Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Twelfth Generation
3529. Elizabeth PATCH, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7058. Nicholas PATCH & 7059. Jane _____. was baptized on 16 Apr 1594 in South Petherton, Somerset, England. Died in Beverly, Massachusetts, on 9 Nov 1676. Immigrated ? .
3530. Richard PALGRAVE560, 9G Grandfather, son of 7060. John PALGRAVE & 7061. Amy _____. was baptized 29 Jan 1597/8 in Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin, Norfolk, England. Died in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, on 30 Mar 1630.

According to Ferris,561 “It was undoubtedly” this Richard Palgrave “who was baptized at Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin, co. Norfolk, on January 29, 1597-8, who was the son of JOHN and AMY (_____) PALGRAVE and grandson of THOMAS and CHRISTIAN (SAYER) PALGRAVE of Pulham. He received a bequest by the will of his father in 1618, and it was undoubtedly he who became a freeman of Great Yarmouth in the same county in 1624, after having served an apprenticeship (of probably six or seven years) under Robert Sayre, who about that time filled the offices of clerk and alderman of that town, and who was probably also a relative of RICHARD and his grandmother CHRISTIAN (SAYER) PALGRAVE. For several generations members of this Palgrave family lived in two adjoining parishes called Pulham, St. Mary Magdalen (or Pulham Market) and Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin, commonly shortened to ‘Pulham Mary.’”

Further details to be entered.
He married Joan HARRIS560, 9G Grandmother 24 Jan 1625/6 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
They had one child:
Anne, 8G Grandmother (bp. 1626-1701)
3531. Joan HARRIS560, 9G Grandmother. Born abt 1603 in England. Died abt 1639. Immigrated in 1637 “Mary Anne” to Salem.

Details to be entered from Ferris.
3532. Henry HERRICK266, 9G Grandfather. Born by about 1598 in England. Will dated on 24 Nov 1670 at Beverly, Massachusetts. Died in Beverly, Massachusetts, abt 1671. Immigrated in 1630 to Salem.

The immigrant Henry Herrick has been comprehensively treated in Anderson’s GMB562 (details to be entered). The website links to his descendants.

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 21:55:21 -0700
Subject: ESX-Will of Henry Herrick
Resent-Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 20:57:08 -0800 (PST)

Will of Henry Herrick

I Henry Herick of the Towne of Beverly in the county of Essex in New
England being in a decaying estate of body but in perfect mynd and
memorye, through the Lords mercy do heerby make my last will and
testament, wherby I commiting my body to the earth, and my soule to the
mercy of god in Christ Jesus, I dispose of my estate in order following.
Impr. I give unto my dear & loveing wife Edith the westwardmost halfe of
my now dwelling house, that is the lower roome and leantoo behind it,
together with free egress and regress in and out of it, and also the use
of the cellar, well, yard, out houseing & garden, these to have & injoy
dureing her natural life, further I give to my sd wife foure of my best
milch cowes & 4 sheepe which shee shall choose and all my household
stufe, these to be at her absolute free dispose, also I give unto my sd
wife, the sixt part of the fruits that shall be raysed from the corne
lands, & orchard wch I leave with my executor Henry and in the possession
of my sonn John. Also I give unto my sonn Thomas all my wearing apparell
exsept my best great coate and that 20 acres of land where his house
standeth with ten pounds to be paid by my son John when my executor seeth
need to supplye his wants. And if in case he live and dye a single pson,
the lands shall remaine to my sons Ephraim & Joseph, equally devided &
the ten pounds to my sonn Benjamin, if not made use of to supply him.
Also I give my sonn Zachery one hundred Acres of land lyeing in Birch
plaine which I bought of Francis & Henry Skerry of Salem with 5 acres of
meadow lyeing in Wenham meadow belonging to it, and 16 acres of land more
or lesse whereon his house standeth & fenced in by him. Also I give my
sonns Ephraim, Joseph, and John that farme I bought of Mr. Allford the 20
acres given to Thomas being first measured out to him, the rest to be
equally devided betweene them three, yet soe that Ephraim & Joseph may
injoy what they have impued(?) , and fenct, and John what is impued by
Henry, soe as to pay the sixt part of the produce to my wife before
exprest. Also I give to my sonn John the two lotts I bought of Henry
Rennolds of Salem & Richard Kemball of Wenham, also my sonn john is to
have two acres of meadow in Boukards meadow, also the bedding he lyeth
upon and my cart and plow with the chaine therof. Also I give Ephraim
moreover one milch cow & my best great coate and unto Joseph I give
moreover two ewe sheepe & my timbar chaine. I give unto my sonn Benjamyn
all that pasture land, called by english pasture which joyneth on the
east syde to Andrew Elliot, lyeing betweene the countrye high way & the
mill River. I say all that land lyeing on the southeast syde of the sd
country high way, the which pasture land with the apptenances. My will
is shall remaine in the hands of my sonn Henry to improve untill Benjamyn
be 21 years of age and in case he dye before he be 21 years of age I give
the says land to my sonn Henry, he paying unto my children Zachry,
Ephraim, Joseph & Elizabeth foure pounds a peece. Also I give unto my
daughter Elizabeth forty pounds viz. 14li. to be payd by my sonn Henry
within three months after the confirmation of my will and the rest to be
made up in 3 cowes & moveables allredy in her possesion. And to John,
the youngest yoake of stears, and whatsoever I give to any of my children
herein mentioned by his my will, I give them, their heirs, executors,
administrators & assignes for ever. And for the rest of my estate, not
above mentioned, I give it all to my sonn Henry, he paying unto his
mother the sixt part of the increase of the corne land & orchard dureing
her life and providing for her the winter of foure milch cows, 4 sheep &
her firewood redy cut for fire at the dore for all the year long and
liberty to keep 3 swine at the dore, and ( give my sonn Ephraim one acEND
of meadow in buncars, Joseph 3 acres of meadow in buncars) And to have
the uper use of the parlour & leaneto behind it with free egresse &
regress to houseing yards for her, necessary occasions as is expresed
during her life I say these things premised. I give my sonn Henry my
dwelling house out houseing orchard tillage land meadows pasture &
woodland with my stock & whatever elce within dores & without, not above
excepted makeing this my sayd sonn Henry my sole executor of this my last
will. In wittness whereof I have set my hand this 24 Nov 1670.

Henry Herick
Witness: Robt. Morgan, Nehemiah Grover.
Proved in Salem court Mar 28 1671 by the witnesses.
Copy, Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol 5, p. 136.

Inventory of the estate of Henry Herricke of Beverly taken 15 Mar, 1671
by John Rayment, Sr., and Isaac Hull, Sr.
He married Edith LASKIN266,563, 9G Grandmother by 1636.564
They had the following children:
Thomas565,266, 9G Uncle
Zachariah266, 9G Uncle (bp. 1636-)
Ephraim266, 9G Uncle (bp. 1638-1693)
Henry, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1640-1702)
Joseph266, 9G Uncle
Elizabeth266, 9G Aunt
John266, 9G Uncle
Benjamin266, 9G Uncle
3533. Edith LASKIN266,563, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7066. Hugh LASKIN & 7067. Alice _____. Born by abt 1612. Died aft 27 Mar 1677. Immigrated ? .
3552. John BALCH458, 9G Grandfather. Born abt 1605. Will dated on 15 May 1648 at Salem, Massachusetts. Died in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1648. Will proved on 28 Jun 1648. Immigrated in 1624.

The immigrant John Balch receives a comprehensive treatment in Anderson’s GMB.566 According to Anderson (with square brackets in the original): “Various sources give one or another parish in Somersetshire as the place of origin of John Balch, but these are unsupported by evidence and are little more than guesses [EIHC 1:151, 66:319-20]. Balch was certainly one of the men sent over by the Dorchester Company in the early 1620s to settle a fishing colony in New England, and so he is properly known as one of the Old Planters; the best account of this group of men remains Frances Rose-Troup, John White, the Patriarch of Dorchester [Dorset] and The Founder of Massachusetts... (New York 1930).”567
He married Margery _____458, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Benjamin, 8G Grandfather (~1629-)
John266, 9G Uncle (~1631-)
Freeborn266, 9G Uncle (~1634-)
3553. Margery _____458, 9G Grandmother. Immigrated ? .
3554. Thomas GARDNER568, 9G Grandfather. Born abt 1592. Will dated on 7 Dec 1668 at Salem, Massachusetts. Died in Salem, Massachusetts, on 29 Dec 1674. Will proved on 29 Mar 1675. Immigrated in 1624.

The immigrant Thomas Gardner was one of the “Old Planters” who settled at Cape Ann in 1624. He is comprehensively treated in Anderson’s GMB.569
He married _____ _____568, 9G Grandmother abt 1614.
They had the following children:
Thomas266, 9G Uncle (~1614-)
George266, 9G Uncle (~1616-)
John266, 9G Uncle (~1624-1706)
Sarah, 8G Grandmother (~1627-1686)
Samuel266, 9G Uncle (~1629-)
Joseph266, 9G Uncle (~1630-)
Richard266, 9G Uncle (~1632-1724)
Miriam266, 9G Aunt (~1635-)
Seeth266, 9G Aunt (bp. 1636-)
3555. _____ _____568, 9G Grandmother. Died abt 1636.
3556. Philip VERIN460, 9G Grandfather. Immigrated in 1635 “James” from Southampton. Occupation: roper.

According to Savage,461 Philip Verin (or Veren or Vering) of “Salem, br. prob. of the first Joshua, came 1635, arr. at Boston, in the James from Southampton, in the ship’s clearance call. ‘a roper,’ late of New Sarum, or the city of Salisbury as in mod. times we designate it, bring. w. Dorcas, and ch. perhaps all b. in Eng. Philip, Nathaniel, Hilliard, and Joshua, yet poss. one or more were b. here, for he had sec. w. Jane, wh. join. the ch. in 1640; was freem. 2 Sept. 1635, but twenty yrs. later was imprison. as a Quaker.”

For a comprehensive modern sketch see Anderson 2011.7: 173-176 (GM 1634-1635 T-Y).
He married Dorcas _____263, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Philip, 8G Grandfather (bp. 1619-)
Nathaniel263, 9G Uncle
Hilliard263, 9G Uncle
Joshua263, 9G Uncle
3557. Dorcas _____263, 9G Grandmother. Immigrated in 1635 “James” from Southampton.
3560. John DODGE. (Same as number 3520.)
3561. Margery _____. (Same as number 3521.)
3564. William HASKELL, 9G Grandfather. Buried on 11 May 1630 in Charlton-Musgrove, Somersetshire, England.
He married Eleanor COOK, 9G Grandmother in 1600.
They had one child:
Capt. William, 8G Grandfather (1618-1693)
3565. Eleanor COOK, 9G Grandmother.
3566. Walter TIBBETS570, 9G Grandfather. Will dated on 5 Jun 1651. Died on 14 Aug 1651. Immigrated ? .

According to Savage,571 Walter Tibbets of “Gloucester, the freem. of 19 May 1642, was selectman that and three foll. yrs. d. 14 Aug 1651. His d. Mary, the only ch. whose name is kn. m. 6 Nov. 1643, William Haskell, tho. it may be presum. that he had ano. d. Agnes, for he was, at his d. call. f.-in-law of Edward Clark, her h. and his will of 5 June 1651, mak. w. extrx. names gr. ch. Richard Dike, Joseph and William Haskell, John and [p. 300] Joseph Clark, beside Eliz. Dike, perhaps mo. prob. sis. of Richard, Elinor Luscombe and Salome Trill. I am ign. of the last two.”
Mary, 8G Grandmother (1628-1693)
Agnes263, 9G Aunt
3588. John WHITNEY572, 9G Grandfather, son of 7176. Thomas WHITNEY & 7177. Mary BRAY. was baptized on 20 Jul 1592 in St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England. Immigrated in 1635 “Elizabeth & Anne” from London. Will dated on 3 Apr 1673 at Watertown, Massachusetts. Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 1 Jun 1673.

John Whitney’s life is extensively documented, and Smith573 summarizes what is known. Whitney was apprenticed to William Pring of the Merchant Taylors Company in London on 22 Feb 1607/8. His brother Robert was in turn apprenticed to him (John) on 8 Nov 1624. Smith reproduced portions of their apprenticeship documents. John lived on Bow Lane in London, and sent his eldest son to the Merchant Taylors’ School on Suffolk Lane. The family emigrated to New England in Apr 1635 aboard the Elizabeth and Ann, Roger Cooper, master. Their ages at embarkation as quoted in Shattuck’s Memorials and elsewhere are imprecise estimates. John Whitney settled at Watertown and became a freeman on 3 Mar 1635/6. “He was of comfortable social standing and had a better than average education, but claims to a stunning royal descent have been disproven (TAG 10: 84-88).”574 Smith provides many details about his property holdings, a transcription of his will, and an inventory of his estate at the time of his death, along with a facsimile of his signature.

See Anderson 2011.7: 366-372 (GM 1634-1635 T-Y) for a comprehensive sketch, with revisions to some earlier works.
He married Elinor _____572, 9G Grandmother say 1623.
They had the following children:
Mary, 9G Aunt (bp. 1619-)
John, 9G Grandfather (bp. 1621-1692)
Richard, 9G Uncle (bp. 1624->1691)
Nathaniel, 9G Uncle (1626->1635)
Thomas, 9G Uncle (bp. 1627-1719)
Margaret, 9G Aunt (bp. 1629-<1635)
Jonathan, 9G Uncle (~1635-)
Dea. Joshua, 8G Grandfather (1636-1719)
Caleb, 9G Uncle (1640-)
Benjamin, 9G Uncle (1643-1723)
3589. Elinor _____572, 9G Grandmother. Born say 1600. Immigrated in 1635 “Elizabeth & Anne” from London. Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 11 May 1659.

Came to Massachusetts in 1635 on the “Elizabeth and Ann” with her husband and family. See under her husband John Whitney for details.
3590. Thomas TARBELL288, 9G Grandfather, son of 7180. Thomas TARBELL. Born abt 1618. Died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on 11 Jun 1678. Immigrated ? .

Thomas Tarbell settled first at Watertown, and then removed about 1663 to Groton about when that town was established. Thomas and his son Thomas, Jr., were original proprietors of Groton, owning a twenty-acre and a six-acre right respectively. Thomas and his children evacuated to Charlestown during King Philip’s war, and Thomas and Thomas, Jr., died in a smallpox outbreak in Charlestown in 1678.
He married Mary _____288, 9G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Thomas, 9G Grandfather (~1642-1678)
Mary474,575, 9G Aunt (1645-1676)
Sarah474, 9G Aunt (1648-1715)
Abigail, 8G Grandmother (ca1650->1719)
John288, 9G Uncle (1654-1715)
Elizabeth474, 9G Aunt (1656-)
William474, 9G Uncle (1659-)
Martha474, 9G Aunt
3591. Mary _____288, 9G Grandmother. Born in 1620. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, in 1674. Immigrated ? .
3592. Henry STEVENS, 9G Grandfather. Born in 1611 in England. Died in Boston, Massachusetts, on 11 Jun 1690. Immigrated ? .

Savage has an entry for this Henry Stevens (to be entered), but the birthdate given for son John does not match the one given here. To be investigated.
He married Alice _____, 9G Grandmother.
They had one child:
John, 8G Grandfather (1639-1691)
3593. Alice _____, 9G Grandmother. Born in 1613 in England. Died in Boston, Massachusetts, 16 Feb 1650/1. Immigrated ? .
3594. Richard HILDRETH. (Same as number 1660.)
3595. Elizabeth HINCHMAN, 9G Grandmother, daughter of 7190. Maj. Thomas HINCHMAN. Born abt 1625 in England. Died in Malden, Massachusetts, on 3 Aug 1693. Immigrated ? .
She married Richard HILDRETH, 8G Grandfather.
They had one child:
Elizabeth, 8G Grandmother (1646-1718)
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