Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Tenth Generation
998. Simon TUTTLE232, 7G Grandfather, son of 1996. Simon TUTTLE & 1997. Sarah COGSWELL. Born on 17 Sep 1667 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Died in Littleton, Massachusetts, on 11 Apr 1746.

Campbell’s Tuttle genealogy232 gives Simon’s place of death as “Littleton CT” on both p. 4 and p. 5, but in the notes on p. 5 says “To Littleton MA 1720. Will proved 1746: Sons Simon, Samuel & John, daughters Mary Payson, Margaret Underwood, Elizabeth King, Mercy Russell, Sarah, Hannah, Lucy & Priscilla.” There does not appear to be a Littleton in Connecticut, so “Littleton CT” must be an error for Littleton, Massachusetts.
He married Mary ROGERS232, 7G Grandmother on 16 Jun 1696.
They had the following children:
Sarah232, 7G Aunt (1697-)
Mary232, 7G Aunt (~1698-1771)
Margaret232, 7G Aunt (1699-)
Elizabeth232, 7G Aunt (1700->1746)
Hannah232, 7G Aunt (1702-1746)
Mercy232, 7G Aunt (~1704->1746)
Simon232, 7G Uncle (1707-1793)
Samuel232, 7G Uncle (1709-1780)
Lucy, 6G Grandmother (bp. 1712->1746)
Priscilla232, 7G Aunt (bp. 1715-)
John232, 7G Uncle (bp. 1718-)
999. Mary ROGERS232, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1998. Samuel ROGERS & 1999. Sarah WADE. Born on 10 Sep 1672. Died on 18 Sep 1736.
1008. John WRIGHT58, 7G Grandfather, son of 2016. John WRIGHT & 2017. Abigail WARREN. Born on 10 Jun 1662 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 13 Oct 1730.
He married Mary (Marie) STEVENS58, 7G Grandmother on 13 Apr 1692 Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Jacob, 6G Grandfather (1698-1761)
1009. Mary (Marie) STEVENS58, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 1796. John STEVENS & 1797. Elizabeth HILDRETH. Born in 1672 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 29 Oct 1701.
1010. Pelatiah ADAMS, 7G Grandfather, son of 2020. Lieut. Thomas ADAMS & 2021. Mary BLACKMORE? Born 6 Mar 1645/6 in Concord, Massachusetts.374 Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 29 Apr 1725.
He married Ruth PARKER, 7G Grandmother in 1670.
They had the following children:
Elizabeth, 7G Grandmother (-1759)
Abigail, 6G Grandmother (1697-1761)
1011. Ruth PARKER, 7G Grandmother. Born in 1655 in Concord, Massachusetts. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, in 1719.

Website identifies her father as Jacob Parker who appears to be the Jacob who was one of the several Massachusetts Parker brothers studied by Richardson,283 although the birthdate for Jacob on that website does not match. But other GENDEX sites listing the immigrant Jacob’s children with his wife Sarah _____ do not include a Ruth among those children. Further confirmation is required before this link can be established.
1012. Gershom HEALD163, 7G Grandfather, son of 2024. Sgt. John HEALD & 2025. Sarah DEAN. Born 1 Mar 1667/8 in Concord, Massachusetts.
He married Hannah PARLIN163, 7G Grandmother 19 Feb 1689/90.
They had one child:
Thomas, 6G Grandfather
1013. Hannah PARLIN163, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 2026. Nicholaus PARLYN & 2027. Sarah HANMORE. Born on 8 Aug 1670 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Died on 13 May 1717.
1016. John READ164, 7G Grandfather, son of 2032. Thomas READ & 2033. _____ _____. Born in 1685.
He married Jane CHAMBERLAIN164,263, 7G Grandmother on 10 Jan 1707 Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Samuel, 6G Grandfather (1711-)
Thomas164, 7G Uncle (1713-)
William164, 7G Uncle (1715-)
Jane164, 7G Aunt (1717-)
Sarah164, 7G Aunt (1719-)
Betsey164, 7G Aunt (1721-)
Hannah164, 7G Aunt (1723-)
Lucy164, 7G Aunt (1727-)
Jacob164, 7G Uncle
1017. Jane CHAMBERLAIN164,263, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 2034. Thomas CHAMBERLAIN & 2035. Sarah PROCTOR. Born on 19 Jan 1682.
1018. John CUMMINGS. (Same as number 992.)
1019. Elizabeth ADAMS. (Same as number 993.)
1020. Thomas DUTTON234, 7G Grandfather, son of 2040. Thomas DUTTON & 2041. Susannah PALMER. Born in 1648 in Reading, Massachusetts.

This Thomas Dutton (if correctly identified) was according to Savage375 “wound. and had a remark. escape in 1677, when Capt. Swett and many of his men were k. in the Ind. war at the E.”

Marriage details to be entered from Torrey.
He married Rebecca BRABROOK234, 7G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Thomas, 6G Grandfather
1021. Rebecca BRABROOK234, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 2042. John BRABROOK & 2043. Elizabeth SHORT?

Marriage to be entered from Torrey. Parentage not firmly established.
1022. John BURGE234, 7G Grandfather, son of 2044. John BURGE & 2045. Rebecca (Sisly?) UPHAM. Born in 1655 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 28 Nov 1743.
He married Tryall THAYER234, 7G Grandmother on 19 Sep 1677 Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Hanna, 6G Grandmother
1023. Tryall THAYER234, 7G Grandmother, daughter of 2046. Shadrach THAYER & 2047. Mary BARRETT. Born 7d 12m 1657.

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