RJO’s Web Server Notes I

Physical scientists are given a universe and seek to discover its laws. Computer scientists write laws in software and universes appear.

—Alan Kay, “Computer Software”

These pages record an assortment of technical information relating to my “Internet Presence,” including notes on domains (this page) and Google indexing, a Psalm of Google, Yahoo and ODP directory listings and profile pages, and page design and site history notes.

Note: An additional page on scalable captioned figures with CSS is now available.


My personal domain is rjohara.net ( It is hosted through Pair Networks. The contents of rjohara.net were long hosted on the machine rjohara.uncg.edu (, a PowerMac 6100 running MacHTTP 2.4. The domain name rjohara.uncg.edu is now an alias pointing to rjohara.net.

The domain collegiateway.org ( is the home of my website “The Collegiate Way: Residential Colleges and Higher Education Reform.” It is also hosted through Pair Networks.

The domain newenglandtowns.org ( is the home of my website “New England Towns,” a database of historic information on the cities and towns, rivers, mountains, and lakes of New England.

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