Public Comments on the UNCG Master Plan and Peabody Park

April–July 2000, Part A

Below is the first section of public comments on the UNCG Master Plan posted to the Perkins & Will bulletin board from April–July 2000. The second section is available on page 2000B. The bulletin board was closed in July 2000 and then reopened for another comment period from March–June 2001; those comments are available on page 2001A and page 2001B. Because the bulletin board software was somewhat awkward to use, a few people duplicated their posts inadvertently; these duplications have been retained without editing to protect the integrity of the record.

Adjacent Campus Spaces and Places

McIver St. Posted by: Staff 7/13/00
Today a friend showed me an item from the newspaper a couple weeks ago that said UNCG had not gotten zoning permission to renovate a couple houses on McIver St. OK, fair enough; paperwork sometimes gets lost in the bureaucracy. But the truly amazing thing was the university official who claimed that some of the buildings on McIver St. were going to be torn down (get this) to create more "green space"! The brazen dishonesty of the UNCG administration is beyond belief. They seem to operate on the "big lie" principle, meaning that if you just keep repeating a lie often enough and tell it louder and bigger each time eventually people will believe you. Tear down the chancellor's house for green space, tear down McIver St. for green space, what is next? Next they will say that we have to bulldoze Peabody Park and Piney Lake to create more green space. It is a real shame that people like this hold positions of power in an educational institution.
Tate Street Expansion Posted by: Faculty 6/11/00
Does the university envision expanding up and across Tate Street in either direction in the near or distant future? Also, what about the east side of McIver Street as well? I suppose expansion could also continue across the railroad tracks onto Lee Street and beyond. Is anyone out there thinking about these eventualities?
Peabody Park Revisited Posted by: Faculty 6/11/00
Peabody Park is an oasis on an otherwise sterile concrete campus. Do whatever it takes to protect what little is left for future generations to enjoy. PERIOD.
Piney Lake vs. Peabody Park - No Comparison Posted by: Staff 5/27/00
All this talk about Piney Lake vs. Peabody Park. Piney Lake is quite a distance from campus. It is a neat place for summer camp, swimming lessons, and retreats, but would take far too long for biology classes to reach for applied study. The best lab in the world for that is just outside the door -- Peabody Park. Anyone who tries to compare Peabody with Piney Lake needs to reexamine the situation.
Yum-Yum and UNCG Go Hand-in-Hand Posted by: Staff 5/27/00
How are we of the UNCG community going to exist without Yum-Yum hot dogs and homemade ice cream? We've got to do everything in our power to help this business relocate or allow them to stay where they are. I hate the idea of driving people out-of-business for any reason. Plus, Yum-Yum is truly a part of the UNCG family. Could Aramark help in this matter?
Faculty Center Posted by: Faculty 5/16/00
The slate on the back porch is in dire need to repair and replacement. The leaks have created cracks not only in the porch but also in wall beneath the first floor, which currently leaks every time we have rain or melted snow. The leaks pour into electrical, telephone and computer wiring areas of the Telefund Office. We're very much concerned about the damage to our equipment as well as the potential for a fire. Also the leaks from the porch drip on people's head and often we have students and alumni visitors who complain of it dripping into their eyes, stinging and hurting them. We've been told this is nothing to be concerned about -- but it's natural for people to be worried about lime and calcium deposits getting in their eyes. We've been promised in past few years that this would be corrected at the same time the EUC would be renovated. Please don't forget us. We're a small office -- but we do have a lot of employees and visitors. Thank you.
Railroad Expansion Posted by: Staff 5/12/00
Before planning for the use of all the space on the south side of campus please consider the proposed high speed rail line from DC to Charlotte and the impact of future mass transit efforts. Please consider leaving space for a rail stop, as after the high speed line is complete (see NC DOT Website) local commuter train lines will surely begin serving the Triad region. Nothing will be better for UNCG and the environment then mass transit and with the forethought to plan for a station on campus we might just reduce our dependance on autos and parking. Thank you.
Apartments Posted by: Faculty 5/1/00
How about some town-gown cooperation by urging a commercial builder to build apartments on the site of Jack's Corner? Students need more housing alternatives. The structure could be built to resemble the UNCG-run apts across the street and restaurants such as Jack's and/or Yum Yum's could be housed on the lower level.
Aycock St., Spring Garden St. area Posted by: Faculty 5/1/00
The west side of Aycock across from the parking lots would be an appropriate place for campus expansion. What about a low-impact weekend or evening conference center. During the summer the student apartments could be used for housing and parking is already convenient. Western Washington University has such a self-contained conference center, Fairhaven. For a high-tech teaching facility, check out the new Media Center on the North Campus of the Univ. of Michigan. Something like this would be great for UNCG and would be a much better transition to the nieghborhoods than the run-down houses now on SW Aycock St. If not a conference center, then perhaps married student housing.

Campus Safety

Brown Building Posted by: Faculty 7/30/00
What will become of the Brown Building, the former home of the School of Music? It contains a wonderful small recital hall that could house dramatic productions or act as a classroom for drama students. It would be a shame to see it go to waste, but since space is at a premium at UNCG, that seems unlikely.
Trees Near the Tennis Courts Posted by: Staff 7/30/00
I hope that there are plans in the works to restore the trees that were destroyed by the storm that stood alongside of the tennis courts which are being refurbished. Coming around that corner next to the quad is like heading into a war zone. The trees provide shelter from the heat and screened out some of the harsh sunlight. The stark, bare view is too sterile at this point. In fact, all of the larger trees on campus need to be protected. They are irreplaceable.
Posted by: Resident Student 7/20/00
School of Pharmacy Posted by: Commuter Student 7/3/00
About 5 or 6 years ago, my sister, who was a UNCG student at the time, told me that read something about UNCG starting a School of Pharmacy since there was only one in the entire state. Is this still (or was it ever) a part of the Master Plan? If not, maybe it should be as UNCG needs to be a bit more scientific and technology oriented in this high-tech world in which we live.
Reserved Spaces Posted by: Staff 7/3/00
What if these were like timesharing and were therefore always used, instead of often being left vacant. Staff or students could buy a week or two that wasn't being used by the "owner".
Old Chancellor's House Posted by: Staff 7/2/00
Everyone is tired of administrative-ese in regard to the renovation of the Chancellor's House on campus. My architect friend tells me that figures quoted to upgrade that building are extremely inflated (a ploy?). I bet you would have a lot of volunteers from McIver who'd be willing to move in there today! If and when the opportunity for a "signature building" arrives (we can't even seem to fund the science building. what are we thinking?), then possiblities for razing can be considered at that time.
Posted by: Staff 7/1/00
Low budget perks should be extended to both staff and faculty. This includes free admisssion to music dance and athletic events for faculty/staff as well as students. These events are underattended and would benefit from marketing strategies that include a wider base of university personnel.
Posted by: Resident Student 6/27/00
Why are we getting rid of our outside basketball courts. A lot of people enjoying playing outdoors but now there is nowhere to play.
PARKING Posted by: Commuter Student 6/22/00
Yum-Yum's Posted by: Staff 6/2/00
I just relocated here from another state and think that Yum-Yums is a big part of the collegee community. I would hate to see this business close or move tofar off campus. We all need to step in and help out every way possible!!!!
Master Plan Posted by: Staff 5/25/00
How about putting the draft master plan on this site, so we can comment upon it?
safety Posted by: Commuter Student 5/24/00
How can students be safe when they have to walk 1/2 a mile in the dark from there care to get were they are going, or maybe its safer to stand by yourself in a dark secluded area for 20 minutes waiting for the van to pick you up. Neither one sounds very safe to me
UNCG SGA Passed a resolution Posted by: Commuter Student 5/24/00
The Student Government Association of UNCG passed a resolution 4/18/00 concerning development of Peabody Park. The resolution follows. Whereas Peabody Park was established in 1901 as a gift to the University, and; Whereas Peabody Park has a special value for students because of its natural history and diverse plant and animal species, and; Whereas Peabody Park's field and woods, its streams, golf course, and amphitheatre are valued as an open space for recreation, and academic studies, and its natural beauty, and; Whereas Peabody Park is an area that is unsuitable for future development due to its locatoin on the northern and western sides of campus, where it would be inconvenient to locate parking or other facilities due to classrooms being on the opposite sides of campus. Whereas The Park's centennial anniversary will be celebrated in 2001, this is the opportune time to create this designation and insure the preservation of our campus history. Therefore be it resolved that the Student Government of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; 1. Requests that the whole of Peabody Park be designated an official University Park in the Master Plan and exempt from future development.
bob Posted by: Commuter Student 5/16/00
Telephone Posted by: Faculty 5/16/00
We have roughly 25-20 students who work in the basement of the Faculty Center Sunday-Thursday , 6-10PM, from Sept-May each year. Although the lighting has improved, students are having to walk after work behind the Alumni House, through Taylor Garden andthe Chancellor's Residence -- and it's not as well lighted. I'm concerned for their safety. Although we've asked them to walk in groups -- I am aware that there are some nights when a student is by themselves. Can we have more lighting in pedestrian areas, and also an outside phone somewhere in these isolated areas where UNCG is encouraging pedestrians to walk -- especially when there are lots of wooded areas. Thanks!
Parking ECHO Posted by: Resident Student 5/13/00
I want to echo the student who mentioned stop ticketing. We have no place to safely load and unload cars without being ticketed, there are no places to park unless you have a deck pass, and it's crazy that visitors have to park on the other side of campus just to come and avoid parking tickets and towing and the deck fees. The parking department already makes enough money off of us, why sell more passes than needed, and then proceed to be barbaric with the parking nazis that patrol only to see all the students with no money. If you don't want cars on campus, don't allow parking and build a new deck.
Campus Safety Posted by: Resident Student 5/13/00
If money is going to be spent doing things such as remodeling the EUC, can't some money be spent on a more pressing need, campus safety? The lighting around campus is awful and there are too many dark places where safety is a huge question. The woods behind Ragsdale/Mendenhall are asking for all kinds of trouble. Shouldn't safety come before beauty?
Loading and Unloading Posted by: Resident Student 5/13/00
In front of the high rises, many people park their cars to load and unload. This poses a huge problem for two way traffic coming around the curve in front of the police station and Guilford. Can't something be done?
Access for Disabled Posted by: Faculty 5/11/00
How will buildings such as Forney and Foust be remodeled to allow handicapped access? These buildings are much too valuable to raze simply because it will cost a good bit of money to put in elevators and ramps. The campus philosophy seems to be, tragically, that if it costs money to renovate an historic structure, then it needs to be torn down and replaced with a more modern eyesore that will certainly have a much briefer life. This approach to building on campus is odious and just plain sad. I hope that we will be able to save Forney, Foust, and other buildings such as Alumni House in the not too distant future before some bureaucrat feels like it's time for a cheaper substitute.
PARKING, It's not that difficult! Posted by: Commuter Student 5/10/00
Instead of an empty field beside the baseball stadium, why not a parking deck. The field is extremely unnecessary, and needs to be taken away and have a parking deck built on it. I think people would rather have a place to park than stare at an empty field being used only for people to play tag football!
Cars & Kids Don't Mix Posted by: Faculty 5/9/00
Remove vehicular access from as many roads as possible, ESPECIALLY College Avenue, as soon as possible.
Brick walks and stairways Posted by: Faculty 5/1/00
The brick walks and stairways are beautiful and help to tie the campus together but they need better lighting for safer walking in the evenings.
Distance learning vs. brick and mortarboard Posted by: Staff 4/26/00
Have planners looked into projections on the impact online universities will have on traditional universities? How will the growth of online learning impact facilities needs?
Yum Yum Ice Cream Parlor and Old Town Draught House Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
It would be neat if somehow an arrangement could be made with these businesses to operate within the campus limits. I don't know how long it will take the University to "foreclose" on those properties, but they are well-known and revered by the public and will be sorely missed once they are gone. Any ideas to relocate them or to preserve their businesses should be carefully explored.
Old Houses Along Highland Avenue Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
It would be nice if the three houses along Highland Avenue could continue to be used in some fashion by the University. I believe it lends a certain inviting atmosphere that makes it appear to be a neighborhood. The same goes for the former Home Management House on McIver Street. I fear that it may some day meet the same fate as the former President's House. These structures may not be historic, so to speak, but they are still visually-attractive and deserve some study before they are bulldozed prematurely. What do others think about this issue?
Goldfish Pond in Elliott Center Gardens Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
This is a much treasured gathering place for faculty and students that will hopefully be carefully-monitored and preserved during the major Elliott Center remodeling. It is simply too beautiful a space to lose. The fountains within the pool need to be checked as well.
Peabody Park Amphitheater Posted by: Resident Student 4/23/00
A comprehensive restoration plan of the Peabody Park Amphitheater should be included with the overall Peabody Park restoration plan. Used extensively throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the Amphitheater has recently seen a new resurgence in activity. This is a beautiful structure, and should be preserved along with the Park. For more information, PLEASE view the Peabody Park website to collect overall information on the Amphitheater, Peabody Park, and their importance to our campus: http://peabody.uncg.edu
Campus Development Posted by: Resident Student 4/23/00
It seems the South end of Campus--between Spring Garden and the RR tracks--is the logical place to develop. Here, there are no historical buildings and/or greenspaces to threaten with new development. That, combined with the fact that many students, faculty, and the surrounding community complain about the desolation of the South end, that area should be targeted for future development.
Peabody Park Comprehensive Restoration Posted by: Resident Student 4/23/00
We must commit to a thorough preservation and restoration of Peabody Park. This is an educational park, unique to the UNC System. Peabody Park was founded in 1901 through a $5000 gift from Georga Philanthropist George Foster Peabody to reflect the educational history of North Carolina. The North Carolina Audubon Society was founded in Peabody Park in 1902 by T. Gilbert Pearson, who went on to organize the National Audubon Society. Peabody Park has suffered both from University encroachment and neglect over the past 50 years. Now is the time to protect, preserve, and comprehensively restore Peabody Park to be the educational park it was always intended to be. It is already a classroom for a wide variety of settings and study, but we must act now to protect it for posterity in linking UNCG to the community and the future.
McIver Building Replacement Posted by: Faculty 4/23/00
I was pleased to see the "McIver Building Replacement" in the Master Schedule outline. After listening to further arguements for "building up, not out" I would propose replacing the current McIver Building with a reproduction of the original McIver Building. It was a beautiful 4-story structure, and the design could easily be modified to be a 5-story structure. Aerial photographs of campus depicting the original McIver Building can be see on the second floor of the main Library, to demonstrate how the original building was "in context" with the rest of campus.

Campus Spaces

Posted by: Commuter Student 7/1/00
1. Add a handicapped space to Lot 9 across form Student Recreation Center. Closest handicapped spaces are too far for those in wheelchairs or on crutches.
Building locations Posted by: Faculty 6/30/00
New academic buildings and parking structures should be built on the south end of the campus. The north end with its dorms and Peabody Park should be left as residential areas. If students have back-to-back classes there is insufficient time between classes to walk from one end of the campus to the other. On the other hand, students living in dorms shouldn't be complaining about walking 10 or 15 minutes to get to their car. Check out the parking on most of the other campuses our size or larger in the country. You walk a lot a farther than that.
child care facilities Posted by: Faculty 6/28/00
Isn't it about time that all of our child care facilities on campus are in one location? It seems that the university and Greensboro communities have waited long enough for a new child care facility on campus.
Chancellor's House Saga Continues Posted by: Faculty 6/11/00
So now I read in the Greensboro News and Record (6-4-00) that the house will be spared if ALL of the $1.8 million can be raised by August 1st! Thanks for the generous "gift" of time and support! Chancellor Sullivan, I am dumbfounded by your lack of support for or at least understanding of this issue. It is almost as if you have set off to sabotage the effort once and for all. Empty excuses such as "we can't go on a promise" (why not?) and "I've stretched it [the deadline] as far as I can" (truthfully?) and "the longer the house sits empty, the more it deteriorates and the more of a hazard it becomes." (and the house is really going to deteriorate that much in a year?) I hope and pray that the preservationists will be successful under such ridiculous conditions just for spite if nothing else. The preservationists are not asking for anything other than a little time. Elliott Center renovations can continue without demolishing the house right away. As the article says, "I'm still trying to figure out what the University has to gain by tearing the house down. Chancellor Sullivan, why are you so dead set against protecting this community treasure? It defies logic. You need to listen to what people in the community say.
Peabody Park and education Posted by: Faculty 6/1/00
Peabody Park is important, just as the Weatherspoon Gallery and the Jackson Library are important, because this is a *university*. It is not a shopping mall, it is not an industrial park, it is not a sports franchise, it is not a summer camp, it is not an apartment complex, it is not a parking service, and it is not a branch of the Chamber of Commerce, notwithstanding the vulgar mindset of quite a few people. Why should a student choose to come to UNCG? Because of our parking garages? That is a student we can do without. Because we have Chick-fil-A and Blimpies? That is a student we can do without. Because we have distinctive, academically strong, well-maintained, historically rich educational resources like the Weatherspoon Gallery, the Jackson Library, and Peabody Park? That is a student we need, and need more of. (And we might have more of if the university had not mismanaged Peabody Park for so long.) We have a new Environmental Studies Program, we are building a new science building, and the study of the environment is one of the most important issues in the world today. We have opportunities sitting in front of us to improve relations with our neighbors, with the alumni, and with the city; opportunities to set a positive example for the region and the UNC system; opportunities to teach our students about good citizenship, good stewardship, and the environment across the curriculum; opportunities to be leaders instead of followers. Do we build on any of that? No, we do what UNCG always does: appeal to the lowest common denominator like vulgar salesmen hawking a defective product with slogans like "signature building" and "students first."
Chancellor's House Relocation Posted by: Commuter Student 5/27/00
I really like the idea of relocating the Chancellor's House just a very short distance to the corner of Spring Garden and College Avenue. How much will it cost to demolish the structure? Couldn't that money be used to move the house and then have the restoration proponents to raise the necessary funding or else do it themselves? I do recall the log cabin that once stood on the golf course (now the site of the Student Rec Center) was moved down Walker Avenue. Can't we at least consider the possibilities? Why was the demolition date moved up so suddenly? What is the rush? This sense of urgency disturbs me. Very poor public relations for the university!
Emeritus Faculty Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
Honor our emeritus professors and staff in some fashion -- a garden, a monument, a newsletter updating the alums on their whereabouts, etc.
Gazebo Addition Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
In pictures in the archives, I notice there was once a gazebo structure located somewhere behind and between Foust and Forney Buildings. We need some sort of structure that readily serves as a symbol of UNCG. UNC-CH has its well, NCSU its belltower. A large gazebo would be a nice place to relax on a cool, breezy afternoon.
More on Peabody Park Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
There certainly seems to be a difference of opinion on the Peabody Park issue. Many folks have asked that the park be preserved, including the UNCG SGA and Dr. Robert O'Hara, a knowledgeable scientist and environmentalist. Others, less informed and much much less articulate, believe that land could be used for providing more parking. It might be most equitable to suggest a compromise. Leave what little park land remains alone. It has been reduced to a fragment of its original size. Build a parking deck on the south side of campus that is sparsely populated. We cannot risk becoming an asphalt jungle. I know how frustrating it can be to find a parking space on campus, not to mention the parking department's disagreeable attitudes toward life. But Peabody Park is invaluable as a true laboratory. Mr. Peabody did, after all, request in his will that this land remain unspoiled. This should teach us all a lesson: Be careful what you leave to the University in your will because future generations of uncaring, unscrupulous administrators might take advantage of your gift to suit their own agendas. Get a lawyer to anticipate any loopholes and be specific. Isn't it sad that we cannot be assured that our requests would be carried out to the letter?
Weatherspoon Art Gallery Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
Weatherspoon Art Gallery is a treasure, even though its architecture is a bit too modern for my tastes. Considering the nature of the building, it has some right to be "quirky." We need to model the majority of our buildings on campus after Foust, not Weatherspoon, the Bryan Complex labyrinth, or the birdcage outside of Spencer Dorm & the Dining Hall. One question: what happened to the neat fountain in the back of Weatherspoon where the large sculptures are located? Was that only a temporary display?
Students Building Cornerstone Posted by: Faculty 5/24/00
Between the Faculty Center and the Library lies the cornerstone for the former Students Building. Most people pass right by it without giving it a second glance. Seems to me that this is an ideal spot for a "signature building" everyone in administration seems to be begging for. It is a highly visible, easily accessed, and pleasant location, and building there wouldn't destroy a lot of trees or endanger other buildlings. Please seriously consider this site when drawing up plans for the future.
Fountain in Front of Dining Hall Posted by: Faculty 5/24/00
Even though folks "mistreat" it on occasion through the addition of laundry detergents, the fountain in front of the dining hall is without a doubt THE MOST BEAUTIFUL spot on campus. Do whatever is possible to protect it for future generations. I've heard some rumors that plans for the fountain were almost scrapped because of the presence of steam pipes or tunnels in the vicinity. Thank God someone found a way around that obstacle! Please keep the fountain flowing continuously. The mere sound of the bubbling waters is soothing, relaxing, and comforting. Thank you for soliciting our opinions.
Chancellor's House Relocation and Rehabilitation Posted by: Faculty 5/24/00
I've been following the story of the fate of the Chancellor's House in the newspaper and the latest idea I've heard sounds like a win-win situation for everyone. Allow preservation groups to move the house to the spot where the "bell plaza" currently sits on the corner of College Avenue and Spring Garden Street. (How ironic -- that's where President McIver's former house once stood!) Most importantly: allow preservation groups a little bit of time to raise the funds necessary to fund the restoration. Why does everything have to be so rushed? Don't sacrifice this campus landmark while such a brilliant alternative exists to save it.
The Necessity of Peabody Park... all of it Posted by: Staff 5/23/00
It is necessary to preserve and promote Peabody Park--its fields and woods. Yes, UNCG is a "land-locked" campus, which makes this valuable resource even more necessary and critical. Peabody Park is as necessary to UNCG as Central Park is to New York...I know, I've resided in both. UNCG has a brand new Environmental Studies Program. How wonderful it is that we have this space ON CAMPUS to use. Besides, Mr. Peabody and President McIver set aside this space always to be preserved for environmental, education use. Now, more than ever, we have this opportunity. Peabody Park also has unique ties to the National Audubon Society, as one of its organizers, T. Gilbert Pearson, was an early faculty member who founded the NC Audubon Society IN PEABODY PARK. Let us not put ourselves in the position of other UNC system schools who are spending thousands of dollars trying to revitalize and recapture what we already have. As an added note, $7 million is already being set aside for land acquisition for UNCG in the upcoming UNC system bond referendum. The campus is planning for expansion--of land AND programs. Let us not destroy educational and good business potential by encroaching further on Peabody Education Park...that includes the Peabody Park Fields and the Peabody Park Woods. We must make our campus unique by more fully using our potentials, specifically Peabody Educational Park.
Natural Spaces Posted by: Staff 5/16/00
Why do people continue to insist on saving a very small area on the north of campus they call Peobody Park. It is not much of a park as the few trees in it do not even hide the surrounding streets and buildings. I am an avid environmentalist, and enjoy the outdoors, but cannot see the value of this small wooded area, when we own two much larger natural areas in Piney Lake and the Three College Observatory. These are large enough to be important, and should be used to study and for other academic work, instead of being left to rot. We are a land locked urban campus that needs every acre for buildings and parking to serve one of our primary missions, educating people. The few classes that use this small wooded area would have better experiences learning in one of our off campus wooded areas. Heck maybe even drain Piney Lake and let it return to its natural state. This IdeaXchange section has plenty of parking comments, and the facts are that you can't solve those problems without land, land that is being "guarded" by a few anti-growth faculty members. Please try to do right by the thousands of others who want safe convenient parking and classrooms. Mr. Peobody gave a gift to the University, and as with any gift it becomes the receivers to do with as he or she sees fit, so lets do what is right for UNCG.
Peabody Park Preservation Posted by: Resident Student 5/12/00
I would like to echo the sentiments of others who have posted in favor of preserving Peabody Park. Both the wooded and field sections of the park have provided countless hours of recreational enjoyment and instructional information. It is imperative that the fields and woods of Peabody Park remain untouched by development.
Amphitheatre in Peabody Park Posted by: Resident Student 5/10/00
The Amphitheatre whithin Peabody Park is a great resource just waiting to be used. For the first time in at least 30 years the Amphitheatre has been used successfully by a campus organization (the Picnic in the Park sponsored by the Peabody Park Rangers). So much more could be done there if a little money was put into shaping it up. Numerous concerts, plays, and celebrations could be held there every year. All that's needed is a little facelift. This would be another great chance to do something good for the arts at UNCG.
Police Facility Posted by: Staff 5/5/00
I agree with the concept of one police facility in the heart of campus. Having two places on campus is confusing to students. When students or even staff have to come to the police station, it's on the far edge of campus. More police in the middle of campus can't be a bad thing, can it?
McIver Replacement Posted by: Staff 5/5/00
The idea about the McIver replacement being modeled after the original McIver Building is a GREAT idea. It was such a beautiful old building and it was huge.
Yum-Yum and Old Town Posted by: Staff 5/5/00
When the University puts a parking deck onto the space between Stirling and Forest, building in a commercial space for the two businesses currently there would generate income for years and keep a campus tradition alive.
Time to write off the athletics experiment Posted by: Staff 4/27/00
The biggest campus boondoggle of the last decade was the move to Division I athletics. It might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but ten years' worth of this experiment has wasted literally millions of dollars, destroyed whole neighborhoods, alienated students, faculty, alumni, and neighbors, and the sports events are lucky if they have as many people in the stands as they have playing on the field. It's time for UNCG to admit that it was a mistake and jettison the whole package. Let's put the emphasis back on education where it belongs.
Preservation of Peabody Park in its Entirety Posted by: Commuter Student 4/25/00
I reiterate the growing importance of Peabody Park to the UNCG community. The park has gained many new voices, both students and faculty, in the past couple of years. Peabody Park is now being used widely by the UNCG faculty for education, and the park is used by both students and faculty for its relaxing setting. An ongoing biological survey by Dr. Robert O'Hara is a testament to the home that Peabody Park serves as to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. The park is also an important stop to many migrating species, as well. Please preserve Peabody Park in its entirety, and consider the brilliant alternatives for expansion that others have suggested.
Peabody Park Posted by: Commuter Student 4/25/00
Peabody Park is one of the campuses most valuable resources. As a student that is nearing graduation, I vow to not give one penny as an alumnus to the university until the administration commits to the preservation of the remaining greenspace in Peabody Park.
Park Gym Posted by: Resident Student 4/24/00
This is an interesting building that currently houses offices. However, might it eventually be reconverted to a gymnasium for casual pick-up games or weight-lifting or aerobics?
Towers on Spencer Dorm Posted by: Resident Student 4/24/00
Would it ever be possible to open up the twin tower areas as observation decks, or would this just be too dangerous? There is something about a tower that appeals to our curious natures.
Curry Auditorium Renovation Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
Although Curry Building itself was remodeled only a few years ago, the auditorium is in pretty poor condition and really needs to be refurbished in order to be presentable to both the public and to the University. The room could be a showplace with just a little attention.
New Pool Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
Considering the size and scope of the new HPERD Building facility, it would seem logical to have a new pool installed. By no means should the old one be abandoned, however. It is my understanding that there is a "below ground" observation area that was once used for Dolphin-Seal pagents and the like (water ballet). Any chance this area could one day be opened to the public? Thanks for asking for our input. We appreciate the opportunity.
Rock Walls Throughout Campus Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
These walls exist up and down Highland Avenue and Forest Street, to name a few places. They are extremely attractive and need to remain. When the old house structures across from McNutt Center were razed, the rock walls remained. Bravo! However, when the area was cleared for a parking lot near the Elliott Center renovation site, these rock walls were destroyed. This was a terrible waste, as was the removal of two extremely large magnolia trees along Walker Avenue. Let's avoid this type of action in the future.
Springs in Front of Foust Building Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
We have all heard the stories of how Spring Garden Street received its name. Do any springs still exist in the park below Foust Building? I don't know what use could be made of this (these) spring(s), but the possibilities seem intriguing. Maybe a fountain could be "powered" by the spring.
Build in the south if necessary Posted by: Faculty 4/23/00
If more campus construction is needed, it should be in the southern part of the campus near Spring Garden and Oakland. Almost everything of historical and environmental value in that area has already been destroyed or will be soon; there's nothing left but pavement and parking lots there. So if we need more buildings, put them there, rather than on the northern border which is still beautiful and should be protected from destruction.
Police Facility Posted by: Staff 4/20/00
I would like to see the long term plan include a space for a modern, unified police facility. The space on the South side of the McIver parking deck would be an ideal location and is currently just empty, unused space.
Preserving Peabody Park Posted by: Faculty 4/19/00
Preserving Peabody Park as an academic setting for the University should be a priority when establishing and carrying forward a master plan for the University of NC at Greensboro. Not only does the park provide a beautiful green area for downtown Greensboro and the University, it also provides valuable plant, animal, insect, water, and other research resources for the biology and science departments. Let's keep what's left of the park like it is. We have enough concrete, buildings, signs, etc. What we need is nature in it's raw form.
Campus Preservation Posted by: Faculty 4/19/00
This University needs to start making commitments to the preservation of this campus. It is a beautiful campus, but over time the administration of the University's usual stance is to demolish the old and build new. This is what is happening with the Chancellor's Residence. If we keep doing this there will be nothing left of the old campus structures. One of these structures is Peabody Park. The entire park needs to be restored to the beatification of the original park so it may be used for recreation along with academic settings and uses for future students, staff, visitors, and local residents. This can be done under academic direction from an assigned department. Please do your part to commit to the preservation of the campus and make it a priority.

Note: These comments on the UNCG master plan posted from April-July 2000 are continued on page 2000B.

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