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This page is part of a biological survey of Peabody Park at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Nomenclature for the taxa below follows Emerson and Jacobson, The American Museum of Natural History Guide to Shells (New York, 1976). Initials of determiners and locations of grid sections are explained on the references page.

About 50 species of land mollusks (snails and slugs) have been recorded from the Carolina Piedmont, along with many other species of freshwater snails and bivalves. Several species of snails and slugs are common in Peabody Park, but only two have been specifically identified. Study of this group would make an excellent research project for an interested student.

  1. POLYGYRIDAE — Polygyra Land Snails

    1. Mesodon thyroidus — Common White-lipped Forest Snail

      The most common land snail of the Park woods, though easily overlooked by casual observers; the lip partially covers but does not close the umbilicus (RJO, February 1998).

  2. PHYSIDAE — Pond Snails

    1. Physa heterostropha — Common Tadpole Snail

      Two individuals found among liverworts on the stream bank in section G11 of the Park woods; easily recognized by its sinistral (left-handed) shell; may be common but very rarely seen (RJO, February 1998).

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