Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

14th Generation
15681. Katharine _____99, 11G Grandmother.
15688. Thomas BOWERS, 11G Grandfather. Born abt 1565.
He married Iwerner MINISTER, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
George, 10G Grandfather (1590-)
15689. Iwerner MINISTER, 11G Grandmother.
15740. Henry LOKER-RIDDLESDALE783, 11G Grandfather, son of 31480. Robert LOKER-RIDDLESDALE & 31481. Lucy _____. was baptized 7 Feb 1576/7 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk/Essex, England. Will dated 22 Feb 1630/1 at Bures St. Mary, Essex, England. Buried 25 Feb 1630/1 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk/Essex, England.

A summary of what is known about Henry Loker (alias Riddlesdale), compiled by Douglas Richardson of Tuscon, Arizona, appears in Threlfall’s GMC50.784 Henry was a glover, and according to his mother’s will he had been put out as an apprentice when young. He was from Bures St. Mary, but “As had his parents before him, he lived in that part of Bures Saint Mary which lies south of the River Stour and is [in] Essex county, tho[ugh] the parish church lies north of the river in Suffolk county. Apparently he dropped the name Riddlesdale and settled on Loker which had been an alias for several generations. His widow and children used only Loker after emigrating to New England.”785 A transcript of Henry Loker’s will is reproduced by Threlfall in which Henry identifies himself as “of Bures Saint Mary, county Essex.” After Henry Loker’s death, his widow and their children emigrated to New England and settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Henry’s wife is only identified as Elizabeth _____ in Threlfall. See under her name for more details.
He married Elizabeth FRENCH783, 11G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Henry729, 11G Uncle (<1610-1688)
John, 10G Grandfather (~1608-1653)
Bridget729, 11G Aunt (-1685)
Anne (Hannah)729, 11G Aunt (-1697)
15741. Elizabeth FRENCH783, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 31482. Jacob FRENCH & 31483. Susan WARREN. was baptized 27 Feb 1586/7 in Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk, England.786 Died in Sudbury, Massachusetts, on 18 May 1648. Immigrated in 1639.

Threlfall785 identifies Henry Loker’s wife as Elizabeth _____, and speculates that she may have been a sister of Bridget, the wife of John Parmenter of Bures St. Mary who settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The name French is given by the website This source needs additional investigation.
15748. John BARKER268, 11G Grandfather, son of 31496. Richard BARKER & 31497. Alice _____. Born abt 1540. Will dated on 24 Jun 1587 at Nayland, Suffolk, England. Buried on 22 Oct 1588 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 10 Dec 1588.

According to Threlfall’s GMC50,787 John Barker “of Nayland, Suffolk, England, was born about 1540. On 26 May 1562 at Nayland, he and Margaret Maull of Nayland were married. He was a cloth maker. On 22 October 1588, John Barker the elder, ‘a householder’, was buried at Nayland. Margaret Barker, ‘widow’, was buried 11 January 1589/90 at Nayland. Both of them left wills.” Abstracts of those wills follow.
He married Margaret MAWLE268, 11G Grandmother on 26 May 1562 Nayland, Suffolk, England.
They had the following children:
John, 10G Grandfather (bp. 1563-)
Margaret268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1565-)
Katherine268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1568-)
Alice268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1570-)
Dorothy268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1572-)
Richard268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1575-)
Thomas268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1578-)
Alice268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1580-)
Anne268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1582-)
William268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1585-)
Joyce268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1588-)
15749. Margaret MAWLE268, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 31498. John MAWLE & 31499. Margaret _____. Will dated on 24 Dec 1589 at Nayland, Suffolk, England. Buried 11 Jan 1589/90 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. Will proved 7 Feb 1589/90.
15750. Richard WALTER268, 11G Grandfather. Born say 1527. Will dated on 17 May 1569 at Nayland, Suffolk, England. Buried on 4 Jun 1569 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 11 May 1570.

Threlfall’s GMC50788 provides the following information about Richard Walter: “RICHARD WALTER of Nayland, Suffolk, England, a beer brewer, was probably born 1520-1535. He apparently first married Elizabeth _____, who as ‘wife of Richard Walter’ was buried 13 December 1562 at Nayland. In 1563, he remarried to Margaret _____, who was probably born 1530-1540. He apparently had a sister who married John Winterflood, and thus the Thomas Winterflood he bequeathed to would have been a nephew. Peter Walter, who was underage, was probably another nephew. Since he did not name Peter’s father, nor his ‘brother’ John Winterflood’s wife, the brother and sister were probably then dead. Also, he named no other relatives, so one can reasonably assume that he singled out these two because they had lost a parent.

“Richard Walter, being sick, made his will 17 May 1569. He, ‘a householder’, was buried 4 June 1569 at Nayland. His wife was pregnant at the time of his death. The child was a boy whom she named John as we learn from the will of Margaret Maull, who died in 1586. (See No. 6410). [RJO’s note: what this reference to “No. 6410” means is not clear in Threlfall’s text.] Her bequeathing to the three Walter children suggests a relationship. While Margaret Walter was then married to Margaret Maull’s grandson, John Barker, there must have been a closer relationship for her to have included the two brothers. Perhaps Margaret Maull was nee Walter, and these three recipients of her kindness were a grand niece and two grand nephews.” An abstract of Richard Walter’s will follows.
He married Margaret _____268, 11G Grandmother in 1563.
They had the following children:
Margaret, 10G Grandmother (bp. 1564-)
Richard268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1567-)
John268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1569->1586)
15751. Margaret _____268, 11G Grandmother. Born say 1535.
He married Mary SELBY, 11G Grandmother.
They had one child:
James, 10G Grandfather
15872. John COMMIN735, 11G Grandfather. Born abt 1565. Died in Copford, Essex, England, on 3 Nov 1612. Of Copford and Easthorpe, Essex, England.

His will is reproduced on the Isaac Cummings Family Association website. “His father might possibly be Johannes (John) Cowman, baptized 23 Jul 1561 at Bocking, Essex, found in the IGI and confirmed in the Bocking Parish Register, SLFHL Film 1471886, Extracted SLFHL Film 0472340.”735
He married Amy GREENE735, 11G Grandmother abt 1592.
They had the following children:
John735, 11G Uncle (bp. 1595-)
Ursula735, 11G Aunt (bp. 1597-)
Abraham735, 11G Uncle (bp. 1599-)
Isaac, 10G Grandfather (1601-1677)
Mary735, 11G Aunt (bp. 1605-)
John735, 11G Uncle (bp. 1608-)
_____?735, 11G Aunt (bp. 1620-)
15873. Amy GREENE735, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 31746. John GREENE. Born abt 1569.
15878. Thomas FRENCH740, 11G Grandfather, son of 31482. Jacob FRENCH & 31483. Susan WARREN. was baptized on 11 Oct 1584 in Bures St. Mary, Essex, England. Died in Massachusetts bef 5 Nov 1639. Immigrated ? .

According to Threlfall’s GMC50789, Thomas French “was baptized 11 October 1584 at Bures Saint Mary, the son of Jacob and Susan (Warren) French. On 5 September 1608 at Assington, the next parish, he and Susan Riddlesdale were married. She was baptized on 20 April 1584 at Boxford, the daughter of John and Dorcas. Thomas French occupied a farm located in Assington called Garlands. It was owned by John Gurton.

“In 1630, his eldest son, then 21, sailed for New England in the Winthrop Fleet of eleven ships about about 700 colonists [see further below]. In the next few years, three of his sisters, Alice, Dorcas and Susan, also went to New England. In late 1636, Reverend Nathaniel Rogers, the Vicar of Assington, also went to New England, where he became the pastor at Ipswich until his death in 1665. Four other Assington families also came with Rogers. Probably over the next year, Thomas French, his wife and remaining children, also crossed the Atlantic to settle in Ipswich, where he first appears on record in New England in 1638 with a grant of land [which Threlfall transcribes here.]

“Thomas French lived but a couple of years in New England, for on 5 Novemebr 1639, administration of his estate was granted to his wife and ‘the land wheich he left is to be disposed of by sale or otherwise by advice of the Magistrates of Ipswich, for the maintenance of his wife and education of his children which are not yet able to provide for themselves, nor were disposed of in their father’s life.’

“A widow French was a Commoner in Ipswich in 1641. There is no further mention of her until her death in August 1658. Administration of her estate was granted to her son John.” A transcript of Susan (Riddlesdale) French’s estate inventory follows.

Threlfall’s claim that Thomas French, Jr., was a member of the Winthrop Fleet probably derives from Banks790, who says that Thomas French of Boston, Massachusetts, was originally from Assington, Suffolk, and later settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. He was a member of the Winthrop Fleet and died before 5 Nov 1639. He came to New England with his wife, Susan (Riddlesdale) French, and seven children: Thomas, Jr. (b. 1608; “mentioned in letter of John Bluette of Groton as ‘my scholar’ (L. & L.W.)”, Alice (b. 1610), Dorcas (b. 1614, a maidservant to Gov. Winthrop), Susan (b. 1616), Anne (b. 1618), John (b. 1622), and Mary (b. 1625).

The more recent and authoritative work of Anderson in his GMB791 puts Thomas, Jr.’s, migration at 1632 (the earliest date at which he and his sister Alice appear in New England records), with Thomas, Jr.’s, sisters Dorcas and Susan arriving in 1633, and the parents Thomas and Susan (Riddlesdale) French arriving after 1633.
He married Susan RIDDLESDALE792, 11G Grandmother on 5 Sep 1608 Assington, Suffolk, England.
They had the following children:
Thomas793,794, 11G Uncle (bp. 1608-1680)
Alice, 10G Grandmother (1610-1666)
Dorcas268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1614-1694)
Susan268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1616-)
Anne268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1618-)
Margaret268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1620-)
John268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1622-1697)
Mary268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1625-)
15879. Susan RIDDLESDALE792, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 31758. John RIDDLESDALE & 31759. Dorcas _____. was baptized on 20 Apr 1584 in Boxford, Suffolk, England. Died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in Aug 1658. Immigrated ? .
15884. Peter BRACKETT795, 11G Grandfather, son of 31768. Richard BRACKETT & 31769. _____ _____. Born abt 1580-5 in England. Will dated on 18 Aug 1616. Buried on 25 Aug 1616 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England (All Saints Church).

According to Threlfall’s GMC50796, Peter Brackett “of Sudbury, Suffolk, England, was born about 1580-85. His wife’s name was Rachel. Taken ill in the prime of his life, he made his will 18 August 1616 and died a week later. He was buried on 25 August at All Saints, Sudbury. One must wonder what fatal malady it was, which gave him so little hope of recovery that he prepared for death. Three days after his burial, the 28th, his widow proved his will. Except for the religious preamble, it is given in full below. From it, one learns that he left three small children and his wife was expecting a fourth within a few weeks.

“Peter Brackett was apparently a substantial citizen, for he owned a house in another parish which was rented out, and the rent from this he left to his father for life. [A transcript of Peter Brackett’s will is inserted here.]

“After being left a widow, Rachel doesn’t appear in any other English records yet found for two years. Then, however, she remarried to Martin Saunders, a currier of Sudbury.

“On or about 10 April 1635, Martin Saunders, Rachel, and their seven minor children, and also her daughter Rachel (Brackett) Newcomb and her husband Francis and two [p. 74] children, all set sail from London aboard the Planter, Nicholas Trerice, Master. They arrived 7 June following. On the passenger list, Martin and Rachel are listed as aged 40 and from Sudbury. With them also were three servants: Mary Fuller age 15, Richard Smith age 14, and Richard Ridley age 16. No more is known about these three young servants. Now the ages given on the passenger list for the Saunders family members were mere estimates on the part of the clerk, as can be shown in the case of the children. Martin and Rachel were apparently nearer 45, or born around 1590, which would make her about 18 at the birth of her first child and 42 at the birth of the last one.

“The Bracketts, Newcombs and Saunders, all from Sudbury, all settled in that part of Boston which was soon set off as the town of Braintree. Rachel Saunders was of course the mother of Richard and Peter Brackett, of Rachel Newcomb, and the Saunders children.

“Rachel Saunders was admitted to the Boston church on 8 November 1635, the same time as was Richard Brackett’s wife, Alice. On 16 April 1639 she was dismissed to the new Braintree church.

“Rachel died at Braintree 15 September 1651. Martin Saunders remarried 23 May 1654 to Elizabeth Bancorft, widow of Roger. When his son John was about to marry Mary Munjoy, he deeded him some of his land.

“Martin Saunders died 4 August 1658, having made his will 5 July preceeding.” An abstract of the inventory of Martin Saunders’s estate follows.
He married Rachel _____797, 11G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
Peter268, 11G Uncle (~1608->1673)
Capt. Richard, 10G Grandfather (bp. 1610-1690)
Rachel268, 11G Aunt (bp. 1614-)
Jonathan268, 11G Uncle (bp. 1616-)
15885. Rachel _____797, 11G Grandmother. Born abt 1590. Died in Braintree, Massachusetts, on 15 Sep 1651. Immigrated in Apr 1635 “Planter” from London to Boston.
15886. Thomas BLOWER437, 11G Grandfather, son of 31772. Thomas BLOWER & 31773. Susanne VINCENT. was baptized on 23 Apr 1587 in Stanstead, Suffolk, England. Died in Massachusetts by 9 Sep 1639. Immigrated in 1635 “Truelove” to Boston.

The immigrant Thomas Blower has been comprehensively studied by several genealogists including Threlfall798 and Anderson et al.799 The details of Thomas’s children given here come from Anderson et al., while the prose account below is from Threlfall.

According to Threlfall’s GMC50798, “THOMAS BLOWER (Thomas) was baptized 23 April 1587 at Stanstead, England. At the age of ten, his father died. What became of his mother or who cared for the family is unknown. On 19 November 1612 at Stanstead, he married Alice, the daughter of Edward and Thomasine (Belgrave) Frost. She was baptized 1 December 1594 at Stanstead. They probably both grew up in Stanstead which is 5 miles north of Sudbury.

“Within two or three years after their marriage, they moved to Sudbury where their children were baptized. Here they must have lived for at least fifteen years. In 1633, Alice got into some sort of dispute with the church authorities, for on 18 February 1633/4, Alice Blower was charged with Contempt of Ecclesiastical Laws before the Court of High Commission. She was fined £100 which was certainly a ruinous amount, which neither she nor her husband could raise. This must have been cause for a hasty move to London and an appeal against the fine, for on 26 June 1634, Alice Blower, defendant, ‘having long since removed from Sudbury where the offense was given, to London, whereby the scandal was taken away, she was dismissed’. (Calendar of Domestic Papers, Charles I)

“It was this sort of religious harrassment that prompted so many to leave England for the New World between 1620 and 1640. Whatever the reason, in September 1635 Thomas Blower, set sail in the Truelove, John Gibbs, Master. The ship arrived in Boston in late November. He was listed as aged 50 on the passenger list and alone. Ages were often mere estimates and in this case he seems to have been actually aged 48. There is no record of a family with him. His daughter Alice had preceeded him to Boston two years earlier as the young bride of Richard Brackett. Three years later, his sister-in-law and her husband, Edmund Rice, also came to New England to join him.

“Nothing can be found of him in New England records except in the Winthrop Papers there is an extant letter written by one Nathaniel Lufkin to Mr. John Winthrop the elder of Boston from Hitcham, Suffolk, dated 1 April 1640, by which Lufkin was owed £24 by Thomas Blower, the debt having [p. 78] been incurred in England, and Lufkin wished it collected in New England where Blower was then living. Lufkin wrote, ‘...there is one Edmond Rice and Henry Bruning who the bearer knows well who can tell of the debt as well as myself...’

“Edmund Rice was married to Thomasine (Frost), sister of Thomas Blower’s wife, Alice.

“In the Colonial Records is the following:

“‘9 September 1639 -- Capt. Keayne was ordered to pay the 12.10s which he rec’d of Mr Saltonstall for pt of Mrs Blowers N [necessaries?] to the treasurer -- Rec. of the Mass. Bay 1: 273’

“Thus, Thomas Blower must have died about 1639, which explains the dearth of record of him. Other Blowers, including John, his son, also appear in the New England records. The others were probably all related to him. When his wife Alice died is not known.” An account of Thomas’s children follows (though some of these appear to be duplicated; Anderson et al.799 correct these duplications). Threlfall’s sources are given as “Probate Records at Bury Saint Edmunds; Parish Registers; Bishop’s Transcripts; Suffolk County, Mass. Probate Files; Savage; Records of the Mass. Colony, Vol. I; T.A.G. - 21: 238.”800
He married Alice FROST437, 11G Grandmother on 19 Nov 1612 Stanstead, Suffolk, England.
They had the following children:
Hannah437, 11G Aunt (~1613-)
Alice, 10G Grandmother (bp. 1615-1690)
Joshua437, 11G Uncle (bp. 1621-)
Thomas437, 11G Uncle (bp. 1624-)
Mary437, 11G Aunt (bp. 1626-)
John437, 11G Uncle (bp. 1628-)
Thomas437, 11G Uncle (bp. 1630-)
Pyam?437, 11G Uncle (~1638-1709)
15887. Alice FROST437, 11G Grandmother, daughter of 31774. Edward FROST & 31775. Thomasine BELGRAVE. was baptized on 1 Dec 1594 in Stanstead, Suffolk, England. Immigrated ? 1635.

In 1634 Alice (Frost) Blower was fined £100 for contempt of ecclesiatical laws by the Court of High Commission801. See under her husband Thomas Blower for details. Alice found herself in further legal difficulties in New England because of her work as a midwife (Mary Elizabeth Norton, “‘The ablest midwife that wee know in the land’: Mistress Alice Tilly and the women of Boston and Dorchester, 1649-1650,” William and Mary Quarterly, 55: 105-34, 1998).
15940. William COOKE, 11G Grandfather. Born abt 1560. Died in Bridport, Dorset, England, on 7 Jun 1611.
Aaron, 10G Grandfather (1585-1615)
15942. Thomas CHARD, 11G Grandfather. Born on 27 Feb 1567 in Hemyock, Devonshire, England.

Data from which shows daughter Elizabeth born before parents’ marriage. Further investigation is needed.
He married Elizabeth BUNCKOM, 11G Grandmother on 21 Apr 1590 in Hemyock, Devonshire, England.
They had one child:
Elizabeth, 10G Grandmother (1586-1643)
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