was baptized on 1 Aug 1585 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. Will dated on 30 Nov 1667 at Watertown, Massachusetts. Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, 13 10mo 1667. Immigrated in 1630.

The immigrant John Warren was an important figure in the early settlement of Watertown, and has been extensively studied by Anderson, Smith, Threlfall, and others. His religious views have attracted the greatest attention. Anderson555 records that even though John Warren “was a member of the church, he was frequently cited for failing to attend public worship. John Coolidge and John Whitney testified that John Warren and Thomas Arnold ‘did absent themselves from the public ordinances, more than 4 times before their presentment’ [Pulsifer 36]. Mr. Jeremiah Norcross and David Fiske deposed in court that John Warren and Thomas Arnold had absented themselves from the public ordinances on the Lord’s Days both at Watertown and elsewhere. John pleaded that he had been absent elsewhere on six of the Sabbaths in question, but he was still fined 5s. for each absence [Pulsifer 36]. Bond speculates that John Warren was a Baptist [Bond 619].” Anderson441 and other sources also note that “In the 1629 Bishop’s Visitation of Nayland, Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Diocese of Norwich, John Warren was the first in a list of seven men from that parish who were presented ‘for not kneeling at the communion,’ a common Puritan offense [VIS 6/1, Norwich Diocesan Archives, Norfolk and Norwich Record Office].” Threlfall adds556 that “On 17 May 1661, the houses of ‘old Warren and goodman Hammond’ were ordered ‘to be searched for Quakers.’ His dissenting religious views were apparently like those of Nathaniel Biscoe, Senior, who returned from Watertown to England and Thomas Arnold who moved to Providence. They were perhaps Baptists.”

Anderson, Smith, and Threlfall provide many additional details about John Warren’s property and history, along with transcriptions of his will and his estate inventory. Anderson gives the date of his immigration as 1630, and Threlfall identifies him as a member of the Winthrop Fleet, but specific evidence for this is not cited. He is recorded as having taken the freeman’s oath on 18 May 1631, so he certainly arrived very early, if not with the Winthrop Fleet itself.

John Warren and his Wife Margaret are ancestors of U.S. Presidents Bush and Garfield.533
He married Margaret _____552,323, 9G Grandmother bef 1615 England.
They had the following children:
Mary182, 9G Aunt (bp. 1615-)
Elizabeth182, 9G Aunt (bp. 1618-)
Sarah182, 9G Aunt (bp. 1620-)
John182, 9G Uncle (bp. 1622-1703)
Mary182, 9G Aunt (bp. 1624-1691)
Daniel182, 9G Uncle (bp. 1627-1707)
Elizabeth, 8G Grandmother (bp. 1629->1667)
3391. Margaret _____552,323, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 6782. William BAYLY & 6783. Ann _____. Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, 6 9mo 1662. Immigrated ? 1630.

Anderson, Smith, and Threlfall all identify John Warren’s wife as Margaret _____. The Smoky Kin website323 identifies her as Margaret (Bayly) Fowle; this requires further investigation.
3520. John DODGE557, 9G Grandfather. Will dated on 2 Apr 1635 at Middlechinnock, Somerset, England. Buried in 1635 in Middlechinnock, Somerset, England. Will proved on 15 Oct 1635.

The Dodge Genealogy558 quotes an abstract of John Dodge’s will as follows (with square brackets in the original): “In Vol. 44, p. 297 of the N. Eng. His. and Genealogic. Register for 1890, in Genealogical Gleanings in England, by Henry F. Waters, A.M., is found the following abstract of the will of ‘John Dodge of Middlechinnock, [Eng.] 2 April, 1635, proved 15 October, 1635. To be buried in the church-yard there. To the church ten shillings. The same to the poor of the parish. To the minister for preaching funeral sermon, ten shillings. Wife Margery shall hold and enjoy one tenement in the parish of Halstocke, Co. Dorset, containing by estimation ten acres more or less, during her life natural if my sons Michael and William shall happen so long to live. To Wife Margery forty pounds and the bed that I now lie in and the bedstead and all things belonging thereunto. I give and bequeath unto her so much of my other household stuff as shall amount to four pounds, of such kinds as she shall think most needful and useful for her. Item. I give and bequeath unto my son William forty pounds more, over and above that portion which I have already given him. To my son Richard one sheep and to take his choice in my whole flock; and to John the son of the said Richard forty shillings. To Mary my daughter twenty shillings and to her son John forty shillings. And my will is that all these goods shall be delivered half a year after my decease.

“‘Item. All the rest of my goods unmentioned I give and bequeath unto my son Michael whom I make and ordain the executor of this my last will and testament.

“‘Witnesses Geo. Parsons, clerk, William Dodge, William Templeman.’”
He married Margery _____557, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Richard, 8G Grandfather (~1602-1671)
William, 8G Grandfather (~1606->1685)
Michael45, 9G Uncle (->1670)
Mary45, 9G Aunt
3521. Margery _____557, 9G Grandmother.
3528. William WOODBURY, 9G Grandfather. Born in 1589 in South Petherton, Somerset, England. Died in Beverly, Massachusetts, on 29 Jan 1677.559 Immigrated by 1636.

The following details from:

“William is thought to be the brother of John Woodbury, the Salem "Planter." While this may be, the author hasn't seen evidence to support it other than that they apparently lived near each other in England and that they both settled in Salem, MA. Evidence strongly indicates that William was the man of that name who married Elizabeth Patch at South Petherton, Somerset, Eng., in 1617.(1) Three of their children were baptized there and very likely two more in Misterton, Somerset.(2) The names of these children and a wife named Elizabeth correspond to what is known of the family of William in New England. There was a Nicholas Patch baptized in South Petherton (2.5) who appears to be the man of that name who settled in Salem near the Woodburys and often appears with them in court records. He was likely Elizabeth's brother, and it may have been him or perhaps a father of the same name for whom William and Elizabeth's first child, Nicholas, was named. It is also significant that their daughter Hannah married James Patch, a son of Nicholas. Other children may eventually be found in English church records to further confirm that this is the family that settled in Salem.

“William is said, without apparent evidence, to have sailed with John Woodbury to Salem in 1628. He may have come over with John's wife and son John, Jr., who arrived no later than early 1636.(3) He had a 40 acre grant in Salem by 1636.(4) An account of the division of marsh and meadow land says that he had ten in his family in late 1637. This corresponds to the English births found thus far with the addition of Hugh, two more probably born in the mid 1620s where there is a conspicuous gap and another born between 1632 and 1636. These unknown children probably died by 1663, when William did not name them in his will. It is also possible that the additional people in the household were not William and Elizabeth's children or children at all. For having a family numbering over six, he was given one acre of marsh and meadow.(5) On 17 October 1638 he was granted 20 acres at Mackerel Cove, which is now a part of Beverly, MA.(6) This may have been the land granted to him on 2 March 1637 "In consideration of laying out a 2 acre lot in town [probably a village lot] [he] is to have a parcel of marsh lying before his 10 acre lot & so much upland ground at the other end as to make him level with other men."(7)

“William was admitted to the church at Salem on 29 December 1639.(8) His wife was likely the Elizabeth who joined on 6 September 1640. (9) On 30 March 1640 William and another man "shall keepe the milch cattell & heifers that are like to calve this sumer & such bulls as are necessarie for the heard: excluding all other dry cattell" between 6 April and 15 November 1640. "They are to drive out the Cattell when the Sun is halfe an hower high & to bring them in when the sun is halfe an hour high. The Cattle are to be brought out in the morning into the pen neere to Mr. Downing's pale [stockade fence]." Those that did not bring their cattle in on time to join the herd were to pay for any damages that may have occurred if they were unattended. Three men had bulls to offer for this breeding effort and were paid 20 shillings each for it.(10) William was a plaintiff in an undescribed case against William "Jygls" in the same year.(11) He was chosen for grand jury duty at the court in Salem in 1643, 1644, 1647, and for the "jury of trials" (inferior court) in 1649.(12) William had settled near the other Woodburys at Mackerel Cove by this time, being chosen to receive goods there on behalf of the town.(13) Woodbury Point is named for them and as prosperous fishermen, they had slips and warehouses on the water in this vicinity. It was also his location that probably caused the town to choose him (with Richard Brackenbury) to lay out a road between Salem ferry and the head of Jeffrey's Creek (now the town of Manchester east of Beverly) wide enough to accomodate horseback riding and cattle driving.(14) The men were paid 12 shillings each for the effort out of the town taxes.(15) William was paid 7 shillings, 6 pence by the estate of Margaret Pease about 1644 for keeping a heifer and for some part of "wintering" her.(16) On 6 July 1647 William "& Co." and his probable brother-in-law Nicholas Patch, "Sr.," inhabitants of Mackerel Cove, presented a petition to the court to be exempted from watch duty.(17) He was appointed one of the executors of the will of John Balch on 15 May 1648.(18)

“William was among the petitioners for a new parish to be created at Beverly in 1667.(19) This was one attempt to this end among several. William and other townsmen had signed a similar petition in 1659.(20) William's will was written 5 June 1663 and proved 26 June 1677”. [See site for more]
He married Elizabeth PATCH, 9G Grandmother 29 Jan 1616/7 in South Petherton, Somerset, England.
They had one child:
Nicholas, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1618-1686)
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