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Ferns and Allies

This page is part of a biological survey of Peabody Park at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Nomenclature for the taxa below follows Radford, Ahles, and Bell, Manual of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas (Chapel Hill, 1968). Initials of determiners and locations of grid sections are explained on the references page. Fruiting times are very incompletely recorded.

  1. EQUISETACEAE — Horsetails

    1. Equisetum hyemale — Rough Horsetail, Scouring Rush

      One station known, in section G11 where creek exits the Park woods at West Market Street. (RJO, May 1997) [Images…]

  2. SELAGINELLACEAE — Spikemosses

    1. Selaginella apoda — Meadow Spikemoss

      A small, moss-like plant common on stream banks in the Park woods, forming dense mats in a few places. (RJO, May 1997) [Images…]

  3. OPHIOGLOSSACEAE — Adder’s-Tongues and Grape Ferns

    1. Botrychium virginianum — Rattlesnake Fern

      About 20 individuals known from section F9 on forest floor between Reynolds Hall and Gove Health Center. May. (RJO, May 1998) [Images…]

    2. Botrychium dissectum — Cut-leaved Grape Fern

      Two individuals known from section G9 along creek border W of Grogan Hall, and three more individuals known from section G11 of Park woods along border of transitory creek. October–November. (RJO, November 2000) [Images…]

  4. OSMUNDACEAE — Royal Fern and Allies

    1. Osmunda regalis — Royal Fern

      Only one station known, in section G9 at NW corner of Reynolds and Grogan Halls beside creek; may be escaped from cultivation. (RJO, May 1997) [Images…]

  5. ASPIDIACEAE — Christmas Fern and Allies

    1. Polystichum acrostichoides — Christmas Fern

      Common in Park woods, usually near water. (RJO, May 1997) [Images…]

  6. ASPLENIACEAE — Spleenworts

    1. Asplenium platyneuron — Ebony Spleenwort

      Relatively common in Park woods along stream banks and at scattered other locations, though less common than Christmas Fern. (RJO, May 1997) [Images…]

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