Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Twelfth Generation
3682. Henry WILKINSON4, 9G Grandfather. Born in 1588 in Silsden, Yorkshire, England. Died in Silsden, Yorkshire, England, on 7 Dec 1631. says he was from Silsden, Yorkshire, and gives birth and death dates.
He married Mary WATKINSON4, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Isabel, 8G Grandmother (1621-)
3683. Mary WATKINSON4, 9G Grandmother. Born in 1592 in Silsden, Yorkshire, England. Died in Silsden, Yorkshire, England, on 8 Apr 1636.

Birth and death info comes from
3686. Andrew FOSTER602, 9G Grandfather. Died in Andover, Massachusetts, on 7 May 1685. in 1669.

Savage apparently misprints Andrew Foster’s deathdate as “7 May 1665” rather than 1685 (see Torrey,603 for example). He notes that Andrew died “at gr. age, but not, we may be sure, by near a score of yrs. so old as 106 yrs. in the rec. and Hist. of that town, p. 32, report.”604
He married Ann _____605, 9G Grandmother abt 1637.605
They had the following children:
Andrew263, 9G Uncle
Sarah, 8G Grandmother (1642-)
3687. Ann _____605, 9G Grandmother. Died in Salem, Massachusetts, on 3 Dec 1692.

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 22:23:22
From: Robert Young<>
Subject: Re: The identity of Ann, wife of Andrew Foster?

Doug (and all),

I've been actively researching the family of Samuel Kemp for many years.
Trust me when I say that Ann's surname has not yet been ascertained. Being
a direct descendent, as well as having grown up in Salem, Mass, I've
looked at many possibilities, long and hard.

Second - Samuel Kemp was NOT born in Billerica, nor was he known to be the
son of Robert Kemp. Both erroneous facts come from the old "Kemp's of New
England", by Weise. The idea that Samuel was the son of Robert is not new
-- it is based on the fact that Samuel was referred to as "kinsman" in the
will of Edward Kemp of Chelmsford (in 1668). Edward was known to have
been in Dedham, Mass, in 1637/8. At that time, there was an entry in the
church records of Dedham, admitting "Robert Kemp" to the church. Recent
research by Robert Charles Anderson, of the New England Historic and
Genealogical Society, has shown that this church record entry was actually
for Edward Kemp, and that Robert Kemp never existed. (See "Focus on
Dedham", Great Migration Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan 1993.)

It is indeed unfortunate that Elinor Skeate has included this information
in her recent book. Elinor is probably one of the premier researchers on
the families of early Groton. I own many of her books, and have found a
remarkable degree of accuracy when I've double checked sources.


Bob Young, Registrar Kemp Family Association
Kemp Family Association:
Kemp's of New England:

The death date and place given here for Ann _____ come from

Torrey suggests that Ann _____ may have been Andrew Foster’s second wife.
3706. Richard HOLDEN. (Same as number 3672.)
3707. Martha FOSDICK. (Same as number 3673.)
3708. Richard BLOOD. (Same as number 1840.)
3709. Isabel WILKINSON? (Same as number 1841.)
3710. Capt. James PARKER283,606, 9G Grandfather, son of 1584. John PARKER & 1585. Ann/Anna _____. Born abt 1617 in Great Burstead, Essex, England. Will dated on 25 May 1700. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, bef 12 Jul 1700. Will proved on 17 Aug 1700. on 12 Jul 1700. Immigrated by 1640.

According to Shattuck’s Memorials,393 “Capt. JAMES PARKER owned a fifty acre right in Groton, and resided there from its first settlement until his death in 1701. He was a distinguished and extraordinary man, and a leader in municipal, military, ecclesiastical, and other affairs of the town. A copy of his will and a notice of his life, which we furnished Mr. Butler, are published in his History of Groton, (pp., 281, 421.) He m. 1, in Woburn, May 23, 1643, Elizabeth Long. He m. 2, Eunice _____. He had ten children by his first, and one by his second wife, the last b. when the father was over 80 years of age!

Congdon606 provides several pages of detail on James Parker’s life, along with a transcription of his will. According to Richardson,607 “James Parker resided successively at Woburn, Chelmsford, and Groton, Mass. He was selectman of Groton in most of the years between 1662 and 1699; town clerk there 1678-1679; town treasurer 1697; representative to the General Court for Groton, 1683 and 1693; deacon of the Groton church and captain of the military company in Groton during King Philip’s War.”
He married Elizabeth LONG283, 9G Grandmother on 23 May 1643 Woburn, Massachusetts.283
They had the following children:
Elizabeth61, 9G Aunt (1645->1712)
Hannah (Anna), 8G Grandmother (1647-1728)
John61, 9G Uncle (1649-)
Joseph61, 9G Uncle
James61, 9G Uncle (-1694)
Josiah61, 9G Uncle
Samuel61, 9G Uncle
Joshua61, 9G Uncle (1658-)
Zachariah61, 9G Uncle (1659-)
Eleazer61, 9G Uncle
3711. Elizabeth LONG283, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7422. Robert LONG & 7423. Sarah TAYLOR. was baptized on 14 Nov 1621 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Immigrated in 1635 “Defence” from London.
3752. George FARLEY362, 9G Grandfather, son of 7504. Thomas FARLEY & 7505. Jane HUNGERFORD. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 27 Dec 1693. Immigrated ? .
He married Christian BIRTHS362, 9G Grandmother on 9 Apr 1641 Woburn, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Caleb, 8G Grandfather (1645-1711)
3753. Christian BIRTHS362, 9G Grandmother. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 27 Mar 1702.
3754. Goldin MOORE608, 9G Grandfather. Born abt 1609. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 3 Sep 1698. Immigrated by 1636. on 2 Jun 1641.

According to Savage, he was a settler at Cambridge “farms, now Lexington, rem. to Billerica, there d. 3 Sept. 1698, in 89th yr.”609
He married Joan _____608, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Hannah263, 9G Aunt (1643-1667)
Lydia, 8G Grandmother (-1715)
Ruth99, 9G Aunt (~1652-1730)
3755. Joan _____608, 9G Grandmother. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 18 Feb 1675.
3756. Philip COOK610, 9G Grandfather. Will dated on 18 Jul 1666. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 10 Feb 1666/7. in 1647.

See Anderson’s Great Migration 1634-1635 (2: 224) for Philip Cook’s purchase of a house in Cambridge from Gilbert Cracbone in 1646.
He married Mary LAMSON362, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Mary263, 9G Aunt (1652-)
Hannah?263 (Died as Child), 9G Aunt (-1654)
Philip263 (Died as Child), 9G Uncle (1654-)
Samuel, 8G Grandfather (~1655-1731)
Hannah263, 9G Aunt (1657-)
Sarah263 (Died as Child), 9G Aunt (~1659-1661)
Philip263, 9G Uncle (bp. 1661-)
John263, 9G Uncle (bp. 1663-)
Barnabas263, 9G Uncle (bp. 1665-)
3757. Mary LAMSON362, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7514. Barnabas LAMSON & 7515. Mary _____. Born abt 1621 in Ridgewell, Essex, England. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 17 Mar 1714.
3758. John GRIGGS362, 9G Grandfather, son of 7516. Thomas GRIGGS & 7517. Mary GREEN. Born in 1622 in Boxted, Suffolk, England. Died 23 Jan 1691/2. Immigrated ? .

Data from Savage to be entered.
He married Mary PATTON611,362, 9G Grandmother on 11 Nov 1652 Roxbury, Massachusetts.612
They had one child:
Abigail, 8G Grandmother (1661-1714)
3759. Mary PATTON611,362, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7518. William PATTEN/PATTON & 7519. Mary DIGBIE. was baptized on 2 May 1632 in Earls Colne, Essex, England. Died in 1674. Of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Immigrated abt 1635.
3912. Matthias FARNSWORTH. (Same as number 790.)
3913. Mary FARR201,613, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7826. George FARR & 7827. Elizabeth STOWERS. Born say 1637. Died in 1717.201

Mary Farr, daughter of George Farr, is recorded by Anderson614 who identifies her two husbands. It is not certain whether Mary was the mother of all of Matthias Farnsworth’s children. Website #36 purports to partition Matthias’ children among two wives.
She married Matthias FARNSWORTH201, 7G Grandfather.
They had the following children:
Benjamin, 8G Grandfather (-1733)
Joseph92, 7G Uncle (1657-1687)
Mary92, 7G Aunt (1660-)
Sarah92, 7G Aunt (~1663-)
Samuel92, 7G Uncle (1669-)
Abigail92, 7G Aunt (1671-)
Jonathan, 8G Grandfather (1675-)
Joseph, 7G Uncle
3914. Sgt. John SHATTUCK. (Same as number 1812.)
3915. Ruth WHITNEY. (Same as number 1813.)
3918. John GROUT363, 9G Grandfather, son of 7836. Capt. John GROUT & 7837. Sarah BUSBY. Died in Sudbury, Massachusetts, on 25 Jul 1697.
He married Rebecca TOLL (TOWLE)363, 9G Grandmother on 15 Apr 1667 Sudbury, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Rebecca, 8G Grandmother (1670-1758)
3919. Rebecca TOLL (TOWLE)363, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7838. John TOLL (TOWLE) & 7839. Katherine _____. Born on 5 May 1646 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Died in Sudbury, Massachusetts, on 10 Sep 1699.
3920. Daniel SHED99, 9G Grandfather, son of 7840. Daniel SHED & 7841. Sarah _____. was baptized on 25 Jun 1620 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 27 Jul 1708. Immigrated by 1643.

Several pages of details to be entered.

According to the English ancestry section (by J. Gardner Bartlett) in the Shed Genealogy615, Daniel Shed “was bapt. 25 June 1620 in the ancient parish church of Finchingfield, County Essex, as appears from its old parchment register still perfectly preserved from 1617. The venerable church (except for loss of its spire) still presents the same appearance as it did just three centuries ago when the infant eyes of Daniel12 Shed first beheld it; even the very font, which held the sacred water with which he was christened, still remains in regular use. This baptismal record is the sole mention of him in these registers which have been carefully examined down to 1710; if he had died there his burial would have been recorded. His father, Daniel11 Shed, in no record in Finchingfield is ever termed ‘senior,’ nor is there anything to infer that there were ever two Daniel Sheds of adult age living there at the same time. In the Protestation Roll of Feb. 1641/2, only one Shed appears in Finchingfield, Daniel11 Shed; at that time the son Daniel12 Shed was nearly twenty-two years of age; as all males over eighteen years old are [p. 25] listed, and as Daniel12 Shed does not appear on this roll either in Finchingfield or in any of the other surrounding forty-five parishes of the Hundred, it is evident that he had removed from the neighborhood before February 1641/2.

“During the period of 1630-42, about twenty-five thousand English Puritans emigrated to New England, either to escape religious restrictions or with the hope of bettering their material condition. Over half of these emigrants were from the counties of Essex and Suffolk, and among them was Daniel12 Shed, who first appears on records in New England in 1643, in Braintree, Mass. This town was named for Braintree in Essex, only eight miles south-east of Finchingfield, and a large majority of the early settlers of Braintree, Mass., are known to have come from various parishes in Essex and Suffolk in England within a fifteen-mile radius of the mother town of Braintree. Neither the date of sailing, the port of departure, nor the name of the vessel which brought Daniel12 Shed to New England has been discovered; but his emigration must have taken place before 1642, so probably about 1640, or about the time he became of age.

“So here may be framed a very real mental picture of the emigrant Daniel12 Shed, raised as a farmer’s boy in rural Essex in eastern England, amid strong Puritan influences, and while yet a youth so imbued with their fervid religious faith and desire for liberty as to join the memorable throng that left their beloved ancestral homes and braved the perils of the deep and the hardships of pioneer life in a savage wilderness to found a new nation in the New World.”
He married Elizabeth _____99, 9G Grandmother in 1659 Braintree, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Samuel, 8G Grandfather (1660-~1723)
Susan99, 9G Aunt (1662-)
Eunice99, 9G Aunt (1665-)
Nathan99, 9G Uncle (1669-1736)
3921. Elizabeth _____99, 9G Grandmother. Born abt 1638 in England. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, 17 Jan 1699/1700. Immigrated ? .
3922. Capt. Jerathmeel BOWERS92,99, 9G Grandfather, son of 7844. George BOWERS & 7845. Elizabeth WORTHINGTON. Born on 2 May 1650 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 23 Apr 1724. Buried in Groton, Massachusetts (Old Burying Ground).

According to Green’s Epitaphs616, Jerathmeel Bowers “had previously lived in Chelmsford, of which town he was one of the proprietors and a prominent inhabitant. At different times, he commanded a company against the Indians, and was a noted fighter of them. According to Savage, he was born May 2, 1650.” Green transcribes his gravestone in the Old Burying Ground in Groton thus: “[Death’s Head.] | Here Lyes ye Body | of Capt JERATHMELL | BOWERS Who | Decd April ye 23d | 1724 in ye 78th | Year of His Age.” Note that the age reported on the gravestone does not agree with the birthdate quoted from Savage.

His house in Chelmsford, in the section that became Lowell, appears to be an historic site:

The distinctive name Jerathmeel was passed down through several generations in this family; there is a Jerahmeel Bowers buried under a square white-marble monument in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Leominster, d. 5 Oct 1795.
He married Elizabeth _____99, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Elizabeth, 8G Grandmother (1672-)
3923. Elizabeth _____99, 9G Grandmother. Born abt 1645. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 4 Mar 1721.
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