Student Government Association Resolution on Peabody Park

Passed by the Student Government Association of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 18 April 2001.

Student Government Association Resolution on Peabody Park, 18 April 2000

Whereas Peabody Park was established in 1901 as a gift to the University, and;

Whereas Peabody Park has a special value for students because of its natural history and diverse plant and animal species, and;

Whereas Peabody Park’s field and woods, its streams, golf course, and amphitheater are valued as open spaces for recreation, and academic studies, and for their natural beauty, and;

Whereas Peabody Park is an area that is unsuitable for future development due to its location on the northern and western sides of campus, where it would be inconvenient to locate parking or other facilities due to classrooms being on the opposite sides of campus, and;

Whereas The Park’s centennial anniversary will be celebrated in 2001, this is the opportune time to create this designation and insure the preservation of our campus history.

Therefore be it resolved that the Student Government of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro;

Requests that the whole of Peabody Park be designated an official University Park in the Master Plan and exempt from future development.

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