Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Thirteenth Generation
7362. Thomas LAKIN. (Same as number 1568.)
7420. John PARKER. (Same as number 1584.)
7421. Ann/Anna _____. (Same as number 1585.)
7422. Robert LONG283,703, 10G Grandfather, son of 14844. John LONG & 14845. Marie _____. Born abt 1590. Will dated on 10 Jul 1658. Died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 9 Jan 1663/4. Will proved on 5 Apr 1664.704 Of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Immigrated in 1635 “Defence” from London. on 5 May 1636. Of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England. Of Charlestown, Massachusetts. Occupation: Innholder, Vintner.

Savage705 reports that Robert Long of “Charlestown, came in the Defence from London, 1635, aged 45, with w. no doubt his sec. Eliz. 30, says the custom-ho. rec., but prob. 33, and ten ch. Michael, 20; Sarah, 18; Robert, 16; Eliz. 12; Ann, 10; Mary, 9; Rebecca, 8; John, 6; Zechary, 4; and Joshua, 9 mos.; had here Hannah, b. 2, bapt. 12 Mar. 1637; Ruth, bapt. 3 June 1639; Deborah, 10 Aug. 1642; and was freem. 25 May 1636. He had been an innholder at Dunstable, Co. Bedford, 30 ms. from London, therefore well kn. to Rev. Zechariah Symmes, rector in that ch. (in whose honor, perhaps, he call. one of his [p. 109] s.) ar. co. 1639, was a selectman, kept the inn, and d. 9 Jan. 1664, leav. good est. His will, made 10 July 1658, names his wid. wh. liv. to 29 May 1687, aged 84, and eleven ch. being all those he brot. exc. Robert, wh. had d. near seven yrs. bef; beside Ruth, and Deborah. The regist. of Dunstable, Eng. wh. ment. the bapt. of his s. Zechary, 20 Oct. 1630 [Anderson706 gives the date as 29 Oct], relates also, that a Sarah was bur. 12 Dec. 1631, so she was not his d.” This last death record was apparently that of Robert Long’s first wife, Sarah (Taylor) Long.

Robert Long became a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1639,707 although Whitman says he became a freeman in 1635 (rather than 1636 according to Savage, quoted above).

Wyman708 provides considerable detail on Robert Long’s estate and his extensive property holdings in Charlestown, as well as the estates of several of his children. He also notes that the “Defence” in which Long’s family sailed embarked on 7 July 1635, and that Robert and his wife Elizabeth traveled with a servant, Lucy Mercer, in addition to their children.

See Rodgers699 for some details to be entered concerning the estate of Robert Long’s son Robert, who predeceased his father.

See Anderson709 for a comprehensive treatment of this immigrant (details to be entered).
He married Sarah TAYLOR283, 10G Grandmother on 3 Oct 1614 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.
They had the following children:
Michael263, 10G Uncle (~1615-)
Sarah263, 10G Aunt (~1617-)
Robert263, 10G Uncle (~1619-)
Elizabeth, 9G Grandmother (bp. 1621-)
Anne/Anna283,263, 10G Aunt (bp. 1623-1691)
Mary263, 10G Aunt (~1626-)
Rebecca263, 10G Aunt (~1627-)
John263, 10G Uncle (~1629-)
Zachary/Zechariah710,263, 10G Uncle (bp. 1630-)
7423. Sarah TAYLOR283, 10G Grandmother, daughter of 14846. John TAYLOR & 14847. Margaret WELLMOTE. Born in 1595. Buried on 12 Dec 1631 in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England.

Data from GENDEX sources.
7504. Thomas FARLEY362, 10G Grandfather, son of 15008. Reginald FARLEY & 15009. Barbara HASTINGS.
He married Jane HUNGERFORD362, 10G Grandmother.
They had one child:
George, 9G Grandfather (-1693)
7505. Jane HUNGERFORD362, 10G Grandmother.
7514. Barnabas LAMSON711, 10G Grandfather. Died bef 1642. Immigrated by 1635. Of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

According to Savage, Barnabas Lamson was of “Cambridge, 1635, had brot. Joseph, prob. other ch. perhaps all those nam. in his will, Geneal. Reg. II. 104, wh. distrib. them to near friends in the ch.: Mary, Sarah, Barnaby, Martha, and Joseph. He d. bef. 1642. Mary m. Philip Cook; Joseph was of C. 1658.”712

See Anderson’s Great Migration 1634-1635 (4: 226-228) for a full accounting of this family, which was originally from Ridgewell, Essex.
He married Mary _____362, 10G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Mary, 9G Grandmother (~1621-1714)
7515. Mary _____362, 10G Grandmother.
7516. Thomas GRIGGS362, 10G Grandfather, son of 15032. John GRIGGS & 15033. Martha _____. Born in 1585 in Boxted, Suffolk, England. Died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on 23 May 1646. Immigrated ? .
He married Mary GREEN362, 10G Grandmother.
They had one child:
John, 9G Grandfather (1622-1692)
7517. Mary GREEN362, 10G Grandmother, daughter of 15034. John GREEN & 15035. Elizabeth _____. Died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on 29 Nov 1639.
7518. William PATTEN/PATTON611,713, 10G Grandfather. Born by abt 1605. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 10 Dec 1668. Immigrated in 1635. in May 1645. Of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Occupation: Herdsman.

According to Savage he was “one of the orig. proprs. of Billerica 1658.”714

Data to be entered from Gozzaldi.

Anderson provides a comprehensive review of this immigrant and his family.715
He married Mary DIGBIE611,713, 10G Grandmother 14 Jan 1629/30 Earls Colne, Essex, England.716
They had the following children:
Mary, 9G Grandmother (bp. 1632-1674)
William263 (Died as Child), 10G Uncle
Thomas263, 10G Uncle (1636-)
Sarah263, 10G Aunt (1638-)
Nathaniel263 (Died as Child), 10G Uncle (-1640)
Nathaniel263, 10G Uncle (1643-)
7519. Mary DIGBIE611,713, 10G Grandmother. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 30 Sep 1673. Immigrated abt 1635.
7826. George FARR613, 10G Grandfather. Born abt 1594. Died in Lynn, Massachusetts, on 24 Oct 1662. Immigrated in 1630 (some websites say 1629 with Higginson Fleet). Will dated on 1 Jul 1662. Will proved on 26 Nov 1662.

George Farr resided at Lynn, and was made a freeman on 6 May 1635. Anderson provides a summary of what is known about him and his children.
He married Elizabeth STOWERS613, 10G Grandmother by abt 1633.
They had the following children:
John266, 10G Uncle (~1633-1672)
Lazarus266, 10G Uncle (~1635-1669)
Mary, 9G Grandmother (~1637-1717)
Benjamin266, 10G Uncle (~1639-)
Martha266, 10G Aunt (~1641-)
Joseph266, 10G Uncle (~1643-1727)
Elizabeth266, 10G Aunt (~1645-)
Sarah266, 10G Aunt (~1647-)
7827. Elizabeth STOWERS613, 10G Grandmother, daughter of 15654. Nicholas STOWERS & 15655. Amy _____. Born say 1610. Died aft 27 Nov 1672. Immigrated ? 1629.
7836. Capt. John GROUT717, 10G Grandfather. Born abt 1619. Died on 25 Jul 1697. Will proved on 16 Aug 1697. Immigrated ? . in 1665.

The history of John Grout and his relatives has been exceptionally confused in the literature. According to Anderson, “Savage had these marriages completely wrong, as did many other writers.”718

According to Savage,719 John Grout settled first at Watertown and then removed to Sudbury by 1643, where he served as selectman, town clerk, and captain. Bond reports that in Watertown in 1642 he “was proprietor of a homestall of 13 acres and 7 other lots.”720 Bond also lists several items of property in John Grout’s considerable estate, totalling £618 according to the inventory taken 10 August 1697 after his death.721

According to Savage, John Grout had two sons named John, the first born 8 August 1641 to his wife Mary _____, and the second born at an unknown date to his second wife Sarah (Busby) Cakebread.719 I infer from this that the first son John died young, and that the son John who married Rebecca Toll was the second John, son of John Grout, Sr., and Sarah (Busby) Cakebread. This does not match with the birthdates given in Torrey which reads: “GROUT, John2 (1641-1707) & Rebecca TOLL (1643- ); 15 Apr 1667; Sudbury.”722 Savage identifies the John who married Rebecca Toll as “John, Sudbury, eldest s. of” John, Sr.,719 and this may have led some authors, perhaps including Torrey, to identify Rebecca Toll’s husband as the John who was born 8 August 1641. If that John died young, however, the second John could still have been described correctly as the eldest son.

There is further confusion regarding the name of the daughter of John Grout and Mary ____ that was born in 1643. Bond720 reports that this child was “Sarah, b. 1643” but Savage719 identifies her as “Mary, 11 Dec. 1643.”

Much of this information may be incorrect, especially the information concerning John’s children. More work is needed for clarification.
He married Sarah BUSBY263, 10G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
John, 9G Grandfather (-1697)
Sarah263, 10G Aunt (-1702)
Joseph263, 10G Uncle (1649-)
Abigail263, 10G Aunt (1655-)
Jonathan263, 10G Uncle (1658-)
Elizabeth263, 10G Aunt
Mary263, 10G Aunt (1661-)
Susanna263, 10G Aunt (1664-)
7837. Sarah BUSBY263, 10G Grandmother, daughter of 15674. Nicholas BUSBY & 15675. Bridget _____.
7838. John TOLL (TOWLE)363, 10G Grandfather.
He married Katherine _____363, 10G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Rebecca, 9G Grandmother (1646-1699)
7839. Katherine _____363, 10G Grandmother.
7840. Daniel SHED99, 10G Grandfather, son of 15680. Thomas SHED & 15681. Katharine _____. Born abt 1596 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. Buried 8 Feb 1656/7 in Finchingfield, Essex, England.

According to the English ancestry section (by J. Gardner Bartlett) in the Shed Genealogy723, Daniel Shed “was born about 1596, doubtless in Finchingfield, where the registers before 1617 are missing, so the record of his baptism is lost. He was evidently named for his uncle Daniel10 Shed. He became a yeoman in Finchingfield and resided, at least at one period, in the manor of Cornish Hall (which is located about three miles north of the church), as at a manor court with view of frankpledge held there 19 May 1627, the court rolls show that Daniel Shedd and James Chaplyn were assessors of fines of the manor. (Court Rolls of Cornish Hall in Honour of Clare, Duchy of Lancaster, Bundle 120, No. 1843, Public Records Office, London.) That Daniel11 Shed was held in good esteem in his parish is apparent from the fact that he held in the church from 1631 to 1635 the office of questman (now termed sidesman). As the eldest son, he was made the residuary legatee and executor of his father’s will in 1637, as previously related.

“In Feb. 1641/2, Parliament sent a manifesto throughout [p. 22] England, to test public opinion, protesting against any influence in the Government by the Church of Rome. Copies were sent to the constables of every parish in the country, who were ordered to show or read it to every male inhabitant over eighteen years of age, to list the names of all those persons who signed it or assented, and also to list the names of all who refused to sign. These lists were soon returned to Parliament, and many of them are still preserved, giving the names of all males in a parish over eighteen years of age. Among these so-called Protestation Rolls of 1642, which are preserved at the Houses of Parliament, are those for all the parishes in Hinckford Hundred, County Essex, including Finchingfield for which over two hundred names appear, among them that of ‘Danyell Shead.’ He evidently continued in Finchingfield until his death where he was buried 8 Feb. 1656/7, leaving no will, nor was any administration taken out on his estate. He was about sixty years of age at the time of his decease.”
He married Sarah _____99, 10G Grandmother abt 1617.
They had the following children:
Martha99, 10G Aunt (bp. 1618-)
Daniel, 9G Grandfather (bp. 1620-1708)
Sarah99, 10G Aunt (~1622-1663)
Susan99, 10G Aunt (bp. 1626-)
7841. Sarah _____99, 10G Grandmother. Buried on 29 May 1638 in Finchingfield, Essex, England.
7844. George BOWERS724, 10G Grandfather, son of 15688. Thomas BOWERS & 15689. Iwerner MINISTER. Born in 1590 in Manby, Lincolnshire, England? Will dated on 8 Nov 1656 at Cambridge, Massachusetts.725 on 10 Dec 1656.726 Will proved on 30 Dec 1656.726 Immigrated by 1639. Of Plymouth and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

According to Savage,727 George Bowers of “Plymouth 1639, rem. to Cambridge, where his w. Barbara d. 25 Mar. 1644; m. 15 Apr. 1649, Eliz. Worthington, had Jerathmeel, b. 2 May 1650, beside Benanuel, John, H.C. 1649; Patience; and Silence; some, if not all, by former w. and d. late in 1656, his will of 8 Nov. being pro. 30 Dec. of that yr. and his wid. I think, m. 25 June 1657, Henry Bowtell or Boutwell.”

Rodgers728 transcribes George Bowers’s will and his estate inventory (totalling £109), as well as some other court documents pertaining to his estate.

Details of children from Savage to be entered. Information on origins in England comes from website
He married Elizabeth WORTHINGTON724, 10G Grandmother on 15 Apr 1649 Cambridge, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Capt. Jerathmeel, 9G Grandfather (1650-1724)
7845. Elizabeth WORTHINGTON724, 10G Grandmother. Immigrated ? .

According to Savage,727 George Bowers’ will was proved 30 Dec 1656, “and his wid. I think. m. 25 June 1657, Henry Bowtell or Boutwell.”
7856. Thomas TARBELL. (Same as number 3590.)
7857. Mary _____. (Same as number 3591.)
7858. William LONGLEY. (Same as number 798.)
7859. Joanna GOFFE. (Same as number 799.)
7868. John PRESCOTT. (Same as number 1682.)
7869. Mary PLATTS-GAWKROGER. (Same as number 1683.)
7870. John LOKER618,729, 10G Grandfather, son of 15740. Henry LOKER-RIDDLESDALE & 15741. Elizabeth FRENCH. Born abt 1608 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk/Essex, England? Will dated on 17 Jun 1653 at Sudbury, Massachusetts.730 Died in Sudbury, Massachusetts, on 18 Jun 1653. on 5 Jul 1653.731 Will proved on 17 Aug 1653.730 Immigrated ? .

The full text of Threlfall’s entry626 on John Loker is as follows: “JOHN, m about 1650, Mary Draper; ch.: John, Mary (posthumous) b 28 Sept. 1653 at Sudbury - m 14 Nov. 1672 at Lancaster, Jonas Prescott. He d 18 June 1653 at Sudbury, testate (Middlesex Probate 14283). (See Newton Genealogy p. 17-18 for a full transcript of the will.)” If John Loker did indeed die before his daughter Mary was born, then the elaborate story told about Mary’s courtship cannot be correct as it is reported in Butler’s History.732 (See Mary’s entry for the full account.) Perhaps John’s wife Mary Draper remarried and the story pertains to a step father, or perhaps it is entirely a fiction.

See Rodgers733 for a transcript his will and an inventory of his estate which totalled £95 (further suggesting that the story of daughter Mary’s courtship, which describes her parents as wealthy, was a fiction). He states in the will that he has only one child, a son John, and that his wife is carrying another child (Mary, who will be born posthumously).
He married Mary DRAPER618,729, 10G Grandmother abt 1650.
They had the following children:
John729, 10G Uncle
Mary, 9G Grandmother (1653-1735)
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