Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Eleventh Generation
1760. William DODGE445, 8G Grandfather, son of 3520. John DODGE & 3521. Margery _____. Born abt 1606 in Somersetshire, England. Died aft 12 May 1685. Immigrated in 1629 “Lyon’s Whelp” to Salem.

The immigrant William Dodge has been comprehensively treated by Anderson,446 and Joseph T. Dodge45 has monographed his descendants. There is a Dodge Family Association ( which is devoted primarily to the descendants of this William Dodge and his brother Richard.

The Dodge Genealogy447 provides this narrative of William’s life: “WILLIAM1 DODGE came to Salem in 1629, as before stated. A tradition was handed down by Col. Robert Dodge to his son Francis, of Georgetown, D.C., that Farmer William came to America when about 21 or so to see how he liked it, and returned to England, telling his father that he had determined to settle in America and asking him for some present. His father said, ‘get married and I will give it.’ William is said to have met with two re-[p. 14]fusals before he succeeded, but he got married and got his present, a pair of bulls.

“The name of his wife is not known. It has been called Elizabeth Haskell; but Elizabeth Haskell was wife of ‘Coker’ William, of which there are several proofs. Farmer William died between 1685 and 1692, as shown by deeds of land. During his lifetime only one deed shows the name of a wife; that was Mary, the wife of ‘Captain’ William. She was a Conant, and at the time of her marriage to William Dodge was widow of John Balch.

“The standing of Farmer William in the community is indicated by the fact that in thirty-five to forty instances, of which the records have been preserved, he was elected, or appointed, to various public services, such as selectman, grand juryman, trial juryman, committee service for town and church interests, laying out roads, etc. There are also evidences that he was on the best of terms with his pastor, Rev. John Hale, and that in the business of preserving public order and good morals he and his sons were clearly on the right side. In May, 1685, he disposed of his real estate by deeds which are of record, conveying his homestead to his son, Capt. William, and it is to-day in possession of Mr. Mason, and lies east of Cabot street and south of Herrick street.” A chronology of events in William Dodge’s life follows. Anderson notes the family tradition that “William Dodge returned to England sometime between 1629 and 1636 to acquire a wife and an associated gift from his father. While the absence of any record of William in New England between these dates makes the story a possibility, it is nothing more than that.”448

With regard to William Dodge’s wife, Anderson further notes that “all secondary sources call her Elizabeth, but the record evidence for this is not seen.”449
He married Elizabeth _____445, 8G Grandmother by 1636.
They had the following children:
John266, 8G Uncle (bp. 1636-)
Capt. William, 7G Grandfather (bp. 1640-1720)
Hannah266, 8G Aunt (bp. 1642-)
1761. Elizabeth _____445, 8G Grandmother. Died aft 1642. Immigrated ? .
1762. Robert HALE266, 8G Grandfather. Born say 1607. Will dated on 26 Jun 1647 at Charlestown, Massachusetts.450 Died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on 16 Jul 1659. on 4 Oct 1659.451 Immigrated in 1630 to Boston. Occupation: Carpenter.450

Details to be entered from Anderson.

Rodgers452 has published transcripts of Robert Hale’s intended will of 26 June 1647, an inventory of his estate (totalling £407) sworn on 4 October 1659, and a number of other court documents concerning his estate’s disposition.

Robert Hale was elected to membership in the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1644: “ENSIGN ROBERT HALE, Charlestown; a founder of the Church there in 1632, and Deacon; freeman 1634. Ensign of the Train-band. He died July 19th, 1659.”453
He married Joanna _____, 8G Grandmother.
They had one child:
Joanna, 7G Grandmother (~1647-1694)
1763. Joanna _____, 8G Grandmother. Died on 28 Nov 1681. Immigrated ? .
1764. Nicholas WOODBURY, 8G Grandfather, son of 3528. William WOODBURY & 3529. Elizabeth PATCH. was baptized on 9 Apr 1618 in South Petherton, Somerset, England. Died in Beverly, Massachusetts, on 16 May 1686. Immigrated ? .
He married Anne PALGRAVE454, 8G Grandmother abt 1651.
They had one child:
Capt. Isaac, 7G Grandfather
1765. Anne PALGRAVE454, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3530. Richard PALGRAVE & 3531. Joan HARRIS. was baptized on 29 Oct 1626 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Will dated in Oct 1699. Died in Beverly, Massachusetts, on 10 Jun 1701. Immigrated in 1637 “Mary Anne” to Salem.

Details from Ferris to be entered.

“Anna, relict of NICHOLAS WOODBURY, maiden name Paulgrave, d. in Beverly, June 10, 1801, aet. 75.”455 [Bond’s date 1801 is an error for 1701.]
1766. Henry HERRICK266, 8G Grandfather, son of 3532. Henry HERRICK & 3533. Edith LASKIN. was baptized 16 Jan 1639/40 in Salem, Massachusetts. Died in Beverly, Massachusetts, in Jun 1702.

According to Ferris456 (with footnotes omitted but with single square brackets in the original), Henry Herrick “and his wife were among those who petitioned for a separate church at Beverly. LYDIA signed the covenant when the church was organized in 1667, but her husband was not then in full communion. Their children were all baptized at Beverly. His second wife became a member of the church, but he seems to have participated in community affiars less than his father HENRY1, or his bother, ZACHARY2.

“[[p. 427]] Tradition says that HENRY2 was of the party when the church bell, taken at Port Royal and held for many years by Captain More for the freight charges [see Dodge, pl. 325], was high-handedly taken by some of the young men of Beverly and hung in the church.

“In 1659 and 1660 he, with MARY (DODGE) HERRICK, gave testimony to clear his brother ZACHARY2, her husband, from the charge of maligning a neighbor; when this same brother had a horse stolen in 1672, HENRY2 was again a witness. In 1674-5 he served on the grand jury; in December, 1677, he, with other Beverly men, took the oath of fidelity; and, in 1680, he was constable of that town. After the construction of the second church building in 1682, HENRY2 was honored by the assignment, with six other men, to a seat in the first pew.

“He unfortunately became prominent as a member of the jury in one or more of the witchcraft trials in 1692. His brother Joseph2 was constable about that time and was at first closely connected with the horror, but presently, realizing the enormity of it, he went so far as to sign a petition in behalf of one victim, which act itself laid him open to the chance of similar persecution.

More to be entered.
He married Lydia _____266, 8G Grandmother abt 1663.
They had the following children:
Lydia454, 8G Aunt (bp. 1666-1737)
Joseph454, 8G Uncle (bp. 1666-1726)
Elizabeth, 7G Grandmother (bp. 1668-)
Samuel454, 8G Uncle (bp. 1670-1743)
Jonathan454, 8G Uncle (bp. 1672-1724)
1767. Lydia _____266, 8G Grandmother.

Several websites identify Henry Herrick’s wife Lydia as Lydia Woodbury, but according to Anderson457 (with square brackets in the original): “Mary Walton Ferris says that Lydia is sometimes ‘called Woodbury’ but ‘[h]er connection with our Woodbury families has not been established’ [Dawes-Gates 2:427].”
1776. Benjamin BALCH458, 8G Grandfather, son of 3552. John BALCH & 3553. Margery _____. Born abt 1629.
He married Sarah GARDNER459, 8G Grandmother abt 1650.
They had one child:
John, 7G Grandfather (1654-1738)
1777. Sarah GARDNER459, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3554. Thomas GARDNER & 3555. _____ _____. Born abt 1627. Died in Beverly, Massachusetts, on 5 Apr 1686.
1778. Philip VERIN460, 8G Grandfather, son of 3556. Philip VERIN & 3557. Dorcas _____. was baptized in Mar 1619 in England. Immigrated in 1635 “James” from Southampton. Occupation: wheelwright.

According to Savage,461 this Philip Verin (or Veren or Vering) was admitted to the church 3 Jan 1640/1, and made a freeman 2 June 1641. “He was a wheelwright.”
He married Joanna _____460, 8G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Bethia263, 8G Aunt (1641-)
Dorcas263, 8G Aunt (1643-)
Philip263, 8G Uncle (1645-)
Hannah, 7G Grandmother (1655-1739)
Adoniram263, 8G Uncle
Mary263 (Died as Child), 8G Aunt (1659-~1661)
Deliverance263 (Died as Infant), 8G Aunt (1661-1661)
1779. Joanna _____460, 8G Grandmother. Died on 30 Aug 1664.
1780. Richard DODGE462, 8G Grandfather, son of 3520. John DODGE & 3521. Margery _____. Born abt 1602 in Somersetshire, England. Will dated 14 9mo 1670 at Beverly, Massachusetts. Died on 15 Jun 1671. Immigrated by 1638.

According to the Dodge Genealogy,463 Richard Dodge “appeared at Salem in 1638, and ‘desired accomodation.’ It was learned in 1881 from the Parish register of East Coker, Somersetshire, England, that in 1628, Richard, son of Richard, was bapt. date missing. Sept. 7, 1630, Margery, dau. of Richard, was bapt. Feb. 2, 1630-1, Margery, dau. of Richard, was buried. Dec. 29, 1631, John, son of Richard was baptized. April 19, 1635, Marie, dau. of Richard and Edith was baptized.

“As immigrants were admitted to the colony only by applying to the town and obtaining leave, it is quite certain that Richard and his family came in 1638, and as the King was at that time obstructing emigration, it is probable that he left England without royal permission.

“After living awhile on the land of his brother William, he settled on ‘Dodge Row’ in North Beverly, not far east of Wenham Lake. The house he built stood probably where Mr. Lucius B. Dodge lately lived very near the present north line of Beverly, or possibly where Mr. H. W. Dodge now lives, a few rods farther east. The farm lately owned by Mr. Lucius B. Dodge was inherited from his father Richard, the son of Deacon Richard b., 1783, who bought it of his father-in-law, Jacob Edwards, b. 1746, by deed dated 23 April, 1819. Apparently the same land was bought by John Edwards, of Edward Dodge, cordwainer, Beverly, 15 March, 1781.

“It had been held in the male line from the death of Richard1. Mr. Lucius B. Dodge says the house now occupied by Mr. H. W. Dodge was formerly used as a cabinet shop by his father Richard, and by him turned partly around and converted into a dwelling. It is unlikely that either house is as old as 200 years.

“Richard1, the immigrant, evidently gave his attention more to farming and the care of his domestic affairs, than to town or church business; although he was a loyal church member, and one of the most liberal contributors to the support of the church. He and his with Edith were members of the Wenham church before 1648 according to its records, John Fiske being pastor.

“He also has a high appreciation of the value of education, for in 1653, in a list of twenty-one subscribers to Harvard College, his name ranks first, while the next largest sum was only one-fourth as much as his. He dedicated a piece of his land to a burying ground, which is now known as the Cemetery on Dodge Row. It was probably inherited by his son Edward, who died in 1727, for in February, 1730-1, the three sons of Edward, by a deed, confirmed the grant to their relatives and neighbors. The [p. 17] near neighbors of Richard1 were Zechary Herrick who married his daughter Mary, Peter Woodberry who married Sarah, John and Humphrey Woodberry and John Galle. He died 15th June, 1671, leaving an estate valued at the large sum of £1764 2s. He gave his sons John, Richard and Samuel each a good farm, valued in his inventory at over £100 each. To sons Edward and Joseph he gave the home farm, valued at £1000. To his wife Edith he gave certain appropriate personal property, ‘to be her own absolutely,’ and gave her ‘the sole and proper use of the parlor & chamber over it in my now dwelling house,’ and made liberal provision for annual payments to be made to her by her five sons. She outlived him seven years, dying 27th June, 1678, at the age of 75. (For wills, see appendix.) From this it is probable that Richard may have been born about 1602, and was about two years older than William. Edith, before her death, also made a will, and the inventory discloses a very comfortable state of worldly affairs. No grave stones, however, discolse their resting place.” A list of their children follows, but the list of children does not seem to include the first two children, Richard and Margery, mentioned in the narrative, above, and lists Mary b. 1632 rather than Marie bapt. 1635. This discrepancy is nowhere explained.

A transcript of Richard Dodge’s will appears on pp. 455-6 in this reprinted edition of the Dodge Genealogy.45
He married Edith _____462, 8G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Richard45 (Died as Child), 8G Uncle (bp. 1628-)
Margery45 (Died as Infant), 8G Aunt (bp. 1630-)
John45, 8G Uncle (bp. 1631-1711)
Mary45, 8G Aunt (bp. 1635-1720)
Sarah45, 8G Aunt (bp. 1644-1726)
Richard45, 8G Uncle (1643-1705)
Samuel45, 8G Uncle (1645-1705)
Edward, 7G Grandfather (-1727)
Joseph45, 8G Uncle (1651-1716)
1781. Edith _____462, 8G Grandmother. Born abt 1603. Died on 27 Jun 1678. Immigrated by 1638.

The Dodge Genealogy464 presents a transcript of her will.
1782. Capt. William HASKELL, 8G Grandfather, son of 3564. William HASKELL & 3565. Eleanor COOK. Born on 8 Nov 1618 in Charlton-Musgrove, Somersetshire, England. Died in Gloucester, Massachusetts, on 20 Aug 1693. Immigrated in 1637.
He married Mary TIBBETS, 8G Grandmother on 6 Nov 1643 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Mary, 7G Grandmother (-1737)
1783. Mary TIBBETS, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3566. Walter TIBBETS. Born on 6 Nov 1628. Died in Gloucester, Massachusetts, on 16 Aug 1693. Immigrated ? .

Mary Tibbets or Tybbot.
1792. Samuel WOODS10,90, 8G Grandfather. Born abt 1636. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, abt Jan 1717/8.

According to Skeate10, Samuel Woods was an original proprietor of Groton, Massachusetts, having an eleven-acre right. He had lived previously in Watertown (where he was a member of the training band in 1653), and in Cambridge where he married his wife Alice Rushton. He moved to Groton in 1662, and lived there until the town was destroyed in King Phillip’s War in 1676, at which time he returned with his family to Watertown. He resettled in Groton in 1678. Further details about Samuel Woods can be found in most of the standard references on Groton history.92 325

Curiously, Bond’s Watertown465 contains the following: “SAMUEL and ALA WOODS, had John, b. in Old England, Mar. 4, 1677.” Note that this birthdate is the same as that of the John Woods, supposed son of Samuel and Alice Woods, said to have been born in Watertown.
He married Alice RUSHTON10, 8G Grandmother on 28 Sep 1659 Cambridge, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Samuel90, 8G Uncle (1661-)
Thomas90, 8G Uncle (1663-)
Elizabeth, 8G Grandmother (1665-1717)
Nathaniel, 7G Grandfather (1668-1738)
Mary90, 8G Aunt (1670-)
Abigail90, 8G Aunt (1672-)
Hannah90, 8G Aunt (1674-1703)
John90 (Died as Child), 8G Uncle (1677-)
1793. Alice RUSHTON10, 8G Grandmother. Born abt 1636. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 17 Apr 1712.
1794. Dea. Joshua WHITNEY466, 8G Grandfather, son of 3588. John WHITNEY & 3589. Elinor _____. Born 15 Feb 1635/6 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Will dated in 1713. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 1 Aug 1719. Buried in Groton, Massachusetts.183

Joshua Whitney and his three wives require further study; here I follow Smith467 with some additions from other sources. Against, Smith, Skeate468 gives Joshua’s birth date as 5 Jul 1635, and his death date as 7 Aug 1717; these are the dates given by Green184 also (see below). There is much confusion with respect to Joshua’s children. The children listed here are those documented by Smith467, with the addition of Alice, who is listed by Skeate. (Alice is the one through whom I descend, so the confusion is significant.) Smith is not certain which of the first three children, Joshua, Sarah, and Hannah, were born to Joshua Tarbell’s first wife and which to the second, because the marriage date of Joshua to his second wife Lydia has not been established. Skeate assigns Hannah to Joshua’s third wife, Abigail Tarbell. To complicate the matter further, Butler469 lists three children for “Joshua Whitney and Lydia”: Joshua, b. 14 Jun 1666 (not 1665 as given by Smith), Sarah, b. 10 Oct 1668, and Mary, b. “1d. 5m. 1675.” The assignment of Mary to Lydia seems unlikely if indeed the marriage date of Joshua Tarbell and Abigail Tarbell is firmly established, as it appears to be.

Green184 reproduces Joshua Whitney’s gravestone (the seventh-oldest in Groton’s old cemetery) as follows: “[Death’s Head.]/Here Lyes the/Body of Mr/JOSHUA WHITNEY,/Aged 83 Years,/Decd August 7th 1719.” Green identifies him as the “son of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY, born July 15, 1635, at Watertown.”
He married Abigail TARBELL470,471, 8G Grandmother on 30 Sep 1672 Watertown, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Alice, 7G Grandmother (~1672-1718)
Abigail, 8G Aunt (1673-)
Mary, 8G Aunt (1675-)
William, 8G Uncle (1678-)
Cornelius, 8G Uncle (1680-)
David, 8G Uncle (1682-)
Eleanor, 8G Aunt (1684-)
Elizabeth, 8G Aunt (1686-)
Martha, 8G Aunt (1688-)
1795. Abigail TARBELL470,471, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3590. Thomas TARBELL & 3591. Mary _____. Born ca 1650 in Watertown, Massachusetts.472 Died aft 1719.473

Skeate474 is a 180-page record of her descendants.
1796. John STEVENS, 8G Grandfather, son of 3592. Henry STEVENS & 3593. Alice _____. Born on 20 Jun 1639 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Died in Boston, Massachusetts, on 26 Nov 1691.
He married Elizabeth HILDRETH, 8G Grandmother on 15 Dec 1664 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Mary (Marie), 7G Grandmother (1672-1701)
John, 7G Grandfather (~1668-)
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