Public Comments on the UNCG Master Plan and Peabody Park

April–July 2000, Part B

Below is the second section of public comments on the UNCG Master Plan posted to the Perkins & Will bulletin board from April–July 2000. The first section is available on page 2000A. The bulletin board was closed in July 2000 and then reopened for another comment period from March–June 2001; those comments are available on page 2001A and page 2001B. Because the bulletin board software was somewhat awkward to use, a few people duplicated their posts inadvertently; these duplications have been retained without editing to protect the integrity of the record.

General Campus Improvements

Special Honor for Marian the Housekeeper Posted by: Staff 7/31/00
Would it be possible to name a room in the restored Chancellors residence or in the Alumni House in memory of Marian, the housekeeper who was so devoted to both of those buildings for so many years? This would be a touching tribute to her devotion and care.
Former Residence of the Chancellor Posted by: Faculty 7/30/00
Chancellor Sullivan deserves a round of applause and a great deal of thanks for brokering a compromise with Preservation NC that will delay the demolition of the structure for a year to see if private fund-raising efforts can be successful. It was surely a difficult decision to make, considering all of the controversy surrounding the issue, but this flexibility will undoubtedly pay off in the long run for all concerned. Now the public needs to do its part and support the effort to raise the needed funds. Bravo!
Bike Rack Posted by: Resident Student 7/15/00
Can we get a bike rack put in front of the library? There is a bike rack between the library and Elliott Center and one between South Spencer and the library, but these are out of eye-sight of the security guard at the front door of the library. This is of personal concern to me, as I had my bicycle stolen from the racks in between the library and Elliott Center last fall. A rack in front of the library would allow: 1. Easy access to the library 2. The bicycles are within eye-sight of the guard and general library traffic 3. Both the regular day-guard and Officer Stroup, of the UNCG Police (Public Safety) thought this was wise and safe idea 4. This would keep people from chaining their bikes to the handrails, both in front of the library and adjacent to it (which is a violation of safety codes and generally unsafe for pedestrians). As I mentioned earlier, I brought this idea up to Officer Stroup, that said she would speak to various library officials and others that would need to approve this idea, but haven't seen any results. I would really appreciate someone looking into this...I'm afraid to ride my new bike to the library! Thanks, Wayne Scheurer, wbscheur@uncg.edu or 334-6057
re-sodding athletic field Posted by: Faculty 7/7/00
According to rumors, the athletic field just south of the baseball stadium will be closed for a month this summer for resodding and the installation of a sprinkler system. This field has been open for--what?--two years, and it currently sports a velvet-like covering of bermuda grass that would be the envy of anyone in Irving Park. If the reports are true, this is a bad idea. If we are to convince voters to support a bond package, we cannot go wasting tens of thousands of dollars improving what needs no improvement.
Exterior Appearance of Facilities Posted by: Commuter Student 6/28/00
Although I'm sure it has been mentioned, I just wanted to point out that a number of the buildings on campus are in dire need of a new exterior coat of paint. In particular, the Faculty Center, the Alumni House, Foust, and Forney have peeling paint on the windows and windowsills that look very unattractive. If I, as a student of three years, still notice it, the peeling paint must be really unattractive to parents and potential UNCG students.
Dogwood Room - EUC Posted by: Faculty 6/23/00
I hope that somehow this special place will survive the Elliott Center renovations. In years past, the Dogwood Room was a full-service restaurant with menu and table service. In more recent times, it has become more of a salad bar/occasional special buffet line, but regardless, it is a beautiful setting that is convenient for faculty, staff, and students alike. There used to be pictures of by-gone days at UNCG on the wall (such as the Soda Shop that was once in the Faculty Center), but these have since disappeared. That was a nice touch, but the ceiling fans and enclosed porch are a great place to socialize and have lunch.
Library Tower Posted by: Faculty 6/23/00
Is there some way we could make the library tower less mausoleum-like? When viewed from certain angles, it looks like a great big crypt in the sky. This is really not the kind of message we should be sending, do you think? A little cosmetic changes would really help.
Honor Dean Lewis in Some Fashion Posted by: Faculty 6/23/00
We must figure out some way to honor the late Dean Emeritus of the School of Nursing, Eloise Lewis. A monument? fountain? garden? This was one of our great campus leaders and we need to visibly honor in some BIG way. Thanks for your consideration.
keep the chancellor's house Posted by: Staff 6/13/00
I really hope that UNCG keeps the Chancellor's house. The old Forney house has already been razed and is now an empty lot. I think alot of other staff members would agree that it is very difficult to find locations on campus where meals can be served and the Chancellor's house could serve this pupose well since it already has a kitchen. It sure would make it easier for the administrators and faculty to have lunch meetings!
McIver Building Posted by: Commuter Student 6/8/00
If the university needs to tear down a building in the near future, may I suggest the McIver Building? Not only is it an ugly focal point on campus, but seems to be in despirate need of repair!!
General Campus Improvements, too!!! Posted by: Staff 6/7/00
I could not agree more with the comments posted by a commuter student on 5/16 under the heading of "General Campus Improvemtents"! I have been a full time employee on this campus for over 5 years and am more than frustrated by the lack of communication between departments. I can only imagine the frustration that students are having. Today, for instance, I spoke to 7 different people in 3 different departments who gave me 5 different answers to ONE question! Of those 7 people, only 2 demonstrated any sort of telephone manners or offered to follow up on the situation. This is not an isolated instance. A workshop on "customer service" is a good suggestion. Another area to address is the proper use of grammar!!! We are an institute of higher learning and I can't begin to tell you how many people use extremely poor grammar! I don't know if there is a solution to these problems, but they are certainly areas that need to be addressed. Overall, UNCG is a fantastic place to work and a wonderful university as a whole- but there is a real need to get our act together in order to maintain our positive reputation.
lot behind graham & cone art gallery Posted by: Commuter Student 5/28/00
how about removing the fence surrounding that parking lot? its rusty and leans, appears to serve no visible purpose, and adds on time for those who park on the street behind it and are in a rush to get to class.
Graham Astronomy Observatory Posted by: Commuter Student 5/27/00
Could the astronomy observatory on top of Graham Building be somehow restored and better utilized? I realize we are in the middle of downtown Greensboro with all of its associated bright lights, but it seems to be a waste just to have it sit there practically abandoned.
Arrogant Bureaucrats Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
I find the arrogance of certain university officials to be quite disturbing. These university spokespersons don't even pretend to be polite or open-minded. For example, in the midst of the Chancellor's House disagreement, Betty Ervin, chair of the Board of Trustees and former President of the Alumni Association, said "it's just another nice brick house and there are several of those around, as you might have noticed." A sarcastic, condescending, and completely air-headed remark at best! What makes her the expert on this matter? What does she know or care about historical preservation or civil behavior? A very ivory-tower, "holier-than-thou" mentality. Should we interpret it as "how dare you question our decisions, you morons?" Makes you think once or twice when receiving a phone call from the Alumni Office soliciting funds. If they don't take the community's concerns seriously, why should we finance their lofty projects? It's a two-way street!
McIver Building Grill Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
If McIver Building is ever razed or renovated, remove the grill on the front and place it somewhere on campus as a decorative element in a garden accompanied by benches and a fountain, perhaps. It is one of the few nice things about that particular building in its present state.
Organ in Aycock Auditorium Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
Isn't the organ in the new music building phenomenal! What would be the likelihood of placing a pipe organ of exceptional quality into Aycock Auditorium? I know this very issue was considered for years but plans somewhow never materialized. An pipe organ somehow visually and auditorially enhances an auditorium and makes it seem more regal.
Long-Range Plans Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
Pay some attention to tradition in developing long-range plans. Don't always go for the flashy or showy or the avant-gard. We have a rather poor record of coordinating architectural styles on this campus.
Chancellor's Suggestion Box Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
The Chancellor's Suggestion Box is a great thing, but it needs to be advertised/publicized more. (The Chancellor DOES read each suggestion personally, doesn't she?!)
Tree Markers Posted by: Staff 5/27/00
Could some of the more notable, remarkable treest throughout campus be identified with plaques of some sort as is done at Guilford College. It would be nice to learn more about their species, etc. without having to do research in the library.
Peabody Park vs. Piney Lake Posted by: Commuter Student 5/26/00
I have been to both piney lake and peabody park. Peabody park is hardly a park at all. What makes it a park? Piney lake is at least a place where you can go boating. What types of services does peabody park offer? It seems like a red herring to me. I really do see the need for keeping green space but Peabody Park really occupies some great real estate. A parking deck would help out parking on that side of campus. I lived over there for two years and I can say that parking was terrible. Don't believe the HYPE over Peabody park. Piney lake is where it is at!
Importance of Tradition and History at UNCG Posted by: Faculty 5/24/00
From my perspective, which seems to be shared by a great many folks, not just the vocal few, very little respect seems to be paid to history and tradition on this campus. Now that so many of the Womens College alumnae are aging, ideas and facilities from those years appear to be swept aside or even denied. It is almost as if we are trying to deny or hide those early years and their unique flavor. We need to first begin developing careful plans to save and preserve campus landmarks rather than wait until it is too late and too expensive to fix up old structures. Yes, it is expensive, nearly prohibitively so, to remodel and restore aging structures, but it leads to something very concrete and permanent that would appeal to the alums as well as to more contemporary graduates. I believe that it is extremely rude and disrespectful to tamper with alums' memories of the university through the haphazard destruction of historic structures simply due to cost constraints.
Conference Center Posted by: Faculty 5/24/00
Wouldn't it be great if somehow the University could build a conference center facility to take care of an increasing demand for such spaces? Many other colleges and universities have such facilities. The size and extent of the facility would have to be researched, but this would seem to be a logical way to reach out to the community and bring in a more diverse group of people to UNCG. I believe that the college does have a Conference Director, but this area could be greatly expanded and enhanced with careful planning and study.
All Problems Posted by: Commuter Student 5/22/00
Ok, this is how we fix all our problems on campus. First off don't get rid of Yum Yums or Old Town. Id rather see them stay than have a baseball field or chancellor house. Speeking of the Chancellor's house, what is its point. The Chancellor thinks she is too good to stay there, so get rid of it. Build a parking deck there. It is not a hard problem to solve, the people running the campus are too concerned about what the alumni want because they donate money, maybe they should divert some attention to the current students if they want any more future alumnni that will donate money.
University Image Improvement Posted by: Resident Student 5/20/00
I believe that the university needs to become a little more selective during the admissions process. When you walk around campus and here people talking that sound like they couln't complete a sentence you often wonder if a primate could be accepted if it applied. I have school spirit but when you tell people "I go to UNCG" you are generally met with "Oh I'm sorry." For the sake of campus pride and the integrity of our degrees please become more selective in the admissions procedure.
Chancellor's House Posted by: Commuter Student 5/18/00
I would just like to suggest keeping the Chancellor's house. The house is one of the few historical buildings left on Campus. It easily could be used as a visitor center displaying historical items from the Univeristy's past. Even if it is destroyed, I would like to know what will take it's place. No one has mentioned what plans are in store for the property.
General Campus Improvements Posted by: Commuter Student 5/16/00
I think it would be advisable for all departments to work more closely with each other. So that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, so to speak. Also, customer service classes should be REQUIRED for all front line staff in dealing with the public. UNCG's image off-campus is, unfortunately, not a positive one.
Architectural Accessibility for People with Disabilities Posted by: Staff 4/26/00
I have a concern that in the past 2 years, there have been major building projects (i.e., improvements to spring garden st., baseball stadium, euc) yet some buildings have little accessibility for individuals with disabilities. The library is a building often used yet the access for wheelchair users is in the back in a poorly lit area near the garbage cans. Surely there can be some improvements to access. I could list many other buildings as well where there could be major improvements. My recommendation is that any future buildings be constructed using a universal design philosophy wherein entrances, bathrooms, and physical layout are equally accessible to all people regardless of the manner in which they ambulate (e.g., walking, wheelchair, walkers). I also believe that there needs to be a focus on improving access to buildings already in existance. Thank you for you consideration, Terri L. Phoenix Research Associate Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism PO Box 26169 GSO, NC 27402-6169 (336)334-3260
Final Plea for Preservation of the Former President's House Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
According to what I read in the newspapers, this issue is not yet dead. A preservation effort is being mounted to stop the demolition of this structure so that private fund-raising may be initiated. If this is the case, then the ultimate use of the facility needs to be established. Will it become a visitor's center, an "annex" to the Alumni House guest facilities, or will it be used for some other purpose. Hopefully the preservationists will win on this issue because the building is just too special to destroy. There are numerous other locations on the south side of campus near the railroad tracks that could house a so-called "signature building." Let's hope this is not the last we'll hear about this issue!
McIver Building Replacement Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
I echo the sentiments of the faculty member who recommended replacing McIver Building with a reproduction based on the original McIver. What a fantastic possibility! The current building, especially the decorative grill in the front, has its own unique charm, somewhat reminiscent of the early 60s I suppose, but the classic architecture of the original with its magestic columns and high ceilings would be such an improvement. It would also pay homage to the history of the University. What a great idea!
Renovation of the Upper Story of Foust Building Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
It is my understanding that the top story of Foust Building is condemned. It would be a shame to leave this space in the signature building on campus unused and unsafe. I know that everytime I pass by that beautiful building I gaze up at the beautiful balconies and wonder what the area was once used for. I believe the renovation of this space deserves consideration and further study.
Fountain in Circle in Front of Foust Building Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
Some years ago there was a fountain in the circle in front of Foust Building. It was not as elaborate as the fountain in front of the Dining Hall, but it was an aesthetically-pleasing spot for meditation and reflection. It would be nice if a new fountain, perhaps modeled on the previous one, could return once again to the front of Foust Building.
Plaza at the College Avenue Entrance to Campus Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
The brick arch that was a present to the University from a class seems a little out-of-place without a bell in the center. I realize that the bell was "rescued" and restored for use at commencement exercises, but where is that bell stored during the rest of the year? If it is too fragile to be placed in the plaza, could another bell be purchased to take its place? I think this would make the plaza more attractive and more in keeping with the wishes of the class that donated it.
Former Presby House Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
The fact that the former Presby House was retained and converted is indeed a credit to the University. Please allow this interesting structure to remain for use as a campus visitors' center. It holds many fond memories for former students and faculty alike.
The Centennial Plan for Restoring Peabody Park Posted by: Faculty 4/24/00
This plan, submitted to the Faculty Senate on 24 March 1999, gives a detailed description of what needs to happen with the Park, including the construction of Dees Lane and the Centennial Garden and the restoration of natural areas, the stream, and amphitheater. It is an excellent plan and needs to be seriously considered in the UNCG Master Plan so that this park will not suffer from "poor stewardship" by the University again. The University will need to grow, surely, but to the south side of campus, not to the north, where Peabody Park is located. Also, there was a resolution regarding Peabody Park presented to the SGA on 4-18-00 which states "...the Student Government of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro...requests that the whole of Peabody Park be designated an official University Park in the Master Plan and exempt from future development." I think it is amazing that so much interest has been generated into saving this park from future development. We should definitely heed the advice of those who have worked so hard to make the restoration of this park a reality.

Parking and Automobile Access

Parking office Posted by: Commuter Student 4/23/01
My experience with the parking officials has shown me that they are entirely unprofessional and a disgrace to the university. They gave my girlfriend a $210 ticket for modifying a $6 temporary parking pass... She had the audacity to change the license plate number as she switched vehicles from one day to the next. (the license plate number was left blank when the pass was purchased). After this, my father went to discuss the issues with parking officials Ken Huneycutt and Steve Johnson, both of whom failed to return phone calls, broke meetings, left work early, had others tell us they were out of the office or swamped with work, and were entirely unavailable until after the deadline had passed for appealing tickets. The parking office obviously has no one to answer to. They are free to write ludicrous tickets, and indeed, their livelihood depends upon it. They sell you a permit and then confiscate it the next day, while writing you a ticket. It is then in their best interest to to ignore all appeals and force the collection of money, all appeals must come through their ofice and they are almost all summarily denied so they can make more money. The situation will never change as long as there is no outside accountability, as there certainly is not (at least not an effective measure of accountability)
Posted by: Staff 7/1/00
1. Ticket Patrol should cease and desist during fall break, spring break and all other holidays. Parking is not at a premium during those times and costs for parking police could be minimized. 2. Budget of Ticket Patrol/Parking Police should not be based on number of citations issued. Not the mission of a university .
Posted by: Staff 6/30/00
Parking needs and costs have not been made a priority on this campus. It costs too much for staff and students. There are too few spaces, PERIOD. This campus really does need to get a grip on how to accomodate all of us and not keep raising the parking rates just because we keep losing spaces to new buildings. The word in the community is---don't go to UNCG for any events or whatever--you won't find anywhere to park.........sad, sad for all of us. The flat surface lots could all have been built vertically---no one thought ahead about this--and it would have helped.
Parking -- alternative ways to driving Posted by: Commuter Student 6/25/00
Maybe there is a solution with the high speed train access that will be added later on. Can there be a layout with Archdale, High Point, Winston Salem, and Greensboro that would allow students to ride a train or bus that were UNCG students? These people would be willing to pay the 400-500 extra dollars, because by time you pay gas and extra car things, this cost is very minimal. Just an idea.
On campus parking Posted by: Resident Student 6/23/00
Would it be at all possible to do a lottery for deck spaces as opposed to having a waiting list a mile long? it's ridiculous to have to wait up to two years simply to get a parking space within a reasonable distance to the residence halls. at least with a lottery the chances that you could get a space sooner are increased.
widening streets & erecting stoplights Posted by: Commuter Student 5/28/00
why not widen college avenue and other streets so that more parallel spaces are available, hopefully alleviating some of the problems with there not being enough parking spaces? also, how about installing a traffic light at the college avenue-spring garden intersection? and how about seeing if the display time of the protected left turn light at the spring garden-aycock intersection could be increased? this would definitely cut down on traffic backing up spring garden through the campus.
The parking scam Posted by: Faculty 5/27/00
No one who has seriously looked into the parking situation at UNCG thinks there's a parking crisis at all -- what there is is a debt crisis. UNCG has spent so much money on construction that we couldn't afford that we now have the highest debt service fee in the state system (you students are paying it). The "parking problem" has been completely manufactured by the campus business managers who are desperately trying to get out of debt. It has nothing to do with serving students, faculty, or anyone else. There are a hundred solutions to the parking problem, but none of them are adopted because they don't solve the debt problem, and that's what it's really all about. There's only one solution to the debt problem and you've seen it: oversell spaces and ticket like mad. Until UNCG administrators stop lying and start telling the truth about campus finances there will never be any real improvement.
Peabody Park/parking deck for residents Posted by: Resident Student 5/26/00
What is the deal with this park. I have seen all these articles in the campus newspaper about it and it seems to me to be a great place for a parking deck. It sure would help if we had a parking deck in this side of campus. I am tired of parking so far from where I have to live. It is absurd that some elitist professors (and students) make it thier lifes goal to save some park while I can pay for parking that lets me hike a mile and a half form Tower Village. We pay too much to park here in the first place. At least I could see paying the (outragous) prices if I could find a parking space next to my dorm! I don't want to hear anymore talk of peabody this peabody that. Give it a rest huh.
parking Posted by: Commuter Student 5/24/00
It is crazy how much we have to spend on parking, just to end up getting parking tickets. There is no were near enough spaces for everyone to park, but that does not stop you from selling more passes. Parking should not cost as much as it does, because it is a nessicity and ya'll are only taking advantage of us!!! The parking police need to lighten up and somebody needs to tell the people in parking services to learn some manners and not be so rude. We are the ones shelling out the cash, they just sit in the office and get paid.
Attitudes and the Parking Nightmare at UNCG Posted by: Faculty 5/24/00
I dearly love my University and cringe every time I think about the current parking situation. I have seen, on numerous occasions, visitors to the campus verbally harassed by parking office personnel (as opposed to the "campus police") during open houses and other campus-wide events. Faculty, staff, and current students have learned to tolerate this abuse to some degree, but what is the message we are sending to strangers and prospective students?! I once witnessed these traffic monitors screaming at Chancellor Sullivan (whom they obviously didn't recognize) to move her car just as she was beginning to move her niece into summer camp housing on campus. Talk about nerve! We need to have a little more manners and common sense when dealing with the complex parking issue. Would you want to attend or be associated with a school that exhibited such callous behavior? I think this disreputable behavior has been ignored and tolerated long enough. No one in administration appears to care too much, I guess because it brings in such large revenue to the school. That is a real shame.
Parking Issue Posted by: Commuter Student 5/18/00
I would like to ask the University to put the students first in regards to the parking issue. It seems that the University has realized how to profit the most from parking. They issue as many permits as possible leading to a shortage of parking spaces. They then ticket the innocent victims of this practice at a astounding rate. Without students, there would be no University. The administration needs to remember this.
parking Posted by: Commuter Student 5/18/00
So who's bright idea was it to decrease the on campus parking for the sake of another building. We already pay overly high prices for passes that don't even guarantee a space anywhere near our classes and now you take more away. UNCG is just about the most ridiculous school i've been at.
Reserved Spaces Posted by: Staff 5/17/00
I think the idea of reserved spaces is unfair to staff and students. Many times these spaces are left vacant since many faculty members teach a limited number of classes each day. Also, these spaces are left vacant during summer sessions. Only faculty members have the salaries that can pay for a reserved space. I think the parking decks are a good solution, however, the additional cost to park in the deck is way out of line. I think if we have to pay for our parking, it should entitle us to a definite space to park in. Many of us on campus don't call it a parking fee, its a license to hunt. More parking decks at a reasonable cost.
Parking Lot Posted by: Faculty 5/16/00
Please black top the gravel lots so we won't have much damage to our tires and cars. I've had to replace my tires more often in the last two years than I should have too. Also it's very difficult to walk through the gravel lots in high heels -- especially in wet and icy conditions.
Tickets Posted by: Resident Student 5/15/2000
Parking services is too hard on us. Quit over issuing passes and we won't have to park illegally. There are too many "Reserved" Spaces. When are they used. Do not let first semester freshman park.
arrangement of lots Posted by: Resident Student 5/15/2000
Why do the resident students have to park in the far lots while the commuters park closer in? That seems backwards. In the evenings the commuter lots are fairly empty and the resident students have to walk in the dark, or take the shuttle, or lug heavy items back and forth. I have visited many other campuses and no one else does it this way. Residents pay a lot to live on campus and they should not be penalized by having the worst parking situation. Some commuters are here for only a few hours. They don't have to go back and forth to jobs, stores, etc. like we do.
PARKING Posted by: Staff 5/9/2000
If UNCG is "landlocked" would it not be appropriate to build "up" and put one or more levels of parking under new buildings?
HELLO! Posted by: Commuter Student 5/8/2000
I have visited many campuses such as University of Tennessee and Clemson where parking is not such a problem as it is at UNCG. At UT, they are in the middle of Knoxville, a city much like Greensboro. Each of the commuters has a numbered spot and they are guaranteed it every day. UNCG should find out something about management. Look around at other school to see what they are doing, at UNCG we have limited parking and centeralized parking. DO SOMETHING- build a deck where the old commuter lot used to be!!
Parking Posted by: Resident Student 5/8/2000
Don't allow freshman to have on campus parking, do something like the park and ride for freshman! Dont't give out more parking passes then you have parking spaces! Stop ticketing! We pay more then enought to come here so why should be pay tickets too! Its absurd, how much money do you think that we have to shell out to you guys!

Pedestrian Access

Crossing Spring Garden Street Posted by: Staff 6/5/2000
Crossing Spring Gardent Street near College Avenue is quite dangerous! Drivers are too busy focusing on "making the lights" rather than watching for pedestrians who are attempting to cross the street! One suggestion would be to put up stop signs (or at the very least, Yield Signs) on Spring Garden Street between the light at Highland Street and the light at Forest Street. Yes, it could be frustrating as a driver to go through one traffic light only to have to stop at a sign 100 feet down the road, but perhaps this would prevent a pedestrian from being hit by a car! I have lost count at the number of time drivers come very close to hitting a pedestrian or a biker during the last year.

Student Life

Elliott Center Renovations Posted by: Faculty 7/31/2000
I know we all eagerly await the completion of the Elliott Center renovations. I hope that the older portion of the building still retains some of its original charm and look. If you want to see a model student union facility, check out the Johnson Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA or the Stewart Union at NC State. They are both top notch, state of the art facilities.
Expansion of Fraternities and Sororities Posted by: Resident Student 7/30/2000
The expansion of fraternities and sororities at UNCG will only serve to enhance its image and move it away from its unfortunate perception as a "suitcase college" that is deserted every weekend. These organizations, if properly supervised and advised, are no longer "animal houses," but are much more involved in leadership development and community service projects. A new era has dawned for these essential campus organizations. We should do everything possible to perpetuate their existence (and this includes making sure that the neighbors are comfortable with their presence--perhaps a fraternity row might help in this regard.)
Campus Post Office Posted by: Resident Student 7/30/2000
Why was the University Post Office on Tate Street closed permanently? The substation in the cafeteria offers only limited service and a university of this size deserves and requires a full-service facility.
Dining Hall "Gardens" Posted by: Faculty 6/23/2000
The interior of the Dining Hall with its indoor garden is phenomenal. The fountain outside is also a perfect accent to a lovely revitalized structure that wasn't arbitrarily bulldozed when it became less useful. The food there far exceeds expectations and the staff as a whole are very friendly. I just wanted to comment on this unique site. Let's use the same philosophy across campus.
Perkins and Will Study Posted by: Faculty 6/11/2000
Can someone comment on how Perkins and Will will use the suggestions on this web site in formulating a long-range plan for the University? Are campus community comments taken seriously or will everyone simply get a chuckle out of the abundance of misspelled words, poor grammar, and faulty logic? Many of the suggestions appear to be legitimate and well-thought-out, while others are inflammatory and ludicrous to the extreme. Campus leaders have already made up their minds on what the future of the University will entail, and once they've made a decision, it's perpetually etched in stone. They obviously don't give a hoot about public opinion from the campus community, alumni, or others. What's the deal, anyway?
Fraternities Posted by: Staff 6/4/2000
UNCG already has a fraternity row: it's whatever neighborhood the university plans to destroy next. First it was Jefferson Street, where these gangs of vandals and criminal delinquents were brought in to harrass the neighbors and drive down property values so the houses could all be bought on the cheap. Now the very same thing is taking place on McIver Street. This is the kind of behavior one would expect from a commecial real estate developer perhaps, but not from an educational institution. If UNCG had any moral integrity it would ban these criminal gangs, but moral integrity is not something I've ever seen from the UNCG administration in all the years I've lived near campus. (I am a neighborhood resident not a staff member; but "neighbor" is not a category you allow us to select. Not surprising, since UNCG considers its neighbors a nuisance.)
Orientation in the middle of the year Posted by: Commuter Student 5/31/2000
I came to UNCG as a first time graduate student in Spring 2000. I had been told by the graduate office that I would receive a packet of materials that would cover parking etc. information. It didnt come and I asked again and they acted like I was being a pest. It never came, and so I had to tramp all over the campus trying to find parking, where you get your ID made, etc. It was quite a trial, I can tell you, and I have a chronic illness that made it very hard for me to do this. I was completely alone, without so much as a map, which I finally got at the education building. If you are going to promise something like this, you must follow through! There was plenty of time. Others asked me if I had gone to the Orientation, but how could I if I didnt know about it? This is the only glaring thing I have found complaint with since I came to UNCG. I got off to a very rocky start because of it, and even ended up dropping a course. Please work on this a little more closely. It is your first impression of a fine college, and it was a disaster.
yum-yums & the students of uncg Posted by: Commuter Student 5/28/2000
why not acquire yum-yums so that students can use their meal cards there as they would at chick-fil-a or pizza hut? not only would it allow for the continued existence of a landmark known to all, it might even convince more commuter students to buy meal cards so that they could eat at yum-yums.
Aramark Posted by: Commuter Student 5/27/2000
Aramark has a premiere dining facility here on campus and they are to be congratulated. They constantly come up with innovative ideas (Pan-Geos, for example) and are always attempting to improve service. The attitude of the employees is quite good. More satellite eating facilities across campus (such as the Bryan Food Court) would be greatly appreciated. Their overall image is quite positive. Students who criticize it just haven't experienced the typical college food service across the land. There is simply no comparison.
Fraternities and Sororities Posted by: Commuter Student 5/27/2000
Exisiting fraternities and sororities on campus should be supported by the university and new chapters should be encouraged to colonize. Although they are excellent social outlets, they are rapidly moving away from the "Animal House" stereotypes into meaningful leadership and civic training grounds. The friends you make in a fraternity or sorority last a lifetime. Consider a fraternity/sorority row on or near campus.
Historical Preservation Program Posted by: Commuter Student 5/27/2000
How can we have the guts to sponsor a degree program in historical preservation and not practice good stewardship for the landmarks that we have? We are becoming a laughingstock in the eyes of the public, or a least a bunch of lousy hypocrits. The attitudes on this campus can be ludicrous and shameful.
Perkins & Will Survey Posted by: Faculty 5/27/2000
I hope that whoever is in charge will seriously consider these suggestions. I don't think Perkins and Will are undertaking this survey for free. Is this all for show, a pretense to boost sagging public opinion re: the university? Certainly the people who have bothered to contribute to the long-range plan want to be taken seriously and not written off or ignored by bureaucrats who think they know what's best already. I have my doubts.
All Arts & Sciences Camp Posted by: Staff 5/24/2000
All Arts & Sciences Camp, sponsored by the Division of Continual Learning, is one of the campus' best kept secrets. They will celebrate their TENTH anniversary this summer. In addition to generating a tidy little sum for the university through tuition and fees, it serves as a visible recruiting tool for future students who will never forget the fun they had during those summers on campus. These and other outreach programs are so critical to the future of UNCG and should be commended, praised, and continued. The very future of the University depends upon them.
Fees Posted by: Commuter Student 5/22/2000
I'd rather students have to pay to see athletic events than pay a fee already for them. The university says that we see them for free, put actually we pay more than what it would cost to go to all of them. I 've been at UNCG for 3 years now, I've gone to one soccer game. That soccer game has cost me about $300 to see. It wasn't even that good. maybe if we had a football team, it would be worth the fee. But as it is I don't see the point. I think it is another scam that the university is using to get more of our money.
UNCG mascot Posted by: Commuter Student 5/16/2000
As we have just seen from Elon's recent example, it is ok to alter your history just a bit. I think our mascot should be changed. Not the image, specifically-- just the name-- to something with a little more pizazz. How about the UNCG TITANS? Most people in the general public don't know or care what a SPARTAN is. Also, the word SPARTAN has come to be associated with negative images. To appeal to a broader audience and establish a new sports reputation, a new mascot and/or name change is essential in my opinion.
Married Housing Posted by: Commuter Student 5/14/2000
I feel that plans to accomodate married UNCG students are necessary. Common on many college campuses, married housing is convenient for students and would also benefit UNCG financially. Currently, the only option available to married students is off-campus housing.
MORE CHICKEN!!!!!!! Posted by: Commuter Student 5/13/2000
I eat in the caf on a regular basis and I find it hard to find it hard to find something to eat. Usually I eat pasta or rice, vegatables and chicken. I have noticed that there is hardly ever grilled chicken available. Just this past year I think it was served once. Please have grilled chicken more often. I need the protein and it makes meals more enjoyable. I'm sure many people would eat and enjoy more healthily prepared poultry. Thank you for your consideration, and please think about my sugestion. -concerned student
Student Health Services Posted by: Resident Student 4/24/2000
The Student Health Center should be staffed (at least minimally) on evenings, weekends, and holidays. It seems ludicrous to send students off-campus to hospitals when we have an infirmary on-campus to meet those needs. This is simply one of my pet peeves.

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