RJO’s Web Server Notes V

My sysadmin, Tina.These pages record an assortment of technical information relating to my “Internet Presence,” including notes on domains and on Google indexing, a Psalm of Google, Yahoo and ODP directory listings and profile pages, and page design and site history notes (this page).

Page Design Notes

All pages on rjohara.net and collegiateway.org strive to use valid markup with informative metadata (including DC.Creator, robots, description, and keywords attributes), and to separate structure from presentation using style sheets. They should be accessible from all browsers. A standard link set is used approximately as follows (adjusted as needed for either rjohara.net or collegiateway.org, as well as for the relationships of each page):

House style notes (rough and in progress): All pages are encoded according to the Unicode standard so that character entity references can be avoided as much as possible in the source documents. For the benefit of search engines, however, only low-ASCII characters should be used in the title element and in the meta description and meta keywords elements of each page (to be regularized). The title element should be limited to 65 characters, and the meta description element should be limited to about 155 characters (both current display limits in the Google SERPs). The alt attributes of images should be mixed case, enclosed in [brackets], and should not end with a period; title attributes should be set in normal sentence style, ending with a period. All links in top menus should have title attributes. Editorial style notes: Ellipses should have no space on either side; initials (as J.F.K.) should not be spaced; certain abbreviations (BC, AD, AH) are unpunctuated and styled small caps (should academic degrees be the same?); need standard for A.M., P.M. (should be l.c. and punctuated); spacing after hours (12:00_noon); standard for spacing of incomplete dates (1925-_). Need standard for application of lang to Latin and other foreign phrases; use of i, b, and u in legacy documents (not all are deprecated). Spacing of equations 1 + 1 = 2. Pages should be usable in 256, 16, and 2 colors.

Server Power Supply

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Site Histories

Ten (and not more than ten) Essential References on Web Theory and Practice

These are sites I return to again and again for information and inspiration.

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